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28 Oct 2020

Looking for book storage options for your compact home? We’ve got you covered!


There a few things which thrill bibliophiles more than adding another weighty tome to their library. One of them is the discovery of new book storage options especially if they are living in a compact space. Here’s a carefully curated list of innovative book storage options that will save your day. Let’s delve.

Making use of tall ceilings

The plafond of your house especially if it’s a tall one looks very bare except when you cover it with lots of books. You can install a ledge or use an unused one and stack it with tomes placed side-by-side.

Bonus tip – Want to put that pesky dead space peeking from behind your door to work? Just hang up or install a thin shelf. Isn’t it clever?

Leaning bookshelf for compact spaces

You have a small living room but still want a book cabinet? Opt for a lean option of bookshelves. It will accommodate a lot of books when you stack all or some of the books on top of each other instead of standing the books up. 

Bring furniture that’s adept at multitasking

For instance, get a bookcase that doubles up as a side table or a console table. Apart from supporting ornamented brackets against a wall no will know it’s your secret source of knowledge! You can store keys, key chains, bike gloves, and whatnots in a box on the top of your table-cum-book-cabinet or in its drawer. 

Pro tip – If you reside in a small flat, try using a bookcase as a natural (yet artistic) divider.

Ottoman who wears different hats?

No no, we are not referring to some man. It's that peachy low upholstered seat so that you can throw up your feet on its comfy platform while you read your favourite book. But what if that ottoman could store books (and then some) for you? Nothing like it! Getting an ottoman that doubles up (and folds even) as a storage unit makes sense. It takes up very little space, yet can store lots of books.

Pro tip - Pair it up with a couch and lift-top storage table, and voila! You have your cozy little library in your living room!

Don't forget the corners

Strange angles and bizarre corners are many a time the best spaces to store books and other paraphernalia. 

Pro tip – Install corner bookcases that will make your house ooze with creativity, beauty, and simplicity all at once. 

Get creative, get smart

Now, bookshelves are not only for books. You can use it to store your decorative tchotchkes and other works of art alongside your favourite reads. It will go a long way in creating a stylish blend that also shows off your taste in art and literature. Don’t be surprised if someone calls you a connoisseur of sorts!

Pro tip – Try storing books near the foot of your bed, it’ll give a stunning aura to your bedroom!

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26 Oct 2020

Relocating day checklist: How to pack your wardrobe with no fuss, no muss

If you are planning to relocate or have already decided, you could use this article as your quick and handy how-to-do list to successfully pack and move your wardrobe to your new place. Let’s delve.

Be choosy (even if it sounds rather arrogant)

Yes, you heard us right. It’s important to embrace the quality of being picky when it comes to choosing a wardrobe for your new house. The buzzword is – declutter, declutter, declutter! 

If you have kids, you can start with purging the items your kids no longer need or want.

Pro tip – Want to know the secret to keeping your wardrobe organised ahead of the big day? Simply sort and arrange your clothes well before the date of relocation. This will save you time and money and from pulling-your- hair episodes when off the bat relocating activities give you a hard time. Additionally, you will be able to know exactly which item is where when unpacking in your new home.

Steps to sort and pack your wardrobe for relocating-

1. Do not pack outfits you no longer need. 

How to decide which clothes are redundant? Check for the clothes that-

Don’t suit the different climate of your new place

Are torn or worn out

Are outdated

You or your kids have outgrown

Clothes that are worn out or torn.

Don’t suit your style 

You never wear

2. Use wardrobe containers

Wardrobe containers are nothing but boxes that let you pack your wardrobe and move them into the boxes from your closet easily and efficiently. 

Treat your dresser drawers as your wardrobe containers, yes! How did I miss that! Well, now you know. The beauty of this stark discovery is that you don’t have to remove your wardrobe from their respective dresser drawers. If they’re putting a lot of heft on your dresser, it’s better to just secure the drawers with a few reams of packaging tape so they won’t open during relocation.

Suitcases also make for good wardrobe containers when relocating. So spend some money on boxes and pop the clothes into them. They even make for relocating heftier things like shoes and lighter items like heavier items, too, like grooming accessories.

3. Using or repurposing bags

Another set of good budget-friendly options for packing and moving clothes are bags. You can even utilize those spacious black garbage bags.

Do you shop at IKEA often? Then you would have those IKEA bags with zipper closure. They’re ideal to wrap around your attire as they cling on to the hangars.

Pro tip - Fit as many outfits as you can in one such IKEA bag and then close the zip. VoilĂ ! Your precious wardrobe stays protected and ready to be relocated.

We hope our helpful tips will see you through your big day of the move. If you remember and follow them, you will be able to pack and move your wardrobe without any trouble. Happy moving!

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22 Oct 2020

3 Garden storage ideas you wish you had known before! (with extra pro tips!)

Is your garden along with the area around it overflowing with tchotchkes, gardening tools, pallets, and chairs? Do you miss the sight of grass that’s now tucked under your kids’ toys and other sports equipment? It sounds like you could use some of our curated garden storage ideas and experience garden nirvana! Let’s delve.

A seat that doubles up as a storage space

On the face of it, it’s a charming wooden pew, but the sitting platform, when lifted, offers a great amount of storage for your children’s toys and whatnots. This kind of setting is a must in a family garden. Say no to tripping over marbles or footballs and say yes to some extra seating! It’s always welcome, no?

Shed your worries, literally

If you don’t have a garden shed, you should make one for yourself, it’s pretty easy. It’s just a small storage space to throw in (mind you, neatly) your garden paraphernalia. And if you already have one, even a small one (size doesn’t matter here), you're off to a great start. Now you have to make sure you make the most of your shed. Time for some pro tips.

Pro tip 1 - Use it carefully, take care of it just like you’d tend to your home sweet home.

Pro tip 2 – Hang hooks onto the walls to utilise wall space

Pro tip 3 – Install shelving to further optimise vertical space usage

Pro tip 4 – Only put frequently used things on the floor. But, if you can manage to put these on the shelves or over the hooks, there’s nothing like it! Let there be ample space for your feet to happily move around without getting hurt.

Sorting out kids’ toys

Now’s the time for garden storage ideas for the most difficult part - children's toys. But it’s not as complicated as you may think. Just remember one thing that young kids love to hang out in the garden. So, if you have little ones, encourage them to prance around in the garden. But what about them footballs, bats, swimming tubs, and other toys populating your garden? We’ve got you covered. Put up combination-furniture which would serve as garden storage for their toys and double up as a place to rest when they’re tired and want to take a siesta.

Pro tip 1 – Keep it at a low height to make it easy for your little ones to access it and fall in love with it!

Pro tip 2 – With the change of seasons, reconsider and replace things. For example, your kid would want a football or an inflatable swimming pool in the summer, but not really in winter. And what do you do when you don’t have a separate place for things you or your kids don’t need at the moment? You contact us at Beirut Storage for safe and secure storage units at affordable prices. It’s a win-win!

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