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21 Sept 2021

How Can Self-Storage Protect Your Crucial Documents

Has it ever happened to you that when you want to find a valuable document, every time you have failed to locate it in all the mess? The process of finding these papers is not only time-consuming but also energy-consuming.

To overcome this dilemma, you need to chalk out a systematic plan. How to keep your crucial documents handy and safe? You do not require these documents every day. Hence it is better to store them where they will not get disturbed or damaged. But, where? Self-Storage! 

You can keep your documents in Self Storage for safekeeping and away from getting misplaced, surrounded by the best security technology. 

Here are few benefits of self-storing your crucial document.

1. Select The Right Storage Unit

Find a storage unit that is well-equipped with excellent security features. The units should be climate controlled to protect the documents from moisture, humidity, insects and fungus. The unit must be roomy, have 24/7 CCTV cameras with an effective alarm system. The hired staff should be professional with outstanding customer service. Customers must have anytime access to their unit. 

2. Select The Best Storage Room

The storage companies provide different sizes of storage rooms from 10sq.ft to 500sq.ft. Select the area as per your needs and requirement. The chosen room should be wide enough to store your papers and have a walkway to reach these boxes easily.

3. Decide What You Want To Store

Sort out the papers you want to store in the storage unit. Keep the crucial documents aside that you want to store for safeguard. These vital documents can be your birth certificates, identity cards, education and degree certificates, your house agreement, property deeds, important business papers, shares certificate, bonds, marriage certificate and many more. Scrap and tore the unwanted old documents so that they cannot be misused.

4. Organize Your Papers

Before placing your documents in a storage unit, make sure you scan them and take digital copies for backup. Buy some good quality large envelopes and files in which you can place your documents. Name them according to the papers kept inside. Place these files and envelopes inside strong storage boxes and close them properly. Make sure these boxes are of good quality so that your documents won’t get damaged.

5. Label Your Files And Boxes 

Remember to label the files and storage boxes correctly. It will ease the process of finding the documents in future. 

6. Make A Note 

Keep a record of all the documents you will be storing. In future, this note will help you know where to find these documents.

7. Organize Your Unit.

The storage unit must be spacious enough to have proper shelves and file cabinets, in which you can place your files and boxes of documents. This can help you keep your vital papers in place and safe. These boxes take less space by stacking them on one another.  

What Does The Box Have?

The Box offers a wide range of storage rooms of different sizes, secured by the best security technology. Their Self-Storage Units have a special section for safe-keeping vital documents. These units are affordable and secure. 

For more information call us at tel:800 THE BOX (843269.)

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18 Sept 2021

Which One To Opt For? Removalists Or Trailer/Truck Hire?

When you are planning to shift to a new place or to storing your items in a storage unit, you also must plan - how you will move your items from one place to another without damaging them. The items could be heavy furniture, fragile items, electronics and even vehicles. To move them securely, you can either hire a trailer or the services of removalists, whichever suits you more. But, how to choose the right one?

The best option can be chosen by comparing their services, cost, time and convenience. Below are these points, explained in detail, that will help you choose the right one!


Removalists are the ones who will help you move and store your items from one place to another, be it a storage unit or a new house. They provide from full to partial services, from packing your stuff, renting a truck or a trailer to unpacking them in the new location. 

➢ Services

Removalists provides full or partial services to their clients like bringing in all packing materials, packing the items, providing transport facilities and even unpacking these items. They will also help in dropping off your items at a storage unit.

➢ Time

Removalists are quick at work. They will do all the work from packing to loading and unpacking. If you do all these things by yourself, it would take a lot of time.

➢ Cost

Professional Removalists will charge more as they will be doing all the work like packing- unpacking and transport of items. The more the work, the more will be the charges. 

➢ Convenience 

Removalists will be a more convenient option if the location is far, and items are heavy. Also, they do all the work from packing to transport and arranging the items back. They are experts who are good at their work. They take good care of your items and securely move them from one place to another.


A Trailer or Truck Hire simply means a place where u can rent a trailer or a truck. They offer different types of vehicles like trailers, vans or trucks. Different fee scales are offered by the companies to their clients.

➢ Services

The hiring companies offer different vehicles like a trailer, a van or a truck. You can choose the right one as per your needs.

➢ Time

When you hire a truck or a trailer, you will have to do all the work from packing to transporting, loading and unloading, all by yourself. This is more time consuming and exhausting. 

➢ Cost

Hiring companies offer different ranges of cost for a van, trailer or truck. As compared to Removalists, they are more affordable as you will have to hire only the vehicle.

➢ Convenience 

This option is only convenient if your items are less heavy and easy to handle. As you will have to do all the work of loading moving and unloading alone, this can be more stressful. 

What We Do At The Box

The Box at Beirut offers different types of services like Removals, be it local or international relocation, renting trucks and even the best storage facilities. 

 For more information call us at tel:800 THE BOX (843269). 

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15 Sept 2021

All About Moving Boxes

Moving Boxes are the most essential material required for packing your items while storing and moving. They come in different sizes, large, medium and small. 

Good quality boxes are stronger and aid in carrying and protecting heavy and fragile items during storing, loading and transport. Piling boxes on one another is easier while loading or storing. It also eats up less space and protects items from dust and damage.

➢ Where To Find The Boxes?

Many packing and storage companies and removalists have a good stock of moving boxes. They provide a variety of moving boxes of different sizes from large to small.

➢ Types of Moving Boxes:

1. Book Boxes or Small Boxes.

The dimensions of Small Box are 1.5 cubic feet long( 45cm (l) x 45cm (w) x 45cm (h)) giving ample space to store small items. As these boxes have thick walls, they are good at storing books, CD’s, DVDs, kitchen gadgets and pantry items. 

2. Medium Boxes.

Dimensions of these boxes are around three cubic feet (45cm (l) x 45cm (w) x 70cm (h)) and can be used for storing toys, pillows, utensils, pans, shoes, decorative items, lamps, etc. 

3. Large Boxes.

Large Boxes are 4.5 cubic feet (60cm (l) x 60cm (w) x 60cm (h)). They are used to store items like soft toys, clothes, shoes, bedsheets, curtains and other laundry stuff. Make sure these boxes are not filled with bulky items so that it will be difficult to move them.

4. Document Boxes.

These boxes are ideal for storing important personal and business documents, certificates and other documents. The dimensions are 39cm (l) x 33cm (w) x 37cm (h).

5. Wardrobe Boxes or Port-A-Robes.

These boxes are large in height and come with a rod on which clothes, curtains and bedsheets can be hanged. The size of these boxes are 53cm (l) x 61cm (w) x 121cm (h). These hanging rods are sometimes sold separately.

6. Plastic Boxes

They are heavy duty boxes that help store all household items like electrical appliances, books, and other heavy items. They are 50cm (l) x 33cm (w) x 44cm (h) in size.

7. Flat Panel Boxes

They can be used to store pictures, paintings or TV. They come in different sizes. 

➢ Quality of Moving Boxes:

Companies should have a good stock of boxes that are sturdy and of better quality. They even provide bubble wraps and cushions that can be wrapped around the items to safeguard them from any harm. 

As some companies use second-hand ones and after unpacking the items, the cost of these boxes is minimum. But, one should make they are in better shape and does not have any cracks that are smartly covered with cello tapes. 

Also, make sure that these boxes are labelled properly so that they can be handled with absolute care. Be it fragile items, heavy furniture, electrical appliances, paintings or vehicles. Sticker labels can be used or the details of the items can be written with markers.


The Box provides quality boxes and that too of different sizes. For more information call us at tel:800 THE BOX (843269.)

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9 Sept 2021

A Guide For Do’s And Dont’s For Self Storage

Self Storage is all about storing unnecessary or extra household items in a storage unit when you are going for a long vacation or planning to shift or renovate your home. 

Before choosing a storage company, you should know the different aspects of self-storage. Here is a guide of the Do’s and Dont’s steps you need to follow.


1. Choose The Right Storage Company

When you decide to use a storage unit, make sure you choose the one closest to your house and do detailed background research on them. Select the storage facility that provides a wide range of storage sizes, excellent security facilities such as 24/7 CCTV, a reliable locking system, well ventilated and fireproof units, and easy payment options. Their insurance coverage must include all the damages done on the part of the company. Companies with the best customer service should be another plus point.

2. Choose The Right Storage Unit Size

There are different sizes of storage units available with the storage companies such as Locker (16 sq.ft), Extra Small (25 sq.ft), Small (50 sq.ft), Medium (100 sq.ft), Large (200 sq.ft ), and Extra Large (500 sq.ft). As per your requirements and number of items, pick the right size of unit for storing them. 

3. Read The Contract Carefully

Thoroughly go through the details of the lease contract with the storage company. Check the access of storage units given, the different duration of the lease offered, and the damages covered by the insurance. 

4. Pack The Items Securely

Pack all the items securely. Fragile items and electrical appliances must be wrapped with bubble wraps and cushioned with clothes to avoid any damage. Heavy furniture can be dismantled so that it can be moved effortlessly.

5. Label The Items Well

Label the boxes giving the information about the items kept inside the box. Labelling helps in identifying the items so that accordingly, they can be handled correctly. Fragile, heavy and electronic items should be handled with care. 

6. Keep A Record of Items Stored

Make a list of all the items you have decided to store in the storage units. You will know if any of the items are missing or if you have forgotten to store them.


1. Do Not Choose Cheap Storage Unit

Don’t just choose the self-storage facility just based on the price. The quality of facilities and services given by the company should also be considered. 

2. Avoid Storing Perishable Goods

Perishable goods such as food, plants, etc should not be stored in a storage unit. As these goods will start to rot, they will attract insects and rodents that will, in turn, damage your other items. 

3. Do Not Store Flammable Goods

Avoid storing flammable goods like fuel, kerosene, gas cylinders, oils, fireworks, harmful chemicals, etc. 

Self-Storage At THE BOX

The Box has positive reviews from its customers for its quality services and excellent facilities at a reasonable price like different sizes of storage units with 24/7 security, temperature-controlling systems, insurance and easy payment options. They also provide moving boxes, sticker labels, bubble wraps and packing papers.

For more information call us at tel:800 THE BOX (843269.)


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