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28 Oct 2020

Looking for book storage options for your compact home? We’ve got you covered!


There a few things which thrill bibliophiles more than adding another weighty tome to their library. One of them is the discovery of new book storage options especially if they are living in a compact space. Here’s a carefully curated list of innovative book storage options that will save your day. Let’s delve.

Making use of tall ceilings

The plafond of your house especially if it’s a tall one looks very bare except when you cover it with lots of books. You can install a ledge or use an unused one and stack it with tomes placed side-by-side.

Bonus tip – Want to put that pesky dead space peeking from behind your door to work? Just hang up or install a thin shelf. Isn’t it clever?

Leaning bookshelf for compact spaces

You have a small living room but still want a book cabinet? Opt for a lean option of bookshelves. It will accommodate a lot of books when you stack all or some of the books on top of each other instead of standing the books up. 

Bring furniture that’s adept at multitasking

For instance, get a bookcase that doubles up as a side table or a console table. Apart from supporting ornamented brackets against a wall no will know it’s your secret source of knowledge! You can store keys, key chains, bike gloves, and whatnots in a box on the top of your table-cum-book-cabinet or in its drawer. 

Pro tip – If you reside in a small flat, try using a bookcase as a natural (yet artistic) divider.

Ottoman who wears different hats?

No no, we are not referring to some man. It's that peachy low upholstered seat so that you can throw up your feet on its comfy platform while you read your favourite book. But what if that ottoman could store books (and then some) for you? Nothing like it! Getting an ottoman that doubles up (and folds even) as a storage unit makes sense. It takes up very little space, yet can store lots of books.

Pro tip - Pair it up with a couch and lift-top storage table, and voila! You have your cozy little library in your living room!

Don't forget the corners

Strange angles and bizarre corners are many a time the best spaces to store books and other paraphernalia. 

Pro tip – Install corner bookcases that will make your house ooze with creativity, beauty, and simplicity all at once. 

Get creative, get smart

Now, bookshelves are not only for books. You can use it to store your decorative tchotchkes and other works of art alongside your favourite reads. It will go a long way in creating a stylish blend that also shows off your taste in art and literature. Don’t be surprised if someone calls you a connoisseur of sorts!

Pro tip – Try storing books near the foot of your bed, it’ll give a stunning aura to your bedroom!

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