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27 Dec 2020

Planning to move? A checklist to not miss packing any items when moving!


If you are a human with superpowers then you probably are blessed with faultless memory and amazing organisation skills. If, on the other hand, you are like the rest of us, then you may have your moments of erring because of being a tad neglectful – especially when you are overwhelmed with a life event as tedious and laborious as moving. We have all been in that embarrassing situation where while unpacking items in your new space you realise you have left something important to pack when moving. No more facepalm-realizations now as we have curated a list of exact things to keep in mind to pack when moving. Let’s delve.

Important documents

This is one of the most crucial items which most movers tend to forget to pack when moving. So bear in mind to check whether you are carrying all your important personal records like marriage certificate, education certificates, and degrees, passports, work-related documents such as experience certificates, driving license, Aadhaar Card (if you’re in India), and so on.

Pro tip –

Get this sorted out first. Tuck all your important documents neatly in a separate file or files. And label them like – “Financial Documents”. “Educational certificates”. “Home documents”. In this way, you will easily be able to fetch the relevant document and won’t forget to pack when moving.

Household tools

We are talking about pliers, pincers, tongs, hammersscrewdrivers, tapes, torch lights, and so on. You may find this rather trivial but you will know its significance when you don’t find the tools you need (as you left them in your old home) to assemble your new furniture which you had recently ordered.

Pro tip-

Lock them tools up in a toolbox. Do not forget to pack the screws, nails, anchors as well as other little trinkets which are easy to forget to pack when moving.


Medicine pills, tablets, or syrups are other easily and usually forgotten items to pack when moving to a new place. People often forget to take them out from medicine closets or drawers especially when there is little time before leaving the old place for good.

Pro tip –

Allocate one essentials container for medicines and put all your medicines inside it well in advance. So that all you have to do is take one single box and pack it up!

Clothes at the laundry

Clothes left for dry cleaning or at the laundry are also one of the common things most people forget to pack when moving. So, don’t forget to pick your clothes up from the laundry or dry cleaner.

Phone and address logs

Phonebooks and address logs are important records of important people. But they are also among typically forgotten things. Make sure you carry them with you as you don’t want to leave behind your important contacts.

Household plants

Another common thing that is easily forgotten. Don’t forget to transport your household nursery to your new place as they might not be properly looked after in your absence!


Planning to move? Bear in mind to pack your important devices before getting started. Items like laptop charges and additional mobile phones or headphones can be left unattended and therefore forgotten to pack when moving. 


You may easily overlook these. But you mustn’t leave behind the hooks you have been using to hang your towels or purses. You will need them in your new place. So, don’t forget to peek behind the doors for any hook. 

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22 Dec 2020

Self Storage Pods – Cheaper Alternative To Self Storage


In this clutter-intensive world, to live a minimalistic life is a privilege. For many, minimalism which is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity is an antidote to the consequences of hyper-consumerism. So after you have gotten rid of all those things you are still struggling to have enough space to accommodate all your items, we’ve got your back. Here’s a simple solution – self-storage pods or MiniPODS. Here’s a low-down on why it can perhaps be the best storage solution for you if you’re living or planning to live a minimalistic life. Let’s delve.

Self-storage pods are cheaper than storage units

If saving money is one of the motivating factors driving your minimalist way of life then there is good news: MiniPODS are way cheaper than other self-storage options. Besides, you can use it on a pay as you go basis as a self storage pod doesn’t have a lock-in period.

You can have a self-storage pod delivered to your doorstep by making a call or booking it online.

Pro tips-

Look for a supplier or a company which offers free moving and pick up facility for the self storage pods

Confirm whether your supplier allows the delivery of the MiniPODS to your place instead of you having to travel to the storage company

Check whether your storage company provides (and includes as a part of your order of self-storage pods) professional packing services. This will take off the concern of packing from your mind especially if you are not a fan of organised packing. Why bother about packing when your storage company’s crew can get it done for you? In fact, you should select a storage company that provides safe packing and inventory management services. The storage crew will make sure your items are securely packed and stored so that you don’t worry about MiniPODS and happily plug into your iPods!

Tidy and safe

The MiniPODS are placed inside a well-maintained, air-conditioned self-storage warehouse. So you don’t need to be concerned about your valuables kept inside the self-storage pods.

Deceptively roomy

Don’t fall for its name – pod – as being too small for your too many items. These self-storage pods actually can hold many items all at once. We’ve made a checklist of items that you can consider to stack up in the MiniPODS -

A big and a small luggage bag

A small Xmas tree (because Christmas is coming!)

A big container of large, winter apparel

Two to three footwear boxes (with footwear inside, of course)

A carton of kids’ toys and tomes

A plastic container of furnishings or other trinkets

A sack of sports gear

Bonus Tip –

Initially, you may be tempted to get more than one pod to store your things, but trust us; you’re quite likely to find that you only require one self-storage pod. So, don’t rush into it, get one and after you stack up all your items, see whether you need another.


To live with things which you need is not only the way forward but it’s a wise way of living. You’ll see it enhances your resourcefulness leaving you with less crap to deal with. You get to, therefore, focus on things that matter to you in this short life. You’ll also see that it leaves you with more money to spend (wisely) and save and makes chores like cleaning your house easier and more fun!

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15 Dec 2020

Moving Tips That Will Keep You At Ease Throughout Your Journey


Packing up your life’s worth of things and moving to a new place does not have to be messy and chaotic – follow our simple but effective moving tips and you will find yourself sitting back and enjoying your new place before you know it. Let’s delve.

Throw it out

Stacking all your things into containers, boxes, sacks, bags, or sleeves can overwhelm you. Instead, it’s much easier when you cut down excess – as much as you can. When the clutter is gone, packing and moving is fun! So, before you start packing even a lone box, do a ruthless purge of items that have not been used or which you consider unnecessary. This way you will have less to pack, move, and eventually unpack. It will also help you to start your life afresh in your new place.

Pack well in advance

To avoid the trouble of sudden panic, it’s recommended that you start packing well ahead of your moving day. Ideally, you will know your moving date days or even weeks in advance, at least. You might want to set off stacking off-season things and things that are most important to you. In this way, when the time comes to pack every item up, many of them will have been ready for moving. This will keep you relaxed in the rather demanding final days just before the moving day. And you won’t get the jitters about everything not getting packed and moved in time. 

Planning to empty your dresser’s drawers? Wait!

You don’t need to! Instead of pulling your wardrobe out of your drawers to pack them into containers, simply slide the drawers out of your dresser while leaving your attire inside the drawer. Just secure the drawer with plastic wrap. 


If it is not weighty then leave the entire drawers inside the dresser and seal the dresser in plastic wrap to be moved.

Let it hang

You don’t need to take your clothes off the hanger. Anyway, why go through a ton of additional work of unhanging the attire, folding the clothes, and then putting them into a box only to hang the clothes back up in your new space?!

Skim through these trivial steps and just let your attire hang from the hangers.

Bonus Tip-

To make it easier and safer, group the hangers (with clothes, of course) up and wrap them in big garbage bags (yes, those black ones). You can even let them dangle inside the wardrobe and move the entire wardrobe instead.

Packing the essentials

We recommend you to have an overnight sack or a bag kind of thing which would hold all your essentials. Why would you need this? Chances are, you would be too exhausted to unpack your items when you set foot into your new place. But, you will want your necessary items within easy reach. In this case, your bag of essentials will save the day! 

Pro-Tip -

You can tuck a set of clothes and toiletries in this bag of essentials which will help you to make a quick move to your office the next day (if you’re going). 

Bonus Concluding Tip -

Don’t forget to label the SIDES of the container, not the top part. Why so? So that you can recognise them even if the boxes are stacked on top of one another!

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8 Dec 2020

Document Storage System – The Need Of The Hour

Document storage systems are designed to make the work of document management easier, faster, and more efficient. Here are some strong reasons why you need a document storage system and how it can help your business a great deal. Let’s delve.

Sorts out the problem of sorting

An efficient document storage system eliminates the need to sift and sort through piles of paper.

It comes with an indexing system that enables your business employees to look for documents based on different criteria, descriptions, and keywords. This makes for easy and swift document retrieval.

Compiles information in a jiffy

A good document storage facility takes off the burden from your and your team’s shoulders of analysing complex reports and arriving at accurate numbers. The document storage will do it for you by running custom reports faster than the speed of thought. This means on your company’s behalf it will pull out information in a jiffy which would otherwise take hours to compile.

This frees up significant employee time. It also favours customisation as per your business needs.  So you can use your document storage plan to run account reports, inventory records, and so on.

Keeps your confidential information secure

Organisations, small or large, want their sensitive documents to be flanked by utmost security. A good document storage system protects your sensitive information from trespassers by giving you control at the folder -and further – at the document level. Besides, document storage and management systems give you access to the audit trail which makes it clear who all have viewed and modified a particular document. You can also set up automated alerts and make your documents highly traceable.

Time saver

Document storage and management system is a powerful tool that saves time. And in business, time saved is money earned.

Depending on the settings that you implement, the document storage system will retrieve records by a word, or a phrase, or even a sentence within a document.

Document storage can also be easily integrated with your business applications. This boosts your business’s ability to access and retrieve critical information. Moreover, it allows you to access documents locally – yes, you heard it right – from anywhere in the world!

Easy transfer and retention of information

If storing physical documents seems difficult, then the process of transferring them is worse. Imagine the toll it would take on a person in charge of physically moving one official paper to one or multiple reviewers, editors, or signees who are responsible to approve them. And then imagine manoeuvring (mind you not just moving them but moving skillfully and carefully) hundreds and thousands of important documents to all those approvers. 

It is easy to see what a nightmare physical shifting of a document can become as a whole bunch of full-time workers devote most of their time (which could have rather been used for other productive work) to finish the task.

If you think email technology may solve this problem, not really. While it is valuable for many purposes, documents are still bound to slip through the cracks among so many emails or land up in spam.

With good document storage and management system, however, transferring of documents happens in a fraction of the time that would take for physical shifting. It also prevents the information from getting lost.

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