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22 Dec 2020

Self Storage Pods – Cheaper Alternative To Self Storage


In this clutter-intensive world, to live a minimalistic life is a privilege. For many, minimalism which is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity is an antidote to the consequences of hyper-consumerism. So after you have gotten rid of all those things you are still struggling to have enough space to accommodate all your items, we’ve got your back. Here’s a simple solution – self-storage pods or MiniPODS. Here’s a low-down on why it can perhaps be the best storage solution for you if you’re living or planning to live a minimalistic life. Let’s delve.

Self-storage pods are cheaper than storage units

If saving money is one of the motivating factors driving your minimalist way of life then there is good news: MiniPODS are way cheaper than other self-storage options. Besides, you can use it on a pay as you go basis as a self storage pod doesn’t have a lock-in period.

You can have a self-storage pod delivered to your doorstep by making a call or booking it online.

Pro tips-

Look for a supplier or a company which offers free moving and pick up facility for the self storage pods

Confirm whether your supplier allows the delivery of the MiniPODS to your place instead of you having to travel to the storage company

Check whether your storage company provides (and includes as a part of your order of self-storage pods) professional packing services. This will take off the concern of packing from your mind especially if you are not a fan of organised packing. Why bother about packing when your storage company’s crew can get it done for you? In fact, you should select a storage company that provides safe packing and inventory management services. The storage crew will make sure your items are securely packed and stored so that you don’t worry about MiniPODS and happily plug into your iPods!

Tidy and safe

The MiniPODS are placed inside a well-maintained, air-conditioned self-storage warehouse. So you don’t need to be concerned about your valuables kept inside the self-storage pods.

Deceptively roomy

Don’t fall for its name – pod – as being too small for your too many items. These self-storage pods actually can hold many items all at once. We’ve made a checklist of items that you can consider to stack up in the MiniPODS -

A big and a small luggage bag

A small Xmas tree (because Christmas is coming!)

A big container of large, winter apparel

Two to three footwear boxes (with footwear inside, of course)

A carton of kids’ toys and tomes

A plastic container of furnishings or other trinkets

A sack of sports gear

Bonus Tip –

Initially, you may be tempted to get more than one pod to store your things, but trust us; you’re quite likely to find that you only require one self-storage pod. So, don’t rush into it, get one and after you stack up all your items, see whether you need another.


To live with things which you need is not only the way forward but it’s a wise way of living. You’ll see it enhances your resourcefulness leaving you with less crap to deal with. You get to, therefore, focus on things that matter to you in this short life. You’ll also see that it leaves you with more money to spend (wisely) and save and makes chores like cleaning your house easier and more fun!

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