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21 Aug 2013

The Importance of Security in Self-Storage Units

Storage houses have become extremely popular. People have started to downsize their homes or simply leave homes for better apartments and villas. What does one look for when he signs up with a storage company, apart from storage space, it is security. After all, what use is a unit if it cannot promise you safety? Beirut has several units and different facilities offer different security measures. It is your duty to check and verify whether you are getting what you want or at least what you were promised. Let us get a detailed explanation about various secure self-storage units to help you find the perfect facility for your specific needs and requirements.

  • Locks: When you say security, it need not necessarily mean surveillance cameras. It is beyond that. An individual lock is vital with a unique key. Most services either give you a lock; or permit you to bring one yourself. This is because no one other than the rightful owner is allowed inside. Thus, it can be said, a lock is one of the most crucial security features in a self-storage.
  •  Surveillance cameras: Another extremely vital feature of a storeroom. It is a hidden weapon when there is no one around. A surveillance camera can help keep record of everything that is going around. It is indeed one of the best security solutions you can get. However, make sure it is working!
  • Security guards or managers: You need someone who is there on duty 24*7. They may work in shifts, but at least you have secure services. After all, you trust the storage company with your valuables. The managers and security guards can guard the self-storage unit and you can be at absolute peace.
  • Material of the building: An idyllic unit should be made up of concrete. Since concrete can last much longer than any other material used. Avoid units that have wood or metal as the wood can rot, and crude metal can easily rust and decay. Concrete will only need some fixing from time to time without damaging anything. Thus, look for a material that is durable.

Make sure the contract you sign puts forward satisfactory coverage for your items that provide you safety and security.
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Packing Tips for a Smooth Move

The only thing you need to keep in mind, before you start packing is the better you pack, the better the condition of the goods. The items need to be organized and packed accordingly. Therefore, give your packing time, and follow the tips given below:

Make use of as many boxes as you can. Pick on sturdy ones, as these help in stacking the items, and don’t require a lot of space either. Boxes could be whatever shape you like, and whatever size you are comfortable carrying as long as you seal them with the right packing tape. Also, ensure that you have an adequate supply of the right packaging material like bubble wrap, shrink wrap, old newspapers, napkins and towels, tissue papers, etc.

Similarly, when packing furniture, make certain that you disassemble it. Dressers, vanities, chests, all have drawers that can be removed so that they don’t fall out while you are moving. Besides, it will make the furniture a lot lighter for you to carry. Moreover, wrap the table and chair legs in paper or any other material to protect it. If in case, you have lightweight furniture, it can be stacked upside down on tables. Do not pack all the heavy items together; it will be extremely difficult to carry the weight. Use materials in order to cover up your furniture. This ensures that it is safe and well-protected.

Screens, mirrors, etc, can be stored on the edge, but never flat. For crockery, chinaware, and other antiques, you can place a layer of padding inside the bottom as well as at the top of the boxes. This gives an additional protection. What's more, these items should be separately wrapped and placed. More to the point do not fail to label each and every box.

Metal tools and equipment should be cleaned and wiped using tissue paper, or a rag that has a few drops of machine oil so as to stop it from rusting.

Take out the time and put in the effort, you won’t go wrong with this one!
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