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26 Apr 2013

When Do You Need Climate-Controlled Storage?

If you’re currently residing in Beirut you know how nasty the weather can be at times. Your valuables can rot, develop molds, rust, or maybe be prone to insect infestation like bacteria or viruses. So, if you have an area where the summers get very hot and very humid, choosing a storage facility that will minimize this risk is very vital. You can try your level best to store your precious belongings in a unit, under the bed, above the closet and what not, but then how will you make room for everything? Thus, it is recommended you go for a climate-controlled storage unit. Wondering what they are and how they can be of help? Read on.
Climate-controlled facilities are a tad bit more expensive than conventional personal storages. This is because they have a set of additional tools and equipment in order to control the outside temperature and humidity levels. However, not everything needs to be stored in these units, but there are a few items that need special care and that is exactly what the purpose of a climate-controlled unit is. For instance, when you need storage space for a short period of time, you need not worry as there are several companies that will do the needful. Basically, you can find any storehouse that is close to your place of work or residence at affordable prices. On the other hand, it is long term storage that needs climate control, so as to keep the stuff safe and secure. For case in point, paper products, electronics, tools and equipment, leather, musical instruments are all prone to damage if not maintained. The idea is to see to it that the temperature does not fluctuate and the humidity levels are controlled. As humans our families grow, we tend to collect new items, and often surpass the storage space that is on hand. Storage solutions in times like these solve all space issues whilst climate-controlled units become the crucial idea for damage free goods. And then there are times you just want to be more in control over the essentials and hazards related with your valuables.

So, keep your things in safe hands and take away the fear that anything might happen to them with a good storage facility.
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Follow the 5 Simple Commandments When Taking Your Car Out Of Storage

Car storage services would have looked after your car, but then again, before you hit the road there are five simple yet very important rules you ought to follow before you take your beauty out. Read on and get her roaring in no time.

1.    Drain and properly dispose of the gas in the carburettor, the tank as well as the fuel lines. This is because if there is any bad gas, it will be a problem for the car to start. Besides, replace, empty and flush out the coolant. Quite a lot of coolants have rust inhibitors that make sure the car works smoothly i.e. not rust while it is not running. Washing it out will help avert blockage and overheating the next time the temperature goes up.

2.    Change the oil and its filter. When you have kept your car in storage for a long term the oil that was used has probably been spoiled and needs a replacement.

3.    Give the battery a fresh charge and ensure that it has been kept tepid while you take care of the other things. For instance, you can check whether your brakes are working fine and smooth before you take it on the road. Furthermore, while the car is running make certain you let the oil that has been put in the cylinders lubricates the walls for a smooth drive. Check the tires to make certain that they have the right pressure.

4.    Take out all of the spark plugs from the engine block and give them an immediate cleaning. If it is not possible to clean i.e. you find them slimy or oily and dark, change them. Into the cylinder transfer a little amount of motor oil. This will help put a stop to rust formation.
5.    Make it a point to check that the gears are not engaged, lower the clutch and give it a little bit of gas or simply choke and turn in the key and hear the car just like you did when you first got it.

And, yes, don’t forget to enjoy the ride!
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