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19 Feb 2014

Tips to Pack Your Boxes While Relocating - Keep Them Light

We generally use boxes while moving from one place to another as it’s a very convenient alternative. However, there are certain ways to use such boxes so that they can serve the purpose well. Mentioned below are a few tips for packing boxes while relocating.

Buy new boxes – In a bid to save money, most people are tempted to use old boxes for moving purposes. We generally tend to use the old boxes that once had the TV or the refrigerator within them. However, that’s the worst thing you can do as far as the safety of your goods is concerned. There are more chances of old boxes getting damaged and broken while they are on the move. Hence, the first thing you need to do is get yourself brand new boxes while relocating.

Strengthen the bottom of the boxes with a tape – The bottom of the boxes has to be the strongest as that portion will be holding on to the heavier objects. Therefore you need to strengthen the bottom with a packing tape so that the things are held securely in the box.

Pack the box in a systematic manner – Let the heavy things be at the bottom of the box and the light items at the top. This is the right way to pack a moving box.

Fill up the empty space within the box with tissue papers, clothes and other such materials – In order to prevent the things in the box from jiggling and coming in contact with one another, it is essential to fill the empty space in the box with tissue paper, dishtowels and other such things.

Don’t allow the boxes to be very heavy – Don’t let the boxes be very heavy as it will be extremely difficult to port them to the new place. Moreover, there are chances of the bottom tearing out if the box is too heavy.

Seal the boxes properly – This is the most important thing you need to remember while using boxes. You have to ensure that the bottom and the top of the boxes are sealed properly so that the things don’t fall out.

Thus, follow the above tips to pack your boxes efficiently while relocating to a new place.    

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8 Feb 2014

Tips to Prepare a Moving Budget – Be proactive

It is very important to prepare a moving budget as you need to be ready with the right amount of cash on the shifting day. If you’re opting for professional moving services, then you can ask them for a rough estimate of the total cost. However, in case you are doing things on your own, you have to arrange for the complete budget in advance. Mentioned below are a few tips to prepare a moving budget.

You need to book a cab – While most of the bigger things will be ported in the truck, you need to book a cab to carry all the valuables and other personal things. You need to first be ready with the cab fee and the additional luggage cost.

You need to rent a truck – You need to arrange for the moving truck fee that is the most important part of your shifting plan. The truck company is sure to charge you a lot depending upon the luggage, fuel usage and the duration of the entire shift.

Extra charges – These charges pop up when you hire someone to move something unique and bulky such as a piano. Even if you've not opted for professional moving services, there are some things that can be moved only via professional help.

Damage charges – Often, when you do things on your own, there are chances of breakage. So you need to be prepared for such instances as well. If you hire moving services, you can have your goods insured. However, when you do things yourself, you have to face the consequences of your actions. So you need to be ready with the damage charges as well.

Purchasing packing materials – You need money to buy all sorts of packing materials such as a tape, bubble wrap, boxes and so on. You need to keep aside some money for buying packing materials.

In this way, you need to prepare a rough budget while relocating so that you know what to expect on the moving day.      

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