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30 Dec 2014

Purge out your wardrobe this New Year

Make your bed:
First of all, before you start, make your bed. When your bed is made, you will feel more inspired to clean your wardrobe and your bed will serve as a base for lying out and sorting your clothes.

Sort into 3 piles:
Take your clothes out of the closet and sort them into 3 piles on the bed: Keep, Throw or Maybe. The Maybe piles should only be chosen if you have a hard time deciding whether you should keep an item or toss it out. The thumb rule is to put items that you have not worn in a year in the toss pile.

Sort out clothes and shoes that need alterations or repairs and take them for repairs immediately. We often tend to delay alterations and create clutter in the closet.
Also make it a habit to alter items right away after you purchase them.

The Toss Pile:
Congratulation for putting items in the toss pile! It is not easy to get rid of possessions. There are 3 things you can do with these items: donate them, sell them online or toss them in the bin.

The Maybe Pile:
Get to the Maybe pile after you have finished deciding what you are going to do with the Toss pile. Clothes that are seasonal and for special occasions should go in storage. Keep aside not more than 5 items for sentimental reasons. Toss the rest.

Storage for seasonals:
You probably wear your fur or leather for one or two months a year. And that beautiful gown is worn maybe once a year or less. While these items should not be tossed for their value and potential usefulness, they also should not occupy the valuable real estate of your wardrobe. Put them in climate controlled storage unit and take them out of storage when you actually need them. These units ensures that they are in best conditions when they are taken out.

Reward yourself:
Go shopping and buy yourself t hat pretty dress you have been eyeing. You deserve it. And for once you will have space to put it.
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27 Nov 2014

3 Clever Ways to Keep your Shoes Organized

1. Store your shoes in wine boxes under the bed.

You wouldn't ever have thought that wine boxes could be so useful after the bottles are empty. It is surprising but the slots of the wine boxes are perfect for fitting a shoe each. Give it a try, next time you empty a bottle of wine.

2. The PVC-pipe shoe rack.

Nail some screws on a wall and hang PVC-pipes 1 foot wide on the screws, stacked on top of each other. Each pipe can hold 1 or several pairs of shoes depending on your usage frequency.

3. The shoe ladder.

This is my favorite idea in the list and I am definitely going to use this in my home very soon, especially because it looks so awesome. It is the perfect way to hang up stilettos.

So which alternative method of storing shoes did you like best? Log on to our website www. to know more about self-storage options.

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29 Oct 2014

3 of our Favorite Halloween 2014 Costumes

This Instagram board is a pretty good DIY idea for a prop this Halloween. Just get a 20" x 30" board of cardboard or foam. Cut out a square for your face. Glue the Instagram background to the top and bottom and you're set! For an extra level of awesome, attach an iridescent wrapping paper to the back of the square.

Wear an emotion this Halloween by attaching a Mask of Emotion to your face. The Mask of Emotion will hide your face but display these cute emoticons instead. This helmet was created by the Digital Media Design Department at Hongik University in Korea. The emotion that is displayed on the helmet is determined by the wearer's body's actions.

Winter is coming and why should you be behind. Get it right with this cute Game of Thrones costume of Jon Snow. Fix your little one with black T-shirt and black pants and look for a fur cape that goes with it. Bonus points if you have a cute puppy to go trick and treating with.

Contact us to rent storage space  to store your awesome Halloween costumes after the holidays. Happy Halloween from the team at The Box.

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29 Sept 2014

Things you should not store in Storage Units

As years pass by, we acquire a lot of personal items without moving into a larger space. In such a scenario, renting out storage units is a good idea, as it is definitely cheaper than buying a bigger living space. Also at The Box, security is our primary concern and we ensure that your items stay safe and secure in our vaults. We offer 24 hours security guards and web cameras to be absolutely sure of the safety of your items.

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We treat the possessions of our customers with utmost respect and security. That is the reason why a lot of our customers store items of sentimental value with us. But we also discourage the storage of the following materials in our storage vaults:

Dangerous Chemicals and Inflammable items:

A storage unit, however small or big should never be used to store items that are explosive, volatile, flammable or present a health risk.

Items like gasoline and prepare are highly inflammable and volatile and put the entire storage facility at risk. Even when you store a car in our vaults, make sure that you have emptied the car of petrol and oil before you put it in storage.

Never store items that contain gas. It is highly unsafe to store gas cylinders in storage units.
Other items like ammunition, bio-medical waste, harmful chemical and fireworks can be dangerous to the health of other storage customers and our staff.

Perishable Items:

Perishable items like plants and food should not be stored in storage units. Perishable foods include vegetables, fruits, meats, cereal and even rice. These items spoil very quickly, attract rats and flies creates a bad odor that can infiltrate the entire facility and damage other items.

Medical Equipment:

Medical equipment such as X-Ray machines and other imaging devices should not be stored in storage units. These devices and other equipments that use radioactive materials can be harmful and unsafe to the staff and other customers. Store them somewhere safe where they can be monitored regularly.

Illegal Items:

While this might seem fairly obvious, it is worth a mention in this list. Do not store illegal items such as drugs or heavy firearms in storage units.

Do you have something to say? Leave a comment and let us know what you think.
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25 Aug 2014

How to Choose your Moving Company

Moving companies nowadays offer a range of services. These include packing, unpacking, hiring or sale of packaging material and even storage. At your request, they can even unpack your possession in your new home and place them according to your instruction. With such a plethora of services, it is easy to get lost amongst the several moving services in the market. With this blog, we are here to make the choice easy for you.

Here are a few questions you should answer before you call a moving company to enquire about their services:

• How far are you relocating? Is it local, long-distance or international?
• Would you want help packing?
• Would you want to hire/buy packing materials?
• Would you want the moving company to transport all your items or would you want them to just take care of the valuable and fragile items?
• Would you be doing the moving yourself and only need to hire the vehicle?
• Are you going to throw away or donate some things before moving?
• How much insurance will you need?

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Here are some things to keep in mind before you finalize on your moving company:

• Call the moving company and ask for at least 3 references. Make sure that the companies know that you are asking for numbers of previous customers. Call the references and ask them questions about the kind of services that they had from the moving company.
• Identify the items that you want to move yourself and the items that you want the moving company to take care of.
• Make an inventory of all the items that have to be moved.
• When the representative comes over, take him through your house and tell him exactly which items need moving. Tell them which items you will move yourself and which items they should handle. Also let the movers know if you want them to dismantle and pack any item. It is better to leave the dismantling and packing of heavier items for movers.
• Tell the movers the exact location of your new house. It is also important to know if there are any obstacles such as narrow hallways or staircases and inform your mover accordingly.
• Remember to prioritize. If you hire a mover only because they offer you a cheaper price, you might sacrifice on other things, such a safety, customer service and getting your items delivered on time.

We hope that with these tips, you will do your research before hiring movers.  Make sure that you book your moving company 4-8 weeks in advance so that you get your choice of movers.

At Beirut Moving and Storage, we provide the most efficient and customer centric moving options. Call us or fill our form to know more. You also offer storage options and will be more than happy to provide references.
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31 Jul 2014

6 Things to keep in mind when you choose a Storage Unit

1) Size of storage unit:

Storage facilities come in different sizes and you should decide on the size of your storage facility before you book one. Go to our storage calculator to figure out the amount of storage space you will need.

2) Superb customer service:

The first time that you get in touch with a self-storage facility, you will understand their attitude towards their customers. Opt for storage facilities that are friendly and offer excellent customer service; after all you are storing your belongings in their space. A good storage facility should answer any and all questions you may have.

3) Accessibility:

What if you have sudden guests over at night and you need that spare futon that you have put in storage? If you have store your futon in a storage service that only allows access at night, you would be in a muddle. That's why; make sure that when you select a storage service, pay attention that you have 24 hour access to your storage unit.

4) Cleanliness is Godliness:

This law applies to your storage unit as well. You don't want your belongings to be stored in damp facilities that are ridden with pesky critters. A good storage facilities always performs regular pest control in its storage spaces. There is an easy way to know if your storage space will be properly maintained. Visit the office of your storage facility and pay attention to the cleanliness there. The office should be dusted, have a clean floor and neat, well-groomed and polite employees. A clean office shows that the facility is well maintained.

5) Temperature and humidity controlled:

Valuable items like fur and jewellery always need to be stored in temperature and/or humidity controlled units. If you intend to store valuables in your unit, always ask for a vault that is temperature-controlled and humidity controlled.

6) Tight security:

You don't want your stuff stolen, do you? Security is of prime importance. A secure storage unit has security cameras and guards and computerizes access. At Storage in Beirut, we offer the best customer service in all of UAE. When you move your belongings to your unit, you can access your unit anytime, 24 hours a day. We also have units that are temperature controlled and humid controlled. We have 24 hour security guards at each of our storage units. SO what are you waiting for? Visit our website today to book your storage unit.
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28 May 2014

Tips to make packing easier and comfortable

You have finally decided to move, but there is a huge hurdle ahead of you and that’s packing your belongings. It is an extremely stressful task, and your long working hours don’t help either. You wish you could just delay the packing as much as possible, and then do the last minute rush-up, but is it going to help? No! On the contrary you will end up damaging many of your belongings. This could include crockery, glassware, etc. Moreover, you will mismanage everything. So what should you really do?

We are here to help. Follow the tips given below, and you will certainly make your task of packing easier:

1) Room by room:  Take it easy and relax. Everyone has a lot of belongings and there is no reason to stress out. Take one room at a time and pack your stuff. Don’t create a clutter by trying to pack everything at once. If you go room by room, packing will be a lot easier and you’ll know what you need to carry with you and what you don’t. Besides, you can always sell off what you don’t need.

2) Labeling: Label all your boxes and write about its contents very clearly. You could also write to which room the contents belong to and about the items that the box contains. You can use different colours for different rooms to make each of them stand out and easy for a better understanding and clarity.

3) Carry things important to you by yourself: Make sure you don’t pack things like important papers, legal documents, important hereditary items, etc. These items should be carried personally.

4) Dangerous items: Avoid packing dangerous items like gas stove, electrical equipment, etc. on your own.

Let the professionals handle and pack them as they have an experience of packing and transporting such items. The results can be hazardous if you do not how to go about.

These are some of the packing tips that you must follow. Ideally, you can take help of professional packers & movers right from the beginning, if you are clueless about packing stuff on your own. Remember, the more organized and systematic you will be in packing the easier it will be for you to unpack.
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20 May 2014

Six things to look for in Storage Units and Facilities

Storage units hold an important place in our daily lives. They are of high importance for people, businessmen and retailers alike.  Everyone needs to store something or the other.  Right from personal storage units to commercial storage units to warehouses, these provide the right ambiance for people with storage needs.

So what are the facilities that storage units offer? What should one look for while hunting for a storage unit? Let’s find out.

1) Security: Perhaps, the most important facility for any storage unit, security is of utmost importance.  All the units should ideally provide you with latest in security systems, CCTV surveillance, magnetic access cards, infra-red camera systems and even updated written customer logs. In short, security should be the first priority for any storage unit.

2) Safety / maintenance: Another important feature, the safety and maintenance of a unit should also be taken into account.  The floors and walls should be extremely clean and dry. There should be no cracks or breakage of any form which can allow rodents, insects, etc to enter and create havoc. They can end up damaging many of your belongings especially if there are any perishable items. A fire extinguisher and other equipment related to fire prevention should also be present in the units.

3) Air-conditioned facilities:  Air-conditioned facilities are climate controlled which help in keeping moisture out from the units which keeps documents and other things like perishable items, seasonal objects, etc. safe and fresh. Thus making it possible for round the year availability of them.

 Tips for renting a storage unit

4) Packaging materials and professionals:  Many units provide packaging materials like boxes, tape, bubble bags, etc. for packaging of materials and belongings. They also provide professional people who can pack and transport your belongings from your residence/office to the units without damaging them.

5) Value added services: Like packaging materials and professionals, value added services like trolleys, cranes, ladders, etc. are also provided for better access within the units for loading and unloading of belongings.

6) Third party insurance: Customer satisfaction and safety of goods is the prime concern and objective of these units.  Therefore third party insurance is of utmost importance. Many units provide a third party insurance coverage for goods.  This facility shows how much the unit manager is concerned for the welfare of his/her customers.

These are some of the facilities that a storage unit ideally provides. Make sure you check for them before moving in any of your belongings. Remember, you are going to invest your hard-earned money and store things that are valuable to you.  Make sure you don’t compromise on anything.  Happy storing!
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25 Apr 2014

Types Of Warehouse Storage - What’s Your Choice?

Warehouse storage has slowly become one of the most important aspects of
business. Often, retailers and wholesalers have to stow a large number of goods under one roof and so warehouses are ideal for that. There are different kinds of warehouses and you have to select the one that suits your need the most. Mentioned below are some types of warehouses that are in use.

1.    Private warehouse – Such warehouses are operated by the wholesaler itself. All the functions right from the storage to the distribution are handled by the retailer in charge of the warehouse.

2.    Public warehouse – A public warehouse is generally used on a short term basis. Often when retailers have no space left in their private warehouse, they opt for the public one especially when the consignment is available on a large scale. For example, there is a sudden demand of goods for which you are not prepared. That’s when public warehouses can be used productively for storing the unexpected set of goods or produce.

3.    Automated warehouse – With the development of top notch technologies in the recent days, automated warehouses are all alive and kicking. Right from using conveyor belts to port goods, to the use of world class security features; all these attributes have made automated warehouses a blissful reality. In such warehouses, very few people are required to take care of all the proceedings. The term automated warehouse has become popular because all the processes are indeed automatic. Products are even distributed using pallets and other modern technology.

4.    Climate controlled warehouse – Such units are generally used for storing all the food materials such as milk, rice, grains and so on. Climate controlled units can adjust to the ambient temperature and you can ensure that the things stored in them do not get spoilt in any way. Such units are important as they can increase the shelf life of all your food items and protect them from infestation by microbes and insects.

5.    Distribution warehouse – Such warehouses hoard the goods for a very small amount of time and are generally used for distributing the things. For example, if the goods arrive in the morning, then all of them are distributed by evening.

These are some of the warehouses used in the present times. So what’s your pick?
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21 Apr 2014

Types of Commercial Storage – Select the Right One

Commercial storage is the one step solution to all your space woes. Many
people believe that opting for self storage is not a budget friendly alternative. However, that is far from the truth. Most of the times, such units end up to be quite profitable for the company in question. There are different types of commercial storage facilities to meet the needs of people. From a top businessman to a person running a small start-up organization, everyone needs a storage unit to stash away the large amount of goods and produce. Commercial storage is quickly developing as a reliable source for all businesses.

Mentioned below are its three main types.
1.    Standard storage units – If you’re planning to free up some space in the office and reduce the clutter of files and other forms of paperwork, then you can opt for one of those standard storage units. They are the ones that are normally used for all your business needs. You can organize the unit as per your requirement. They are available in three standard sizes of small, medium and large, and you have the flexibility to choose any one of them as per your need.

2.    Climate controlled units – Large scale retailers and wholesalers generally opt for climate controlled units. That’s because such spaces help to protect the products from moisture and infestation. A stable temperature is maintained in the unit that helps to protect the goods from mildew, mold and other microbes. This makes it an efficient alternative as compared to other kinds of storage units. Food materials are normally stowed in such units as such commodities are very sensitive to the ambient temperature.

3.    Portable storage units – This is one of the most convenient forms of self storage you have in your hands. Especially while you’re revamping your office or any other place, you can easily move your things from one place to another by using this kind of storage. So you don’t have to arrange for a separate moving service as all your needs are met by these portable storage units alone.

These are the 3 types of units available to meet all your commercial storage requirements.
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25 Mar 2014

Tips to Store Canned Foods – Seal Them Right

We don’t pay much attention to storage of canned goods as long as the seal is fine and it is kept in room
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temperature. However, there are certain important factors that you need to keep in mind before you store canned food items, some of which are stated below.

Rotation holds the key – It is important to keep rotating the food items as per their manufacture and expiry dates. One commodity goes and another comes in. This is how you should operate the canned items ideally. The first can that reaches the storage unit should also be the first one moving out.

Maintain the right temperature – You need to ensure that the place is dry, cool and properly ventilated as well. The ideal temperature ought to be 50 degree Celsius to 70 degree Celsius. If the temperature gets lower, then that’s even better as a cool atmosphere is ideal for storage of canned goods.

Use an AC storage unit – It is best to keep humidity away from the goods and hence opting for an AC unit makes sense. Even little moisture in the air has the capacity of spoiling all the cans. Hence, it is important that you keep the air cool and dry with no humidity at all.

Keep the units insect-proof – There are good chances of insects and rodents entering the premises. Hence, it is important that you keep all the doors and windows closed, and ensure that they are insect proof as well.

Select the right sized storage unit – Depending upon the number and size of the canned food items, you need to select the unit accordingly. Having enough space for movement within the premises is important so that the owners can access their goods as and when required.

Keep the above tips in mind before you store your canned food items this season.
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18 Mar 2014

Tips to Store Flammable Items – Handle With Care

Before you understand how to store flammable items, it is important to first categorize things as flammable.
Most of the fires break out because people don’t realize that a particular thing is flammable. Often when you clean up your car or your garage, the rags that you use are likely to become oily. According to the statistics by National Fire Protection Association, most of the fire accidents that take place are due to oily rags present in the garage. Hence it is very important to categorize flammable items and store them in the right way. Read on for some tips:

Store gasoline in plastic containers that have been tested and approved by fire authorities - Never store them in glass jars or plastic containers that are non-reusable such as milk or juice jugs. Never fill up containers with gasoline anywhere close to an area of ignition such as the place where your cylinders are kept or a place that’s more susceptible to fire. Make sure you are outdoors while filling gasoline into containers. Also, ensure that the containers are kept on the ground before you fill gasoline into them.

Store oily rags properly – Store rags that have absorbed any kind of oil in cans made of metal. Don’t forget to close the lid tightly so that some force needs to be applied for opening it. Use the oily rags only when they have been thoroughly dried up.

Keep these two tips in mind before you store flammable items. Not storing such items properly can lead to loss of lives and property, and therefore you need to exercise extreme care and caution.
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19 Feb 2014

Tips to Pack Your Boxes While Relocating - Keep Them Light

We generally use boxes while moving from one place to another as it’s a very convenient alternative. However, there are certain ways to use such boxes so that they can serve the purpose well. Mentioned below are a few tips for packing boxes while relocating.

Buy new boxes – In a bid to save money, most people are tempted to use old boxes for moving purposes. We generally tend to use the old boxes that once had the TV or the refrigerator within them. However, that’s the worst thing you can do as far as the safety of your goods is concerned. There are more chances of old boxes getting damaged and broken while they are on the move. Hence, the first thing you need to do is get yourself brand new boxes while relocating.

Strengthen the bottom of the boxes with a tape – The bottom of the boxes has to be the strongest as that portion will be holding on to the heavier objects. Therefore you need to strengthen the bottom with a packing tape so that the things are held securely in the box.

Pack the box in a systematic manner – Let the heavy things be at the bottom of the box and the light items at the top. This is the right way to pack a moving box.

Fill up the empty space within the box with tissue papers, clothes and other such materials – In order to prevent the things in the box from jiggling and coming in contact with one another, it is essential to fill the empty space in the box with tissue paper, dishtowels and other such things.

Don’t allow the boxes to be very heavy – Don’t let the boxes be very heavy as it will be extremely difficult to port them to the new place. Moreover, there are chances of the bottom tearing out if the box is too heavy.

Seal the boxes properly – This is the most important thing you need to remember while using boxes. You have to ensure that the bottom and the top of the boxes are sealed properly so that the things don’t fall out.

Thus, follow the above tips to pack your boxes efficiently while relocating to a new place.    

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8 Feb 2014

Tips to Prepare a Moving Budget – Be proactive

It is very important to prepare a moving budget as you need to be ready with the right amount of cash on the shifting day. If you’re opting for professional moving services, then you can ask them for a rough estimate of the total cost. However, in case you are doing things on your own, you have to arrange for the complete budget in advance. Mentioned below are a few tips to prepare a moving budget.

You need to book a cab – While most of the bigger things will be ported in the truck, you need to book a cab to carry all the valuables and other personal things. You need to first be ready with the cab fee and the additional luggage cost.

You need to rent a truck – You need to arrange for the moving truck fee that is the most important part of your shifting plan. The truck company is sure to charge you a lot depending upon the luggage, fuel usage and the duration of the entire shift.

Extra charges – These charges pop up when you hire someone to move something unique and bulky such as a piano. Even if you've not opted for professional moving services, there are some things that can be moved only via professional help.

Damage charges – Often, when you do things on your own, there are chances of breakage. So you need to be prepared for such instances as well. If you hire moving services, you can have your goods insured. However, when you do things yourself, you have to face the consequences of your actions. So you need to be ready with the damage charges as well.

Purchasing packing materials – You need money to buy all sorts of packing materials such as a tape, bubble wrap, boxes and so on. You need to keep aside some money for buying packing materials.

In this way, you need to prepare a rough budget while relocating so that you know what to expect on the moving day.      

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27 Jan 2014

Tips to feel organized while moving – Be calm

Moving from one place to another can make you feel disorganized in every
way. The entire episode requires a lot of patience and hard work on your part. The below mentioned tips will help you feel organized while moving.

  1. Buy new storage boxes instead of using old ones – Old boxes are likely to cause breakage and lead to other packing issues. Hence, buy a new set of boxes just for the transfer. Moreover, new boxes can be easily sealed instead of the old ones which require double tapes.
  2. Label all the boxes properly – This is one of the most important things you need to do while shifting from one place to another. If you forget to label the boxes, you will find it very difficult to know where a particular thing is kept. Don’t rely on your memory as you may forget things easily especially with so many items in hand. To be organized while shifting, it is of utmost importance that you pack and label your stuff in the right way.
  3. Make a precise inventory list so that you do not miss out on anything – Besides, the list can also be used for insurance purposes. It will also help you ensure that no item gets missed out as you have a ready list of all your possessions in hand.
  4. Be calm and composed during the shift – It is very easy to lash out at the workers if they happen to make a mistake. Be calm and don’t panic. Eventually all the things will fall into place so being impatient and restless simply doesn’t work.
  5. Listen to soft music during the unpacking of things – Soft music playing in the background will make you feel relaxed and keep the atmosphere peaceful while the shifting is in progress.

Keep the above tips in mind to stay organized during a move.
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Tips to use moving containers while relocating - A smart solution

Moving containers can easily replace trucks as long as the shifting process is
concerned. That’s because moving containers are extremely convenient and sometimes all your belongings can be fitted into one big container itself. Read the below mentioned points to know how you can use a moving container for your own good.

  1.       You don’t have to store anything in a truck – All your belongings can be fit into a large unit that the company drops at your place prior to your shifting. Sometimes you may require two containers especially if you have many things to store. After you load the goods, make sure you lock the container properly to avoid theft or any other issue.

2.       See if you wish to have a storage option – Often, the mobile container company will shift your goods and drop them in a storage unit if you want it that way. Otherwise they are ported to your new home.

3.       Check out the company’s security policy – Before you hire any mobile storage company, make sure that they provide tight security. You need to ensure that your goods are safe and are transported properly to the required destination.

4.       Calculate the time required to unpack all the stuff – The entire cost will be fixed  depending on how long you have the container with you. Therefore you have to tell them the required time beforehand so that they can prepare a rough estimate of the cost. Prices are decided on the basis of the amount of goods that have been ported to the desired location too.

Keep the above things in mind before you use a mobile container for shifting purposes.
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