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27 Nov 2014

3 Clever Ways to Keep your Shoes Organized

1. Store your shoes in wine boxes under the bed.

You wouldn't ever have thought that wine boxes could be so useful after the bottles are empty. It is surprising but the slots of the wine boxes are perfect for fitting a shoe each. Give it a try, next time you empty a bottle of wine.

2. The PVC-pipe shoe rack.

Nail some screws on a wall and hang PVC-pipes 1 foot wide on the screws, stacked on top of each other. Each pipe can hold 1 or several pairs of shoes depending on your usage frequency.

3. The shoe ladder.

This is my favorite idea in the list and I am definitely going to use this in my home very soon, especially because it looks so awesome. It is the perfect way to hang up stilettos.

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Image credit: brit, buzzfed, thenest.

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