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23 Apr 2021

Warehouse Storage - The New Home For Travelers

The new world post-Covid is either working remotely or working Warehouse storage the new home for travellers

The new world post-Covid is either working remotely or working from a vacation spot. You can rent an affordable self-storage unit for all of your short- or long-term needs, rather than throwing out, selling your belongings, or lugging around everything you own,.

Why use a self-storage service?

Instead of renting a fully furnished apartment to store the belongings storage unit will always be affordable renting options. Some of the reasons we say so are because of:


1.       Photographers and Videographers

In this digital world, work knows no boundaries. Please work remotely or on assignments out of the city, etc. In such cases, career paths like photographers or videographers are no more working in a brick-and-mortar office. They have gadget and equipment which need special care and temperatures for storage. The gadgets are not only costly but also high maintenance. Professional in this field require to store their equipment in safe and customized storage, as their work does not require an office to work. A monthly rental is a good option over regular office space, saving them money, time, and hassle.


2.      Travel blogger


The best part of travelling is the food and varied culture we experience at every new destination one visits. Travels often visit for a period as small as a week to 6 months. In both scenarios, they require a place to store their belongings. Many have a hobby of collecting artifacts or any artwork resembling their journey on the state. These are sometimes antiques, delicately crafted, or maybe highly bid. Travellers being on a continuous travel routine need to keep these valued belonging in a safe space. Customized storage with high security make sure the belongings are safe and sound all the time. Hiring a self-storage unit provides you with flexible, long-term leasing options that will keep all of your valuables, personal items, furniture, and more safe and secure until you return home giving you peace of mind when you travel.

3.      Executive of the Co.

After the world has gone virtual, the higher executives of a company no more conduct meeting in a conference room but on a video call. They visit their employee of remote branches over a hired co-working space or a banquet or even a café. This to reduce the fixed cost resulting in better profitability. In this scenario office, the head can hire a storage unit to store their files, hard-drive, etc. These storage units have a high-security arrangement along with 24*7 access to the unit.


4.      Model/Actor/Influencer/Fashion Designers

Many individuals are entering the field of glamour. To maintain the status quo these professionals require wearing apparel as per the requirement of brands. These apparels are costly, high maintenance, and require to customize storage places. The influencers have to travel and carry goods suitable to the climate. Storage place allows them to store all types of valuable at required temperatures and safety. The influencers follow the world clock so require access to storage whenever required. 

5.      Artist/ Exhibitor


Exhibitors have their spread throughout various countries. They need to collect and store art in temperature-controlled storage to preserve something so valuable, delicate, etc. The exhibitors sometimes borrow art from various artists to display in the exhibitions. The art can be as costly as well as of various sizes. In this case, the art needs to pack, moved, transported, and stored across the continent.


When your hire a professional like, the travel becomes hassle-free for life. 

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22 Apr 2021

How to relocate safe & secure?

Relocation is not easy. There are no two ways about it. When you’re relocating to a new place, you’ve got a plethora of things running in your mind already.

And the whole process of relocation just adds to the stress. There’s no guarantee that relocating your precious goods can be done safely and securely. Or is there?

Let’s take a look at five ways to relocate securely:

Store the crucial things

If there are small but important items that you won’t need right away, consider putting them in a safe deposit box or self-storage until you’ve settled into your new place. Items like important documents, expensive jewellery or family heirlooms can be locked away so that there are fewer chances of losing them.

Take inventory in advance

It’s easy to lose track of things when you relocate. It can take a while to unpack and find everything; this can be a problem when it comes to valuables. Make a list of valuable items and take detailed pictures of them so you have proof of ownership in case they’re lost. You can even make a simple spreadsheet with names of the objects, box numbers, time of packing and arrival. This will allow you to relocate securely and systematically.

Keep the valuables with you

Alternatively, the important small stuff—papers, medicine, jewellery, that are easily lost or misplaced — can stay in your vehicle with you. Carry them in a bag and don’t let them out of your sight. There are several options for unique items like artwork that operate with a key. You can consult the company that’s providing you with the relocation services to help you map out the specifics.

Consider tracking

Tucking a small, inexpensive tracking device into a box can show you where your valuables end up. The different types of trackers have various limitations so you’ll want to do your research. Again, your relocation service provider can help you achieve the same.

Don’t talk about your move on social media

Don’t publicize what you’re moving or when and where. You don’t know who sees what you post to social media—even if you think your account is limited to just friends. Wait and show off your new place at a housewarming party after you’re settled in.

Though relocation is always challenging, proper planning can both help you keep your valuables safe and also relieve some of the inevitable stress.    

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21 Apr 2021

How to choose the best packers and movers for you


Life is unpredictable. One day you’re chilling in your room and the next day you learn that you need to move to a new place.

For a job, pursuing studies, or personal issues – whatever may be the reason, it’s not easy leaving your home all of a sudden and move to a new place that you know nothing about.

The tiring process of packing, labelling, loading/unloading your stuff is gruesome. But you do not have to bear the burden.

You can simply choose packers and movers to help carry the load of moving.

Once you’ve decided to choose a professional service, you’ll probably be confused about how to pick one that suits right for you.

Well, that’s what we’re going to help you figure out.

Below are the easy steps to choose packers and movers who will help you with your move.

Browse the internet

The internet is a good place to start. Browse through the list of professional packers and movers that operate near your location. When you visit the websites of those services, you must look for the following: Company’s full name and address, any alternate names the company uses for international operations, Contact information – both the phone number and email. The more information a company provides, the easier it is to trust them.

Do quality scanning

Once you’ve sorted out the basics, narrow down the list by delving deeper into the specifics. Look for certain certifications like the ISO that acts as proof that a particular mover adheres to the accepted global standard for providing and managing relocation services.

Online reputation

Looking for industry, certification is one way to sort out and choose packers and movers as per your requirement. Paying attention to their online reputation is another effective way. You can use websites that consolidate reviews for you to check, like Google Business and Mouth Shut. The reviews will help you gain some perspective and give you an idea of what you’re getting yourself into.

Compare quotes

Requesting quotes directly from the packers and movers is a key step in choosing the best service. A good way to analyse companies using their quotes is to obtain a list of the exact services and cost breakdowns included in the estimate. But be wary of the packers and movers who provide extremely low-cost estimates and also of the websites claiming steep prices to appear premium.

Ask the right questions

Finally, prepare a list of questions to ask when you visit prospective packers and movers at their office. Do not shy away from asking as many questions as you like – the more answers you have, the easier it would be for you to choose them. In particular, find out details about the crew, the service guarantee, and the insurance arrangement. Also, make sure they give you a detailed timeline for the process.

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20 Apr 2021

What are things you should know while moving homes during covid

 What are Covid-19 and social distancing?


Covid-19 is a contagious virus spreading across the continent at a very rapid speed. To avoid contracting the virus should sanitize avoid human contact via social distancing. In this condition is moving home a good option?

What About Storage Services?


All major storage companies have continued to run operations. The only changes that might occur are limited accessibility in case of hours of visit. You have to make sure that Storage companies are following proper hygiene practices, including sanitization and social distancing.


Should I Move During COVID-19?

Sometimes a move is unavoidable. In this case, the date for the move needs to be flexible, as the labour available with movers be limited. To avoid such a person, one should either decide upon two dates or fix an appointment in advance. While finalizing a moving company, one needs to make sure to confirm if they are following the proper sanitization process led by the government.


Does the mover have come to my place to take the quote?

Everything can be virtually booked in the digital age. So a visit before relocation maybe not be necessarily important. Complete details and maybe a video call will be sufficient.


What Is My Moving Company’s COVID-19 Policy?

The protocol is generally stated by the state government via newspaper and other media. But you can either confirm the same from the website of the movers or also the local authority to relocate hazel free.

What If I Want to Cancel My Move?

The rule and regulation change every week, depending upon the surge or falls in Covid 19 patients. It's better to confirm the cancellation policy of any company before hiring them. The cancellation policy has become quite flexible, for example, you might get a refund but can be utilized for postponed dates.


I’m Not Feeling Well, What Should I Do?

The first step should be informing the movers about your situation. This to protect their workforce from contracting the disease. It is very important to wear gloves and a mask while packing things. After packing the items, we need to make sure if they are properly sanitized. Safety and health movers as well as yourself are the top priority. Transparency is very important for keeping everybody safe. 


We need to also confirm if the staff of the lovers is Wearing proper gear like a mask and gloves while packing. Once the move leaves kindly sanitize any items your movers will be handled directly. 


Keeping a 24 hr packing window hours before when your movers will be arriving, and storage boxes in a closed room. Stay as far away as possible from your mover when they arrive  and continue wearing your mask and gloves

What is BeuritMovingAndStorage Doing Differently?

We prioritize the health and safety of our clients We adhere to guidelines laid by the government, to ensure the safety of the workforce as well as clients.

· Following guidelines around social distancing and sanitization

· Frequently sanitizing trucks and equipment

· To Practice social distancing with customers and  movers

· Wearing masks and gloves

· Keeping trucks stocked with hand sanitiser


All of the above-mentioned practices ensure that we are safely doing our job. 

Steps to follow before the movers arrive so that the moving process is hassle-free:


1. Lock dates with your movers

Every resource is in shortage during Covid. So, it is very important to pre-book date with the movers. Also, make sure that the dates are ab flexible considering the changing rules and situation outside.

2. List out supplies

Every step outside of the house could bring home risk. Make sure that you list all the required packing necessities and purchase them in one go. This will not only reduce the in and out running for requirement but also save time.

3. Sanitising is the key

The goods which are going to be packed may be either used items or pulled out of the cupboard. Both cases require proper cleaning. Take this opportunity to thoroughly clean all your goods. Also, sanitize all the packed boxes one kept aside in a room before they are moved.

4. Keep a 24 hr window before movers arrive

Coronavirus can last on surfaces for a long time, especially on cardboard boxes. Let us make sure that we are reducing the risk to the workforce by following certain measures.

Important Tips for Moving During the Coronavirus Pandemic

·         Be transparent with you or a family member experiencing coronavirus symptoms.

·        Pack 24 hrs before the movers arrive

·        Cancel your move if your area of moving is under high risk earlier rather than later

Please stay safe during your move. For professional packing, storage and moving services contact 

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