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24 Nov 2021

Different Ways For Conversing Your Priceless Coin Collection

Only the coin collectors know how invaluable their collection is to them. Be it from a money perspective or an emotional perspective. Every coin has a different story to tell.   

Coin Collection is accumulating coins minted for some time or with some error or has some historic significance. There can be many reasons behind collecting these coins. One can accumulate these coins as a hobby or they can be inherited from family members or purchased through an auction. Their value is determined based on their history, why they were minted, who minted them, and why their manufacturing and circulation stopped.  

The coins can be made of platinum, gold, silver, copper, brass, zinc, iron, steel, aluminium, tin or a combination of two or more metals. Protection of these collections is vital as their value depends on their intactness.  

Many causes are responsible for the deterioration of these precious coins as they are made of reactive metals. They can turn green or get faded because of many reasons.  

1. Lack Of Storage. 

When the coins are not stored in the right container, there are chances of them getting spoilt. Humidity and temperature fluctuations can have an impact on the coins. Types of containers and materials can also affect the coins. 

2. Moisture 

Metals react to moisture quickly. That is why it is one of the main reasons for the damage to the coin collection. The more humidity is present in the air, the more coins can get damaged. The moisture present in the environment can make the coin change colour and deteriorate it more. Even the folders or containers that claim to be 100% protection from moisture cannot stop moisture from entering. 

3. High Temperature 

High Temperature has an indirect impact on the coins by affecting the humidity, pollution levels and chemicals and acids in the environment. Hence they need to be stored in a low-temperature room where such elements won’t impact them.  

4. Inappropriate Handling 

Constant touching of the coins leaves skin oils on them. Such oils ruin the coin. Avoid touching them constantly and directly. One can pick them up with a cloth. 

5. Exposure To Chemicals and Acids. 

Chemicals like chlorine and acids corrode the coins. Be careful of the containers you used to store the coins. Wooden and metal containers can have a bad reaction on the coins. 

➢ Steps To Conserve The Coins: 

1. Right Storage Supplies 

Storage supplies made of metal or wood can react with the coins and spoil them. Select the right storage supply made of good quality. There are many options available - Coin Albums, Cardboard Folders, Coin Holders, Coin Tubes, Coin Slabs, Envelopes, etc. 

2. Right Storage Unit. 

Choose the storage unit that has the best security features and facilities. Well ventilated units,  temperature-controlled systems, and 24/7 security are the facilities that must be available in the chosen storage unit. 

* The BOX * 

At Beirut, The Box, ISO certified, is a self-storage company that offers all the above benefits and security features to their clients plus some more value-added services. Do visit to book a storage unit or call us at tel:+961 71281168/+961 71175252 for more information.  

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22 Nov 2021

Why Do Generation Y Prefer Renting Rather Than Buying?

Today’s younger generation or Generation Y craves to be free, independent and a maverick. They adore living their life according to their desires. Their thought process is poles apart from what the older generation has.  

Take the example of renting or owning a house. The older generation used to think that buying a home and getting settled was the goal of one’s life. But, today’s Generation Y believe otherwise.  

They prefer to rent a house rather than buy one. But, why so?  

The following points may be the probable grounds for renting a house. 

1. Affordable 

Renting a room is way much more affordable than buying one. As they are still in college or have just started earning, the source of their income is minimum. So if they prefer to buy a house, they will have to take up a loan, as the price of the rooms has skyrocketed. Loans aren’t cheap. They come with heavy interests. Plus, every month EMI has to be paid without fail or else additional interests are charged. Thus, this becomes unmanageable to the ones who have less income. 

For renting a room, one can compare the different options available. After comparing them, select the one that asks for a minimum deposit and rent amount, that one can easily manage or is within one’s budget.  

2. No Maintenance, Insurance, Or Property Tax. 

Owning a house can increase your expenses. The expenses include Property Tax, Insurance Premium and Maintenance Charges. The more big house you own, the more property tax you have to pay. The Premium of Property Insurance and its interest charges are high and out of budget for freshers. All the repairing charges come under Maintenance bills. As they are paid by the landlord, the tenant doesn't bother about them. 

3. Savings 

Gen Y doesn’t have to stress about all the miscellaneous expenses like maintenance, interests on loans, insurance premiums and other house pairing expenses. They will end up saving more of their income. 

4. Easy Movements 

Younger people hardly stay in one place for a long time. There can be many reasons for this. This generation is basically job-jumper. They love their freedom and don’t wish to be tied down to one place. It’s cherishing for them to explore new areas, cities or nations for new experiences and keep changing their jobs until they find the right one. Hence, they even keep changing their house if they get a new job far away from their current one.  

5. Don’t Care About The Status Symbol. 

Unlike the older generation who think owning a house is a status symbol, today’s generation prioritizes more on their comfort level and bonding with people. Since younger generations prefer renting a house, the business of the Storage Industry has boomed. As and when the rent agreement finishes, the tenants either shift to a new house or continue with the agreement for more time. If they decide to shift to a new locality, they opt for professional packers and movers or keep their stuff in a self-storage unit to cut down the shifting burden. 

The BOX Beirut offers all the above services. For more information, call us at +961 71281168/+961 71175252.

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20 Nov 2021

A Guide For Students On Moving Out of Urban Accommodation

As the college term comes ends, students get busy packing their stuff to head for their homes. Cleaning the room and packing can become daunting tasks for the students. Chalk out a proper plan to avoid any mess. Below are a handful of steps that students must follow if they are moving out of their accommodations.  

1. Go Through Your Rent Agreement. 

A Rent Agreement is a document of the terms and conditions on which the room is rented out by the landlord to a tenant. Before starting the cleaning process or any repairs of the room, thoroughly read this agreement to know all the landlord's conditions, duties and rights of a tenant.   

2. Be Responsible 

Tenants should act responsibly while leaving their accommodation. They cannot leave the room in a mess or a damaged state. If they do so, then the landlord has the right not to return the security deposit to overcome the repair cost. So, it is better to keep the room in the same condition as you had received it. 

3. Take Photographs. 

Click the photographs before and after cleaning or repairing the room. Also, take pictures when the landlord visits for inspection. It will help in defending any fake accusations raised by the landlord in the future. 

4. Cleaning Your Accommodation. 

Students often forgot to clean their rooms due to their busy schedules and exams. Before shifting, the room needs to get squeakily cleaned. Hire professional cleaners for thorough cleaning. List out all the items that belong to you, and those that were provided by the landlord like fridge, furniture, and utensils at the time of shifting. Donate your unused items to some NGOs and chuck out the broken ones in the bin.  

Clean all the electronic items. Empty the fridge, unplug all the electronic devices and cover them to keep them away from moisture. 

5. Check For Repairs. 

Check if any repairs are needed for the items provided by the landlord. It’s better to leave the items the way they were given. If any electronic item is ruined, then hire a technician who can repair it or replace its spare parts with new ones. If a part of the furniture is broken, then hire a carpenter to mend it. If the walls have chipped, then hire a painter. 

Always paint the room before moving it. It leaves a good impression on the landlord. 

6. Pay The Pending Bills. 

Make sure you have paid all the bills like lights bill, water bill and gas bill. Ask these service companies to give you a final bill that you can clear before your shift. 

7. Packing Your Goods. 

Hire professional packers and movers who can help you in shifting. They will provide you with the moving boxes, pack your contents properly and transport them to their destination safely. Fragile and electronic items are carefully wrapped and packed for shifting.   

*Important Tip*: If the landlord unlawfully denies paying your deposit at the time of shifting, file a case in court. You can give the photographs that you had clicked on the room. 

Students can hire professionals from The BOX Beirut for packing and moving.   

For more information call +961 71281168/+961 71175252

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11 Nov 2021

Organizing And Storing Tips For Camping

Camping is an enthralling adventure that leaves you with amazing experiences. But, if one is not well prepared or forgets to carry some essential items, it can completely ruin the mood. One needs to have an organized plan to have all the required stuff. After camping, it is necessary to store all the camping gear securely. 

Here are the few tips mentioned, which will help one keep their camping gear in order while camping and later when storing them.  

1. Carry Necessary Items. 

When out camping, to make it more enjoyable, avoid carrying unnecessary items. Pack only essential items. Take a strong and sturdy tent that will not collapse due to strong winds. Carry a good amount of canned food and dry food items.  

Items like a first aid kit, toilet papers, power bank, torches, batteries, and paper soaps are a must. To have a comfortable sleep, take sleeping bags with a soft cotton blanket. Carry some soft hands and bath towels too. 

Other items to take are cookwares, a kettle, a foldable table and a chair,  insect repellent, solar lamps and match sticks. 

Essential items also depend on the weather and the campsite you have chosen, for example, sunscreen or a moisturizer. 

2. Make Use Of Waterproof Bags.

If you are camping during the monsoon season or near a river or a lake, carry all the items in a waterproof duffle bag.  It will protect all the items from moisture and avoid the growth of any moss or mould, thus, keeping them secure from any damage. 

3. Organized Packing 

Sort the items into groups before packing them like kitchen items, electronics, clothes, bathroom items, etc. Pack each group item in a separate bag. If packed in an organized manner, they can be easily accessed and will also save some space. Roll up all the cloth items to save some space. Foldable items are easy to carry.  

4. Listing The Things You Need

A double-checking of the item list won’t do any harm. After packing all the required stuff, make a checklist to avoid missing out on anything. 

This will aid in remembering the forgotten item that one can then pack immediately.  

5. Organize Your Camp. 

Proper distribution of the camp space for each job as per the requirement is vital to overcome any confusion and avoid any mishap. Cooking space must be more spacious and away from any flammable items. The tent must be placed near the shadow, away from any moisture and fire. 

Keeping your camp area hygiene and dirty free will protect it from pests and other wild animals.  

6. Storing Your Camp Items.  

Storing your camping gear is of utmost importance. But, before storing them, there are a few things one should take care of. Throw dirty clothes and blankets for a wash. Better to dry your wet tent first and then neatly fold it for storing. Don’t forget to remove the batteries from all electronic gadgets. Scrub, clean and dry all the cookware. Remove the air from your sleeping bags.  

Store the camping gear in a cool and dry place at home. Or, you can rent a storage unit at The Box Beirut! 

For more information call +961 71281168/+961 71175252

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