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22 Dec 2015

Wedding Dress Storage Tips For Your Daughter?

Wedding is one of the most auspicious events in the life of the bride-to-be, your daughter. Preserving a wedding dress is an emotional thing. It is done to pass on emotional links, and blessings of the ancestors for the welfare of their children, in this case their daughters. Here are a few tips to store a wedding dress for your future daughter.

Fold but carefully:
The wedding dress that needs to be passed on to your daughter when she comes of age will be lying folded for a long time. Therefore, ensure that you don’t fold the dress haphazardly in the wrong places. You don’t want your daughter end up wearing a large crease down her torso, would you?

Tip- First wrap the sleeves beneath the bodice. Now fold the back above the skirt. Post which wrap the skirt above the bodice. In this way you are only creating folds towards the seams that does not spoil the look and feel of the overall dress.

Prevent friction of fabric:
You do that by placing tissue paper layer between every dress fold. This prevents the different layers of fabric from getting in contact. This is extremely vital is the dress boasts embellishments like beads, sequins, and other scratchy materials.

Best way to store the dress is…
In a large box. Yes! Many brides have a perception that best way to store a dress is to hang it in a garment bag. However, the best way to store it is in a large box but not before you fold it, and place it flat in the large box.

Concluding tip-
Avoid using plastic materials that stains the fabric, also leaving your gown smell like stale.

Get wide storage options from our storage and moving services.

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9 Nov 2015

3 Things To Make The Storage Facilities Winter Ready

It is the time of the year when various self-storage managers have to get ready for a proper audit of their storage units. After all, there is nothing worse than when some customer arrives discovers that he needs to chisel up his way to the self-storage unit way that is completely packed with ice.

Hence, it is necessary for the storage and moving business, including Beirut International Movers to ensure their facilities are safe and accessible for tenants. How do you ensure that? Following some easy tips listed down.

1. First remove the snow:
In order to remove the snow, Beirut International Movers have the choice of either outsourcing the task or getting the required equipment and machinery to mow the snow by themselves. However, experts’ advice that spending money on getting a snow-removal service is cheaper than shelling out money for equipment and machinery. (And you never know whether the latter would suffice the hands and head of a snow-removal expert.)

2. Fill your storage units with necessary winter paraphernalia:
Self-storage managers and Beirut International Movers can stay away from the smoldering customer frenzy due to their incapability of accessing things due to icy walkways and frozen locks by having enough shovels and salt places in their storage units. Managers should be equipped with de-icer spray to help customers deal with frozen locks over their storage units.

3. Ensure complete insulation:
It is necessary that Beirut International Movers ensure that all the doors and windows of their storage units are properly insulated to prevent drafts.

Find the gaps around exit doorways and overhead garage doors. Repair them including broken sealants. Otherwise, they will create cold throughout your storage facility. Seal the holes and keep the cold air out.

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6 Oct 2015

Essential Tips To Keep Calm During Storage Disasters

Your storage facility is careful. You are careful. However, emergencies can still occur. Beirut Moving Storage has many storage facilities and we are no stranger to occasional disaster like storms and fire. Our storage managers and facilities management teams are skilled at keeping calm and getting any affected facilities back into action again while helping our customers too.

However, during emergencies, you need to follow following essential tips that will help you keep calm during storage or other disasters.

It is important to inhale and exhale profusely. Deep breaths supplies your brain with enough oxygen to calm your stressed nerves. Additionally, taking deep breaths during stressful situations prevents a person from passing out or reaching the stage of hyperventilation!

Do not panic:
Our storage facilities in Beirut always advice people to avoid panic. Fear fills your mind with despair which eventually makes you panic. However, you need to understand that panic leads to heedless decision making. When you are in panic mode, you brain lacks the sensibility to take prudent actions. As a result you take decisions in haste causing more harm. (or the only harm when you later get to know that all was handled well by your storage provider) In the latter case, the harm is done as what follows heedless actions is upsetting consequences.

Hence, the only mantra is to maintain your peace of mind as where there is calm there is prosperity.

Last but not the least, be prepared to face the odds by researching on things like how to how to tackle major home storage crisis which is an easy-read online nowadays!

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7 Sept 2015

Tips To Store Your Precious Handbags

For most women, handbags form their life-long companions. These companions also come in different shapes, sizes, and colors and can often trouble you with storage woes.Here are some smart ways to store your precious handbags in an organized manner de-cluttering your closet.

Begin with de-cluttering step-by-step
In a closet, there are three things you need to look at while storing your handbags- rear shelf space, closet rod and front open wall space.

Now, store the bags that are frequently used within easy reach using front open wall spaces. The special occasions handbags can go being in the rear shelf space or can be stored in labelled storage boxes kept under the bed.

Ensure total protection
The best way to store bags life-long such that they don’t lose their shape and color, is to store them covered in acid-free tissue papers.

Expensive bags of high importance which are made of natural fibres and leather must go inside climate-controlled moving and storage service units.

Tip- If there is no dust cover sheath to protect your bags, you can store them in pillowcases for protection.

Storage of clutches
Clutches are smaller in size, making them ideal to be stored in hanging shoe bags and stackable shoe racks.

Shoulder Bags
The bags with long straps known as shoulder bags can be stored in bins on a closet shelf. You can also keep them mounted to a wall or hang them on hooks on a closet rod.

Concluding tip- If hanging, ensure that you hang those bags that are frequently used as with time prolonged hanging can damage the strap.

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10 Aug 2015

Important Tips To Hire The Right Moving Company

You may decide to move out in near future. You may decide to move your company office and therefore transfer the huge assets from one place to another. For all such scenarios, you need to appoint a moving company to take care of things. Let us understand the key things to remember while hiring a moving company.

Tips to hire the right moving company are-
Find a relocation company that can provide you flawless service at your current location and the new one you are going to move to. Search online, take reference from yellow pages, and ask your colleagues and friends.

• After you compile a list of moving services that suit your needs, contact them and arrange for an appointment. During the appointment get all your queries cleared before making the final deal.

• The appointment will disclose the prospects of the moving service provider, whether they are positive or negative.

• If positive go ahead and lock the deal. If it is negative then look for another provider.

Don’t hire a moving and service company over factorial estimates received on mail or phone. Also don’t get services from a company that only insists on giving estimates via mails or phone calls. In any case, there are chances that the virtual estimates may be in total contrast with the real ones. Therefore, always meet your service provider and ensure the virtual estimates are in alignment with verbal and written ones.

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17 Jul 2015

Moving Advice Which You Will Find Worth A Gold Mine

While you plan to move, you ensure that you have packed everything. However, it often happens that we tend to forget something. But not now; you can use this blog as a checklist to ensure you have packed all the things before moving.

Prepacking tips-

  • Assemble your tools and stuff. Grab a handy permanent marker for labeling, along with extra-duty packing tape, a screwdriver for disassembling furniture. 
  • Think twice before you tape up that box. You want to finish packing quickly, but a little planning goes a long way. Do pack similar items together and always (yes, always) label well. You’ll love yourself for it later.
  • Handle and store screws carefully in a way that you don’t lose them. It is a nice idea to disassemble furniture before moving as it requires less space. However, what if you are not able to find those metal things? When you take care of this aspect, the fun and excitement of moving to a new place remains intact. 
Packing tips-

  • Organize the moving truck. While loading things, place your biggest and heaviest things to a corner such that they lean against the rear wall of the truck.
  • This is a simple yet often neglected tip. Many a times while leading, a lot of space goes unused. For instance, you can maximize available space by placing boxes on top of and underneath the tables. You can also rest delicate and flat things between mattresses, thus also giving them the required support. 

And if you need any help to move your things, Beirut Storage is happy to help you.

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10 Jun 2015

Moving Abroad? Some Useful Things To Remember

Travelling abroad has never been hassle-free with the falling Euro. A “golden ticket” also known as U.S. passport may place the world to be dearer but a large difference looms between simply travelling and actually moving abroad. Beirut Storage understands the importance of moving and relocation services, but in this blog we go one step ahead in helping the movers understand and remember vital things when moving abroad.

First things first- managing all the paperwork:

Seek whether you will require a visa or not, if yes what type. Apply for the visa at least six weeks in advance to draft a well-forged plan.

For instance, some countries like European Union and United Kingdom, permit U.S. citizens travel and stay there without visa for minimum 90 days during 180-day period. However, most countries require you to have visas for longer stays (three-six months)

Check with the country’s immigration department for its regulations. Unlike moving abroad during a stint where your company assists in your visa process, moving independently requires a tourist visa for an extended stay.

Stay in budget:

Before moving abroad, draft a budget and try not exceeding it. While preparing a budget, factor in moving prices, exchange rates, and other foreseeable charges. Ensure you have sufficient funds in your savings account during emergency scenarios.

Check with your bank and ensure it allows debit card and credit card usage overseas.

Decide with regards to moving and storage requirements

You may need help moving your belongings with you to a new country or having them stored in utmost security while you’re gone.

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18 May 2015

DIY Pocket Organizer For As Less As 5 Bucks!

How would you react if you find something which can be made with as less as 5 bucks and does the wok of an expensive storage couch? Amazed? Feeling incredulous?

Read this blog further to discover that it is a reality.

The process starts with…

Start with a piece of sturdy fabric cut to the size you want. You can cut it from an unused drop cloth. Draw lines dividing it into equal columns and rows the size you want your pockets to be.

Cut some sort of plastic material into strips almost as high as your rows and about one and a half times as long. And then sew bias tape along the top edges as is shown below-

Now start pinning the plastic onto the fabric. Leave a little fold in each section preventing the pocket from staying so flat that you are not able to put things in it. (therefore the strip began longer than the fabric)

Once you have all your rows pinned in place, start sewing. Sew along the bottom of each row, and then the edges of the organizer and down the columns.Use the lines you drew at the start as a guide. Fold under the top of the organizer and sew a channel to hold a piece of dowel.

Add some loops, hang it and volia! Your DIY storage space is ready, very useful yet inexpensive!

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16 Apr 2015

Want To Turn A Spare Room Into A Pleasant Guest Room? Some Quick Tips

Guests may arrive anytime. Are you prepared enough to not give your guests a sheer disappointment ultimately leading to your colloquial unrest?

After all, you wouldn’t want a guest to spread bad opinions about you right? Hence, it is important that you give your guests a pleasant stay. And it all starts with a pleasant guest room.

First, let’s start with helping you find a guest room-

Are your fishing gears or gym equipments which you never use occupying a large room? You can get rid of all these things or shift them to a garage or so; and rather turn it into a guest room. It will save you from immediate hassles leaving you tension free whenever guests arrive.

So now that we have helped you locate a guest room, let’s make it look like one!

Clean it up:

This goes without saying. Guest rooms must be maintained thoroughly clean as other rooms are maintained. Would you like a guest whining about squeaking chairs or creaky bed? Certainly not

And it’s not that it goes in vain for the guest room can anytime be used for ad-hoc gatherings or replace things across rooms and so on. Sounds sensible, isn’t it?

Dump unnecessary clutter:

Would you appreciate a hotel room dumped with stuff toys or photos? Certainly not

Likewise, keep your guest room free from trivia. Ensure there is enough room space.

Ensure the wardrobe is clean and does not contain unwanted materials except couple of drawers and hangers.

Check out Beirut storage for any assistance to help reduce your clutter securely with a few dollars.

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13 Mar 2015

Looking For Storage & Moving Companies? Here Is Your Key To Choose The Right One

Considering so many storage service providers in Beirut alone, choosing the right one becomes difficult. What customers look for is a provider’s reliability and accessibility. And very few storage and moving services in Beirut, Lebanon rate high on that scale.

This blog is your key to choose the right storage and moving company in Beirut, Lebanon. The 2 factors which make a reliable storage and moving company are-

1) Reliability 
2) Accessibility scale

So how do you gauge these factors? By ensuring that the company stands high on the following 2 factors.

The 2 factors which determine storage and moving company’s credibility are as follows:

1. Authorization- 
Before leaving your precious items with any storage company, ensure it has a valid license. If any company denies showing their license then immediately remove the thought of taking their service. You don’t want to risk your precious items with one whom you cannot trust, do you?

2. Does the company provide reliable estimates on paper?

Certain companies mention specifications for different types of services while many don’t. For instance, for moving instances involving long distances, companies charge higher. However, there is no mention of the rates per kilometer and such other specifications. Therefore you may find the prices unduly high. Hence, before signing the deal, clarify all such things on paper.

Note- It is always better to have all requirements and specifications given by the company formally documented than just a verbal conversation.

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6 Feb 2015

Does the Nightmare of Lost Documents Disturb You? Not Now!

“When inspiration hits, you must not waste time looking for favorite pen.”

And for us the inspiration of providing comprehensive document storage hit 5 years back! Since then we are providing not just document storage but self-storage, relocation and warehouse storage services in Beirut.

This blog will throw light upon ways to store all your important documents safely such that you will be easily able to access specific documents anytime.

First prepare a list of documents which you want to be categorized as per priorities. For example it will be something like this:

Once you have prepared the list, you can use any of the four methods listed below for efficient storage of your documents. 

1. File Box:

File boxes are one of the hassle-free means for easy storage of your documents. The one key benefit is that you are able to find the required documents easily as there are labels attached. 

2. File Drawer:

File drawers are very popular amongst masses for two things. Firstly, they provide a tidy storage facility for all your documents. As a result, documents don’t get crumpled and remain fresh. Secondly, they are portable and require very little space but can store thousands of papers!

Bonus tip: Get a file drawer with wheels like above rather than fitting it to your wall for easy portability. 

Concluding note: If you are loads concerned about any of your above documents getting lost, then feel free to avail our reliable document storage services.

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27 Jan 2015

Small apartment? Here is how you create more space.

Do you live in a small apartment?

Does the idea of a big house for enough space for all your family sound amazing?
If spacious room is what you and your family desire, we’re here to tell you that you can create extra space even in your small apartment. Here is how you go about it:

Starting with the walls:
Love your walls? Well you can make them more spacious and royal at the same time. Don’t be surprised but the above creative is the result of an old bicycle that was no longer in use. The old cycle has been up-cycled to vaguely resemble a deer’s head. As you can see the deer’s head is replaced with the cycle seat and antlers are replaced with the cycle’s handles. It not only adds to the beauty of your home decor but also surprisingly makes your home appear marvelously grand!

Floating cabinet!

The above example shows how you can get spacious with your bathroom cabinets. We call it as “floating cabinets.” Now the benefit of such model is that you get a free space under the sink. This space can be utilized as a storage area or left as it is to make it more spacious! Pretty cool, eh?

A bigger family room:

Look at the photo above of the family room. It looks great, but there is very little space to move. Now you can make this hall more spacious to look it appear something like this-

You see the difference? A cleaner, less cluttered living room. And more space for your family to move, especially if you have kids who like to run around. And this was achieved by doing two simple things:

1. The in-between walls were put down so that it gives more space like above.
2. The sofa sets and the beds were removed. If you want to have them then we have a more preferable solution. Try a more spacious substitute which we call it as “hanging sofas”-

Now the beauty of these hanging sofa sets is that it takes very little space. Also it looks beautiful. And of course it does make your home more spacious. When you don’t need it you can remove the hooks from the chain as well! So versatile, isn't it?

Tip: Have a small table at the side which is easily movable to serve ice on the rocks and relax! 
The easiest way you can create a more spacious living area is by de-cluttering your storage space. This means discarding all the things from your home that are unnecessary. If you are unable to discard things from your house, then a good idea is to put them in storage.

A more spacious living area means a better quality of life for your family and who doesn't want that.

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