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19 Dec 2016

Storage Facilities: Ensuring Your Items Live Long!

It is essential that you get services from storage and moving company that can offer complete security for your items.

Here are some tips from a storage and moving company that is considered one of the most reliable in terms of security, accessibility and accountability.

Tips to ensure your items stay undamaged
It is highly recommended to keep away items that are liable to catch fire from storage units. Hence, you should not store items like gasoline and paint which are extremely inflammable in storage warehouses.

There are also things like plastic bags, a specific category, that are carelessly dumped into the dryers. To store oily rags or slimy bags in storage units is to invite fire mishap. These bags are made of materials that can easy catch spark leading to a significant fire catastrophe. Also small things like disconnecting the plug from any electrical instrument before keeping in the storage unit will help prevent major havoc.

Beirut International Movers recommends all its readers to be watchful for anyone indulging in activities like smoking in the vicinity of the storage company locality. It’s because the slightest fume can alight a good portion of the facility, especially if it is surrounded by grass and shrubs. If any such activity spotted, inform your storage manager immediately.

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24 Nov 2016

Does Your Storage And Moving Company Fulfil This Checklist?

Here’s a list of things that will help you choose the storage and moving company. Already hired a storage and moving company? Then check whether your company stands true to this checklist, right away!

Analyse their reputation:
Before choosing a storage and moving company, check whether they are reliable. How will you do that? By speaking to the company’s past and present consumers. How have their experience been with the company and its service?

Get a no obligation estimate:
It is recommended to get a free, no obligation estimate from at least four individual storage and moving companies. This will give you an idea about the actual rates (average) for a particular kind of service. Once you are clear about the estimates, jot it down. Compare these estimates from different companies. Choose the one that offers the best overall price and service package (Make sure you don’t compromise an iota in terms of quality and security). Also, don’t be in a hurry to decide basis just the lowest quotation. Look for overall value you will get and weigh the perks.

Get a lot more information on the best moving and storage services from Beirut International Movers for a absolutely secure move to your new destination.

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13 Oct 2016

Self-Storage Facilities: Ensuring Toddlers’ Safety

You live in a house that is stuffed with lot of things?

Do they pose a threat to the toddlers? Here’s the ultimate solution without spending too much.

Are the toddlers safe? 
Having a lot of items like sharp tools, furniture and sports gears at your home is like inviting injuries. This is true especially true for toddlers who can bump into these materials while playing, walking or running around.

Most people like the idea of owning ski boats, vintage cars, canoes, etc. If you do not have enough room for these items or if you are looking to provide protection against the weather conditions, then renting a self storage unit can be the best choice for you.

Why choose storage and moving facilities?
A self-storage facility that is run professionally allows you to store the things at a secure storage unit and therefore de-clutter your home. This means no more threats to toddlers. Also you can easily access things whenever you need.

A storage facility provides a clean, dry and secure environment suitable for storing valuable items like paintings, furniture, sports gears and automobile.

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27 Sep 2016

Storage Units’ Increasing Popularity

Storage units are gaining popularity for many reasons, they provide a cheap option to store things on rent, the storage units come in different sizes, they are well- equipped thus providing complete security to the things in store, and they can be accessed any time.

There are many types of storage facilities but the common ones are:
• moving company storage
• self storage units
• mobile storage
• climate controlled storage
• temperature controlled storage

Storage services are also offered by moving companies. If you opt for such a storage and moving company, you may have to shell out more money for the additional services they provide from packaging, and handling to moving the things to storage units. Also, the money you pay is worth as the storage and moving companies provide services that are more convenient, safer, and reliable.

Good moving and storage companies assure you of your things to be carefully packaged and moved to the new place without a bruise on any of the things. The movers will pick up and load the items in their moving truck. The items will be transported safely to the storage shed.

If you do not have enough packing supplies, or cannot endure physical exertion of any kind, it is a great option to avail services from professional moving and storage companies. They will ensure you don’t have to worry about the safe manhandling of your valuable things till the time they are safely assembled at your new place or the storage unit.

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13 Sep 2016

Why Store And Move Your Belongings With Moving Containers?

For those who are looking to move and store things while on the go, moving containers offer a great option. They are flexible, and come in various sizes. Here are some more benefits of moving storage containers.

1. Affordable
Moving and storage containers provide good value for your money than moving trucks that cost you additional money in terms of driver cost, no special precautions for the moving goods, etc. Moving containers are safe, and conveniently deliver your goods to the place you want.

2. Versatile 
You may move during a home remodeling project or other renovation, in any case, you can rely on moving containers to store your things while on the move.

3. Adds value
Portable moving and storage companies also offer value added benefits like packing, loading and unloading services thus ensuring complete protection of your goods.

4. Suits your needs
Moving containers give you more control of your goods, you are free to decide how you want your goods to be stored and moved. They give you more flexibility and freedom to relocate goods, and store them as per your whims whenever needed. That doesn’t mean you don’t get professional assistance telling you what arrangement of goods is the best such that it causes no damage.

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17 Aug 2016

Key Things To Remember Before You Rent A Self Storage Space

Renting a storage space to store your extra things is the best and cost-effective way to create that extra space. However, before deciding on the storage company remember these key things to avoid troubles.

1. Stay within budget
Before you rent any storage unit, ask the storage manager about how regularly they increase their rates. This is important to prevent troubles at a later stage as you will factor in the extra costs in advance. If you agree with it, then ask the manager to state the numbers in writing.

2. What if the rents are due?
If the rents are due, ask the manager what will be the options to pay the rent. Some storage units provide online payment options, while others allow you to carry forward the dues to certain number of months. Choose a schedule that suits you and don’t diverge from it.

3. Accessing frequencies
It is important to know how often you are going to access your self storage unit. This will help you ask the manager about their business hours and accordingly you can visit the storage unit. Also if you plan to visit your self storage unit regularly, you will want to rent a unit that is larger by one unit size so that you can move around freely and comfortably without damaging your things. Remember to keep the items you think you will retrieve often near the entrance of the storage unit.

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27 Jul 2016

Moving Into Your First Home? 3 Tips For An Easier Life

Before you find an apartment and sign a lease, you might want to browse through these 4 tips to help you decide on the best option.

1. Keep room for extra expenditure:
First-time home seekers often run into the problem of being left with less disposable income as they don’t factor in costs for electricity, internet, AC, cable and so on. They just consider the monthly fee. Hence, budgeting is an important means to tackle the first hurdle to a hassle-free life in your first home.

2. Think commute:
Decide whether you will drive or take the public transport. If you’re driving, consider two things- Is there a parking facility around your apartment or will you have to struggle for street parking? Will you be living in a traffic prone are? If taking public transportation, is the apartment situated nearby the bus stop or railway station?

3. Factor in the landlord:
You don’t get to choose the landlord but you do get to choose the apartment even when you rent. You must enquire about the landlord’s credibility. Is he trustworthy and not cheat you? Hence, before you sign on the dotted line, spend time on research.

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