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14 Sept 2022

What Is The Difference Between Long Term Storage And Short Term Storage

Whether shifting to a new apartment, renovating or cleaning your existing house, it is necessary to hire a self-storage unit to place your items. A self-storage facility is an area that has several sizes of rooms that get leased for storing personal belongings. You can keep various things, from books to electronic applications and vehicles, in them. 

Check out self-storage facilities close to your house and choose the one that offers top-class facilities. The type of storage that self-storage facilities have is either Short Term or Long Term.  

➢ What is Short-Term Storage? 

Short-Term Storage is where items are stored for not more than three months. It is a temporary solution when one can stash their belongings for less time.   

➢ What Is Long-Term Storage 

Long-Term Storage is when items are kept for more than three months. Items remain in one place for months or years.   

The Difference Between Short Term Storage and Long Term Storage

1. Storage Period 

The main difference between these two types is the time frame of these two storage types. In Short-Term Storage, the storage period does not exceed three months. In Long-Term Storage, the storage period is more than three months and sometimes even for years.  

2. Reasons For Storing 

Items are stored for a shorter period in a storage unit when you are either shifting to a new house, making some necessary renovations to it or when you are on vacation. Long-term storage is when the items stored are unwanted or rarely used. Seasonal items are those items that are stored for a long period.  

3. Type of Storage Unit 

As per the items, duration, and budget, a suitable storage unit is hired. If one is opting for short-term storage, you can either hire a standard storage unit or a climate-controlled unit, as items are placed only for a couple of months.  

But, when stored for the long term, you must hire a climate-controlled unit to keep your items away from moisture and damage-free. 

4. Cost 

The cost of any storage units depends on their size and storing period. Short-Term Storage is less expensive, and many can afford it. Long-Term Storage is a bit costlier as the time duration is more. 

5. Preparation Time 

Be it short-term or long-term, planning each step is vital. Dust off and wipe all the items before placing them inside the storage room. Electronic appliances, large furniture and fragile items must be carefully wrapped with cushions and corner protectors and packed.   

Avoid overfilling the boxes. For long-term storage, do not pack items in plastic bags. Vacuum seal the bags in which they are wrapped. Labelling each box will allow us to know about the contents kept inside it.  

6. Ideal For? 

Short-Term Storage items are an ideal option when shifting to a new house or renovating the house. Long-Term Storage is best when items are seasonally used or unwanted when you shift to a new country. 

➢Which Storage Facility To Choose? 

The Box of Beirut is an excellent option for both, short-term and long-term storage. Units with varieties of facilities are offered at an appropriate price. Up-to-date technology like CCTV cameras, laser sensors, easy access and climate-control systems keep the items safe and sound. 

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