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23 Sept 2013

Tips for Short Term Storage

When you wish to store items for less than three months, that’s when you can opt for short term storage. The avenues for short term storage are many from boxes to canisters to containers. All you need to keep in mind is to follow these simple tips before opting for a short term storage option.

 1. Opt for intensive packaging – No need to place large heavy covers on the containers as dust and moisture are unlikely to settle on the goods. Instead, concentrate on specific goods and keep them secured.

2. Treat soft and delicate items diligently – Soft and delicate items such as a show piece or a fruit syrup container need to be tackled with immense care. Wrap them properly in a paper and then place them in the big box that you will be carrying.

3. Keep a pathway for your entry and exit – Say your self storage unit is a room where you’ve kept all the containers and boxes. However, you at least need a place to walk and move amidst the things when the relocation time arrives. That’s the reason why you need to keep a small pathway for you to enter and exit comfortably.

4. Don’t give up on security – Even though we’re talking about short term storage, do not give up on security. Lock each and every item intensively as you would do during long term storage.

5. Label every product – You can find your stuff with ease if your label each and every thing you’ve put in the storage unit.

After all, every product is important, right?
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3 Sept 2013

7 Tips for Long Term Storage

As a consumer, anything that you wish to store for three months or more falls under long term storage. Sometimes you need to keep your packaged stuff for a long time owing to less space in your house or while looking out for a new home. So here we provide you with some simple tips for long term storage.

1. Do not use very huge boxes - Keep your boxes normal in size for ease of use. Using boxes of optimum size is not only comforting but even compact for usage. Store what you can’t stay without precisely in the given space. Always pack the heavier items first and then move up with the lighter items.

2. Do not use plastic – Plastic tends to absorb water and that can spoil the stored things. Instead go in for compact boxes that can comfortably store your belongings. Also, don’t cover an item with plastic and then place the same inside boxes as it will not serve the purpose at all.

3. Categorize your items – Mashing up all the items like putting them in the dungeon, will be very discomfiting in the long run. You may forget what item you kept where and you will have to struggle while unpacking it. You can segregate your stuff by putting all the books in the lower side of the box, while putting the CDs and other such items in the upper portion.

4. Use delicate items carefully – Fragile things are bound to break. So it is essential that you either bubble wrap them or pack them carefully in newspapers to avoid any kind of damage. Keep them away from the other items and pack them separately.

5. Use pallets for delivering heavy items – You can buy a pallet from a local store and keep the furniture above the ground and on the pallet to prevent scratches and other form of damage.

6. Use vacuum sealed packaging for bags – Vacuum sealed bags are good as they remove the oxygen from the bags and keep your clothes and expensive materials in good form and for a long period of time.

7. Clean the interiors of the box properly – While using boxes, clean the interiors properly as that is where the items are going to be placed. You can use washing powder, bleach or baking powder to avoid fungus from spreading to the objects
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