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7 Apr 2016

Moving Those Delicate Dishes? Important Tips for You

There is no denying that moving invites lot of hard work especially in terms of packing materials and loading them in moving trucks such that they all reach intact at your new house.  Breakables and intact? Seems unbelievable for those delicate dishes you thinking to move? Well, not after you reach at the end of this article.

Here is the list of important tips step by step to help your breakables reach their destination intact.

First step-
Make sure you fasten the bottom and sides of boxes with packing tapes before loading them with the dishes for moving.  Also be careful of the strength and size of the boxes with respect to the type of plates you insert in the boxes. For instance, china plates are heavy and therefore storing them in light weight boxes may result in breakage of boxes.

Second step-
Keep all the soft packing paper stuff you need ready on your packing station.

Third step- (wrapping it up)
Now is the time to wrap your breakables one by one. Take one piece, and place it in the centre of the packing paper stack. Cover the piece by folding few sheets over the dish that will go diagonally from one end to the other till the piece is entirely covered. Make sure the paper ends at the center of the dish. Now place them in the cardboard boxes, each row separated by insulators like bubble wraps.

In the end our affordable Beirut International Movers team would strongly recommend to label the boxes with required connotations like ‘handle with care’, ‘fragile’ in CAPS.

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