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22 Sept 2022

Amazing And Easy DIY Kitchen Storage Tricks

When you ask yourself what makes you effortlessly work in your kitchen, the only answer popping into your mind would be a systematically organized kitchen. A messy one is bound to make you perplexed and irritated, thus, discouraging your spirit for cooking.   

That is why it is essential to place all kitchen items properly. Retrieving required items becomes easy when your kitchen items are arranged methodically. But, it is vital that not only should the exterior area of the kitchen be in order, but also the interior.  

Usually, cluttering happens when your kitchen lacks storage. Hence, here are some unique DIY tricks for kitchen storage. Adopting the following hacks will surely make your kitchen look appealing. 

DIY Kitchen Storage Hacks

1. Throw Out Expired Products 

Check the manufacturing and expiry dates of all the food items stocked in your house. Those food ingredients crossed their lapsed date shouldn't be consumed as they can cause several diseases. Throw them away, making more space for new products or other items. 

2. Clear Counter Areas 

Counters are the working station where cooking happens. They have to be spacious and clean for free and easy movements.  

3. Vertical Storage 

If your house has a small kitchen, mount cabinets vertically on the wall to maximize the vertical space. Appliance and utensils rarely used can be placed in these cabinets. 

4. Hidden Rolling Pantry 

You can buy or build a thin rolling small pantry, hidden between the spaces of the cabinet and the fridge or between two cabinets in your kitchen. The items stored in this pantry are spices, dry fruits, oils, and sauces. 

5. Built-In Cabinets With Glass Doors 

Built-in wooden cabinets with glass doors add a style to your kitchen, creating an alluring vibe and using minimum space in the kitchen. Electronic appliances, crockery sets, cookware, dishes, and trays will fit into these cabinets well. Each cabinet can be allotted to a particular type of cookware.   

6. Holding Stands 

Holding stands for cutlery, spoons, forks, and knives makes the kitchen look neat and helps place items in one place for quick retrieval.  

7. Baskets And Rails 

The jute or plastic baskets look pleasant and are the best way to keep items organized. Fruits, vegetables, cleaning solutions, towels, sponges, and cups are the items to store in these baskets. Railings under the sink cabinets become an excellent place to hang cleaning solutions, brushes, and hand towels. 

8. Dividers  & Extra Shelves For Cabinets 

Dividers and extra shelves enable the use of additional spaces for the drawers and cabinets. They can be customized as per the needs and requirements. 

9. Hooks And Magnets 

Install hooks and magnets in the kitchen. Clips hold mugs and utensils, while magnetic strips enable the hanging of knives, stainless steel spatulas, and scissors. 

10. Label The Containers 

Label all the containers with the items it carries. It will make the search simple. 

11. Send Unused Items For Self Storage 

Appliances, cookware, and crockery dishes you hardly use can be sent to a self-storage unit. 

*The BOX* 

The Box has storage units where all types of kitchen items can be stored. Their safety and security facilities help in protecting all of your items. They even sell quality packing materials. Easy access to these units makes retrieving your items quick. 

To book one, contact us now. 

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20 Sept 2022

Creative Storage Ideas For Your Small Home

Recently, there has been a steady rise in the human population, especially in cities. As a result of this, the surge in demand for houses has also climbed. Hence, now builders have started constructing multi-storey buildings with many studio apartments and 1BHKs. 

When you move into these apartments, you start wondering how you will place all the household stuff properly without making the room look cramped. As per your needs, sometimes it becomes tough to get ample storage space.  

You have to come up with clever ideas for finding spaces to tackle this difficulty. Below are some creative storage ideas for a small home that will help you use every nook and corner of your house.  

Storage Ideas For Your Small Home

1. Vertical Storage Space 

The best way to use space is by making Vertical Storage. Built shelves and cabinets right up to the roof. As most items get stored off the ground, the below area becomes open and compact-free. These storage ideas are more useful in the kitchen, where utensils and cutlery can be stacked. 

2. Add A Loft 

A loft built into your small house can either become an attic, a workspace or a bedroom. It makes the lower floor less messed up and more spacious. You can shift most of your furniture like a cot, wardrobe, desk or cabinets in the loft. 

3. Hidden Storage 

You can make several hidden storage spaces where you can keep your valuable items safe from theft. 

I.Under The Stairs 

Stairs that lead to the loft can be transformed into cabinets and drawers. You can store many items in it, such as books, decorative items, kitchen cabinets, mop cabinets, laundry cabinets and many more. 

II.Under The Bed 

As the size of the house is small, the bed usually takes up most of the space. Hidden drawers in the bed will allow for storing mattresses, pillows, blankets, curtains and furniture covers. 

III.Under Flooring Storage  

Trap doors are best when you want to keep your valuables. Small foldable teapoys, chairs, books, lights, etc can also be stored.   

4. Outdoor storage 

If you are staying in a small cabin or cottage, the front or back door stairs could be used as storing area. Items like tools, foldable chairs and tables can be placed in these spaces. 

5. Built-In Fittings 

Built-in fittings like dining tables, kitchen cabinets, and rolling pantries can help place electronic appliances, spices and other food ingredients.   

6. Multi-Purpose Furniture 

Multi-purpose furniture often saves space and can make small houses look airy. Sofa-cum beds, storage under the sofa, desk turned dining tables are many such examples. 

7. Buy What Is Necessary 

We often tend to buy those items that we hardly ever use. These items eat up the extra space, making your house look messy. Purchase only those items that are necessary. Extra or unused furniture, appliances, and other items can be stored in a self-storage unit where they can remain safe. It will help in making your house look roomier.  

*The Box* 

If you have a small house in Beirut that has limited storage space, hire the services of The Box, a self-storage facility. We, at The Box, give clients excellent services, facilities and security for their valuable items.  

To hire one of our storage units, contact us now! 

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14 Sept 2022

What Is The Difference Between Long Term Storage And Short Term Storage

Whether shifting to a new apartment, renovating or cleaning your existing house, it is necessary to hire a self-storage unit to place your items. A self-storage facility is an area that has several sizes of rooms that get leased for storing personal belongings. You can keep various things, from books to electronic applications and vehicles, in them. 

Check out self-storage facilities close to your house and choose the one that offers top-class facilities. The type of storage that self-storage facilities have is either Short Term or Long Term.  

➢ What is Short-Term Storage? 

Short-Term Storage is where items are stored for not more than three months. It is a temporary solution when one can stash their belongings for less time.   

➢ What Is Long-Term Storage 

Long-Term Storage is when items are kept for more than three months. Items remain in one place for months or years.   

The Difference Between Short Term Storage and Long Term Storage

1. Storage Period 

The main difference between these two types is the time frame of these two storage types. In Short-Term Storage, the storage period does not exceed three months. In Long-Term Storage, the storage period is more than three months and sometimes even for years.  

2. Reasons For Storing 

Items are stored for a shorter period in a storage unit when you are either shifting to a new house, making some necessary renovations to it or when you are on vacation. Long-term storage is when the items stored are unwanted or rarely used. Seasonal items are those items that are stored for a long period.  

3. Type of Storage Unit 

As per the items, duration, and budget, a suitable storage unit is hired. If one is opting for short-term storage, you can either hire a standard storage unit or a climate-controlled unit, as items are placed only for a couple of months.  

But, when stored for the long term, you must hire a climate-controlled unit to keep your items away from moisture and damage-free. 

4. Cost 

The cost of any storage units depends on their size and storing period. Short-Term Storage is less expensive, and many can afford it. Long-Term Storage is a bit costlier as the time duration is more. 

5. Preparation Time 

Be it short-term or long-term, planning each step is vital. Dust off and wipe all the items before placing them inside the storage room. Electronic appliances, large furniture and fragile items must be carefully wrapped with cushions and corner protectors and packed.   

Avoid overfilling the boxes. For long-term storage, do not pack items in plastic bags. Vacuum seal the bags in which they are wrapped. Labelling each box will allow us to know about the contents kept inside it.  

6. Ideal For? 

Short-Term Storage items are an ideal option when shifting to a new house or renovating the house. Long-Term Storage is best when items are seasonally used or unwanted when you shift to a new country. 

➢Which Storage Facility To Choose? 

The Box of Beirut is an excellent option for both, short-term and long-term storage. Units with varieties of facilities are offered at an appropriate price. Up-to-date technology like CCTV cameras, laser sensors, easy access and climate-control systems keep the items safe and sound. 

To hire one unit, Connect with us now! 


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9 Sept 2022

A Guide On How To Keep Your Storage Unit Clean

To make our house look spacious, you hire storage units to keep extra or rarely used items safely. Various sizes of units with different storage periods are available in the market. As per the needs, a particular unit can be hired.  

The way we keep our homes clean and dust-free, it is necessary we take care of the storage units we rent. Though items stored in them are rarely used, the unit where they are kept must be maintained. Keeping them clean n hygienic, the items remain safe and durable. Also, they can be stored for a long period.  

The steps for keeping the storage units clean are thoroughly explained below.   

1. Hire A Well- Ventilated Unit 

Items need to be kept in a storage unit that has a free flow of air supply. A well-ventilated storage unit doesn't let foul smells accumulate in the room. Climate-controlled storage can help in keeping moisture and humidity out of the room. 

2. Mop & Clean The Storage Unit Floor 

It is necessary to keep the floor of the unit hygienic and spotless. Vacuum the floor of the storage unit to remove all the dust particles before placing your items. Add an anti-bacterial surface cleaner to the water and mop the floor to wipe out all the dirt, making the unit squeaky clean. Later, cover the floor with carpet and place your items. 

3. Clean The Items To Be Stored 

It is better to cleanse all the items you are planning to store before placing them in the storage unit. It will lead to less accumulation of dust. Deep clean the electronic appliances. Wash clothes, blankets, quilts, and covers with fabric detergents and softeners. Fold them only when they are completely dried. Wipe the glass products with anti-bacterial wipes. 

4. Use Air-Tight Boxes

Using air-tight plastic containers is much safer than using cardboard boxes. Unlike cardboard boxes, they do not deteriorate and remain in good condition for a long period. They are sturdier and easy to handle. 

5. Avoid Storing Perishable Goods 

Perishable items are strictly forbidden in a storage unit as they get spoilt and can spread foul smell. Even coffee bags and cereals or canned food must be avoided. They lure ants, rats, rodents and other pests into the storage, and can damage all the items.  They make the unit dirtier, and the cleaning job becomes more difficult. 

6. Avoid Storing Toxic Items 

Toxic items like paints, chemicals and fertilizers stored in a unit can create disastrous reactions. If it gets spilled, cleaning it becomes more challenging. Hence, it is better not to store them. 

7. Cover The Large Items 

It is hard to place furniture in cardboard boxes due to their large structure. They must always be covered to protect them from dust. You can use tarpaulins made of cloth or cloth blankets to shield them. It will make the cleaning process easy and quick. 

8. Pay Regular Visits 

Even after taking all precautionary measures, dust does accumulate in the storage unit. Hence it needs to be visited regularly to confirm that items are undamaged. 

*The Box*  

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