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13 Sept 2012

5 Simple Tips on choosing the right Storage and Moving Services inBeirut

Those in Beirut looking to move into a new home or office must surely be considering a moving company to assist them with things. If not, then they should be. Truth be told, storage and moving services are easily counted as being among the best gifts a prospective house/office mover can give themselves.  Yes, there will be some highly motivated voices that are fuelled by a strong DIY spirit. But, taking into consideration the multiple complexities involved in a move, they would be better served to sit back and let trained experts take over..

But then again, not all moving companies are the same. They all differ in abilities, equipment, trained personnel, experience in the industry and other factors. Factors that can make the difference between a stellar move and one that they would be cursing for a long time to come. Thus, choosing the right movers becomes critical to the success of the entire moving experience.

Since merely shifting goods from one location to another do not complete a move, it becomes highly imperative that the best choice is made from the many moving companies around. Things to look for when evaluating the right moving company:

    1. Moving Distance: Each moving company has their own pricing conditions that vary according to the moving distance. When calling for quotes, do ensure that the moving distance has been factored into the negotiation

    2. Moving Assistance: Does the moving company offer personnel to assist during a move? Depending upon the response and requirements, one may make their decision. Also ensure that the charges for the same are pre-quoted and do not get tacked on, post the signing of the contract

    3. Facilities: Storage facilities vary from operator to operator. Duration of storage, space available and the provision for climate controlled units (if needed) would be the key influencing factors when making a decision

    4. Protection: Most prospective moving and storage customers tend to focus on the security and protection measures once the goods have gone into storage. However, the safety of the belongings while in transit is equally important as well. Most responsible movers do remind their customers to ensure adequate moving insurance, but it is a good practice to check for the same

    5. Reputation:All the aspects discussed above would come to a nought, if the operator being chosen is of dubious reputation. Thankfully, it has become easier to avoid being swayed by that swanky website or a glib talking sales representative. Get online, inquire on user forums, look for referrals from prior users, etc. These usually help in gauging the reputation of the mover.
At the end of the day, a safe and quality moving experience is what matters. So, when there’s hard earned money at stake together with a lifetime worth of belongings, it becomes imperative that you make the best choice possible.
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