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22 Feb 2022

Tips & Tricks To Arrange Your Makeup Products

Which girl doesn’t like makeup? They are love! The collection of different brands of makeup is every girl’s hobby. But organizing them is not that easy. A shabby makeup kit creates a lot of confusion. This can make it tricky for you to access the items as and when required.  

Some makeup items’ casings or bottles are fragile. Keeping them messy can lead to breakage or spillage. When they are arranged systematically, these issues can be avoided. Hence, the shelf life of these products increases and they can be easily accessed. 

But how to keep them organized? Here’s the solution! 

Following are the tips that will give you an idea of how makeup products can be arranged systematically. 

1. Throw Away Expired Products  

The first thing you should do is check the product's manufactured year and the shelf life. If any of these products are expired, chuck out all of them. Avoid using expired or spoilt makeup products as they can cause allergies and harm your skin tone, causing skin diseases. 

2. Drawers, Boxes Or Pouches For Storage 

Makeup must be kept in a dark and cold place, away from sunlight and dust. Drawers have ample space to store all the makeup products. Make various sections in the drawer where different makeup items can be kept. 

Drawers protect these products from specks of dust and sunlight and keep them cool. Thus, spoilage of these products can be prevented. 

In case, you do not have a drawer, store makeup products in wooden or plastic boxes as they shield them from dust. If such boxes are not available, then use pouches or pencil cases to store these products. Pill Boxes can be used to store eyelashes. 

3. Labelling Benefits 

Makeup products stored in boxes or pouches without labelling can create confusion. For example, if we are in a hurry and want a particular coloured lipstick, we will have to check every box or pouch to find it. This time-consuming process can cause irritation.   

Labelled boxes and pouches as per the products can be time saving and easily accessible.  

4. Brushes In A Holder 

Different makeup brushes are available for eyes, lip and face makeup. These brushes can be stowed in a holder that has different sections to keep them separate. Make sure to regularly wash your makeup brushes and sponges to avoid any bacterial infection or allergies. 

5. Group Items As Per Their Brand, Use and Colour 

Makeup products should be grouped into any of these three sections: 

1. Brand 

2. Colour 

3. Use 

Lipsticks and Nail Paints should be stored as per their colour making it easy for you to reach them. Makeup products like pallets, blushes, and foundations can be stored together as per their brand. 

6. Safety While Travelling 

While travelling, wrap your fragile makeup products like compact, with bubble wraps and cushion them well to avoid breakage or spillage. Pack them systematically, so they take up less space in your bag. 


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20 Feb 2022

A Guide To Keep Your Apartment Clean

In this hustle-bustle lifestyle, we often neglect cleaning the house. An uncleaned and dirty house becomes an abode for insets and pests. Such infiltrated house becomes a centre of contagious health issues, and people living in such a house can become prone to diseases.  

Hence, cleaning your house is essential. But, at times, it is difficult to decide where to start the cleaning process. The work appears stressful and sometimes even impossible.   

So, here is a detailed guide that will surely assist you in keeping your house squeaky clean.  

1. Buy Only Essential Items 

First and foremost, buy only essential items you need at present or the items that will go out of stock. Sometimes, we end up buying unnecessary stuff because either they are sold for free or at a discounted price. Buying extra items often leads to eating up more space. It makes the cleaning process harder. The lesser the things are present, the lesser the space is taken, making the cleaning process easier. 

2. Scheduling The Cleaning Process 

Make a detailed schedule for a week, dedicating on what day you will clean which room first. It makes the process easy and lessens the confusion about where to begin. For example, you can plan to clean the dirtiest room on the day when you have the maximum free time.   

3. Items That Are Unused or Unwanted 

Bifurcate unused or ruined and broken items from the essential ones. Chuck out the broken ones. Store unused items and those that may be required in the future. Donate or sell all the unwanted or extra items. Collect them in a bag and keep them aside.  

4. Focus on Hygiene 

Dust and rotten goods contaminate your house. Try maintaining as much hygiene as possible at home. Make sure to clean your bed every day. Frequently change the covers. Scrub out any dirt on the kitchen platforms. Throw out stale or rotten food and clean your fridge. Wash the dishes with the best disinfectant dishwashing liquid.   

Put all the unwashed clothes in a washing machine and wash them with warm water and laundry detergent or sanitiser. Clear all the water that must have cumulated near plants. Dust off the cobwebs and sweep the house floor with the disinfectant floor cleaning liquids. 

A hygiene home keeps the pests away and protects you and your family from diseases. Spray air fresheners to make the house smell better. A clean house emits positive vibes at all times and even reduces stress levels.  

5. Well Organized 

Once you start cleaning and arranging the items, keep them where they belong. It makes it easy for you to access them. Do not fold wet clothes to avoid the growth of mould or mildew between the folds.   

6. Regular Cleaning Plan 

Frequently cleaning the house makes the cleaning procedure easy. Regularly dusting and sweeping will give no chance for cobwebs to develop and keep the pests away. 


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18 Feb 2022

Setting Up Your Studio Apartment

In today’s expensive lifestyle and booming population, the prices of houses have been skyrocketing. Buying a house is costing a hand and a leg. So students and freshly graduates choose a studio apartment, either renting or buying one.

A Studio Apartment is an arrangement of living space, bedroom space, kitchen and bathroom in a single room. Setting all your household stuff in a studio flat is difficult but not impossible. 

Here is a guide that will teach you how one can set up a studio apartment.

1. Planning

Proper planning can help in placing the right stuff in the right place. Fetching the required items and moving around becomes easy. Plan where bed, wardrobe and where the sitting area will be placed. As the apartment is small, it should be set up with minimum and essential furniture to make it more spacious. Chalk out a list of furniture, utensils and electronics you need. According, purchase and set them.

2. Colourful Walls

Colourful Walls can blow life in a dull apartment. If granted permission by the landlord, try colouring the walls of an apartment. Light colours make the room feel light and bright, while Dark Colours will create a feeling of depth and intensity. Choose the colour wisely.

3. Customized Furniture

Customized furniture is a set of fitting and fixtures that are designed as per one’s requirements. They last for a long period and are a good investment. Sofa-cum-Bed can be turned into a sofa or a bed as and when required. Foldable tables and chairs can be a good add-on. As and when needed, they can be opened, used, folded and stored in the corner. It will save space and enough room for free movement. Mounted furniture like wardrobes and shelves can save space.

Make sure furniture colours are compatible with the walls of the apartment.

4. Room Divider

Room Divider acts like a screen that helps in segregating a single room into two different spaces. They are the best solution for a snappy privacy issue. They are light in weight and are portable and foldable. 

Do you know, even bookshelves and shelve units can also play as a room divider? 

Curtains can also work as room dividers. Curtains on the windows also help maintain privacy and prevent the entry of dust. Light coloured curtains allow sunlight to penetrate the room, keeping the room bright.

5. Smart Storage

Smart Storage furniture is a modern-day storage facility that performs multiple functions. This innovative furniture unit can become a storage unit and even a coffee table. 

6. Attractive Decor

Attractive Decor adds warmth to an apartment. Intricate Rugs enhance the texture of the floor. Vibrant Paintings make the room look lively. Showpieces on the walls can make them look alluring. Lamps and fairy lights bring pleasant transformation to the room.

7. Loft

Lofts can add more space to a small room. They can be transformed into a bedroom for more privacy. They can also be turned into a storage area.


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17 Feb 2022

How To Pack Electronic Devices?


Whether you are shifting to a new house or putting your items in any storage units, moving the household items becomes a daunting task. Heavy and delicate items need proper attention to avoid any damage. One of the items that require the most attention is electronic items. 

As we are living in the technological age, our house contains an n number of electronic devices. Television, Laptops, Washing Machines, Fridge, Microwaves, Ovens, and much more day-to-day equipment are common in everyone’s household. Carefully packing these objects is vital.

Below are the steps that are to be followed to pack electronic devices.

1. Listing

Write down the electronic stuff you have in our house and want to move them. The list should be in ascending order, starting from the smallest to the bigger ones. It helps in making sure no items are left behind.

2. Read the Manual of the Devices

Thoroughly go through the manuals of the electronic devices. If you do not have the manual, then download it from the internet. These manuals are of great help as they have instructions and give you a good understanding of how these items are supposed to be packed.  

3. Quality Packing Materials

Buy good quality packing materials. The cardboard boxes must be sturdy and easy to hold. Different sizes of boxes will be helpful. The wrapping materials like bubble wraps, pads, cloths must be of excellent quality. The tapes used must be better to keep the boxes closed. If you have saved the original packing box of these electronic items, then that would make the task easy.

4. Disassembling

Before packing or storing all the electronic equipment, detach all the wires from them. Remove the batteries from all the remotes and other devices. Prolonged on-use of these devices and continuous metal connections of wires and batteries can cause decay.  Batteries must be stored in dry boxes. Wires must be rolled in for easy storage.

5. Wrapping The Devices

Electronic devices are expensive and delicate. Utmost care must be taken when they are being packed and moved. Any impetuous act would lead to damaging these products. Wrap TV, Computer monitor and laptops with bubble wraps, cushion pads and foam rolls. The edges must be padded well with corner protection foams from any damage. Sturdy cardboard boxes can also safeguard these devices. The use of silica gel will absorb all the moisture

6. Proper Labelling

Cardboard boxes containing electronic devices must be properly labelled. Boxes must be labelled with Fragile tapes and printed stickers like “FRAGILE” and “THIS SIDE UP”. These tapes help them identify these fragile boxes and can be moved with maximum care. This will minimize the damages.

7. Safely Loading

Boxes containing electronic devices must be carefully loaded. Any incautious act can harm these devices.

8. Contact Best Packers and Movers

Hiring the best packers and movers to shift or store these devices. They are professional in packing these fragile devices. Best quality packing materials are also supplied by these professional teams. They have experience in loading and unloading these boxes on the trucks. 


The Box Beirut is professional in packing and moving all types of items. For more information call us at +961 71281168/+961 71175252

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