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20 Feb 2022

A Guide To Keep Your Apartment Clean

In this hustle-bustle lifestyle, we often neglect cleaning the house. An uncleaned and dirty house becomes an abode for insets and pests. Such infiltrated house becomes a centre of contagious health issues, and people living in such a house can become prone to diseases.  

Hence, cleaning your house is essential. But, at times, it is difficult to decide where to start the cleaning process. The work appears stressful and sometimes even impossible.   

So, here is a detailed guide that will surely assist you in keeping your house squeaky clean.  

1. Buy Only Essential Items 

First and foremost, buy only essential items you need at present or the items that will go out of stock. Sometimes, we end up buying unnecessary stuff because either they are sold for free or at a discounted price. Buying extra items often leads to eating up more space. It makes the cleaning process harder. The lesser the things are present, the lesser the space is taken, making the cleaning process easier. 

2. Scheduling The Cleaning Process 

Make a detailed schedule for a week, dedicating on what day you will clean which room first. It makes the process easy and lessens the confusion about where to begin. For example, you can plan to clean the dirtiest room on the day when you have the maximum free time.   

3. Items That Are Unused or Unwanted 

Bifurcate unused or ruined and broken items from the essential ones. Chuck out the broken ones. Store unused items and those that may be required in the future. Donate or sell all the unwanted or extra items. Collect them in a bag and keep them aside.  

4. Focus on Hygiene 

Dust and rotten goods contaminate your house. Try maintaining as much hygiene as possible at home. Make sure to clean your bed every day. Frequently change the covers. Scrub out any dirt on the kitchen platforms. Throw out stale or rotten food and clean your fridge. Wash the dishes with the best disinfectant dishwashing liquid.   

Put all the unwashed clothes in a washing machine and wash them with warm water and laundry detergent or sanitiser. Clear all the water that must have cumulated near plants. Dust off the cobwebs and sweep the house floor with the disinfectant floor cleaning liquids. 

A hygiene home keeps the pests away and protects you and your family from diseases. Spray air fresheners to make the house smell better. A clean house emits positive vibes at all times and even reduces stress levels.  

5. Well Organized 

Once you start cleaning and arranging the items, keep them where they belong. It makes it easy for you to access them. Do not fold wet clothes to avoid the growth of mould or mildew between the folds.   

6. Regular Cleaning Plan 

Frequently cleaning the house makes the cleaning procedure easy. Regularly dusting and sweeping will give no chance for cobwebs to develop and keep the pests away. 


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