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18 Feb 2022

Setting Up Your Studio Apartment

In today’s expensive lifestyle and booming population, the prices of houses have been skyrocketing. Buying a house is costing a hand and a leg. So students and freshly graduates choose a studio apartment, either renting or buying one.

A Studio Apartment is an arrangement of living space, bedroom space, kitchen and bathroom in a single room. Setting all your household stuff in a studio flat is difficult but not impossible. 

Here is a guide that will teach you how one can set up a studio apartment.

1. Planning

Proper planning can help in placing the right stuff in the right place. Fetching the required items and moving around becomes easy. Plan where bed, wardrobe and where the sitting area will be placed. As the apartment is small, it should be set up with minimum and essential furniture to make it more spacious. Chalk out a list of furniture, utensils and electronics you need. According, purchase and set them.

2. Colourful Walls

Colourful Walls can blow life in a dull apartment. If granted permission by the landlord, try colouring the walls of an apartment. Light colours make the room feel light and bright, while Dark Colours will create a feeling of depth and intensity. Choose the colour wisely.

3. Customized Furniture

Customized furniture is a set of fitting and fixtures that are designed as per one’s requirements. They last for a long period and are a good investment. Sofa-cum-Bed can be turned into a sofa or a bed as and when required. Foldable tables and chairs can be a good add-on. As and when needed, they can be opened, used, folded and stored in the corner. It will save space and enough room for free movement. Mounted furniture like wardrobes and shelves can save space.

Make sure furniture colours are compatible with the walls of the apartment.

4. Room Divider

Room Divider acts like a screen that helps in segregating a single room into two different spaces. They are the best solution for a snappy privacy issue. They are light in weight and are portable and foldable. 

Do you know, even bookshelves and shelve units can also play as a room divider? 

Curtains can also work as room dividers. Curtains on the windows also help maintain privacy and prevent the entry of dust. Light coloured curtains allow sunlight to penetrate the room, keeping the room bright.

5. Smart Storage

Smart Storage furniture is a modern-day storage facility that performs multiple functions. This innovative furniture unit can become a storage unit and even a coffee table. 

6. Attractive Decor

Attractive Decor adds warmth to an apartment. Intricate Rugs enhance the texture of the floor. Vibrant Paintings make the room look lively. Showpieces on the walls can make them look alluring. Lamps and fairy lights bring pleasant transformation to the room.

7. Loft

Lofts can add more space to a small room. They can be transformed into a bedroom for more privacy. They can also be turned into a storage area.


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