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17 Feb 2022

How To Pack Electronic Devices?


Whether you are shifting to a new house or putting your items in any storage units, moving the household items becomes a daunting task. Heavy and delicate items need proper attention to avoid any damage. One of the items that require the most attention is electronic items. 

As we are living in the technological age, our house contains an n number of electronic devices. Television, Laptops, Washing Machines, Fridge, Microwaves, Ovens, and much more day-to-day equipment are common in everyone’s household. Carefully packing these objects is vital.

Below are the steps that are to be followed to pack electronic devices.

1. Listing

Write down the electronic stuff you have in our house and want to move them. The list should be in ascending order, starting from the smallest to the bigger ones. It helps in making sure no items are left behind.

2. Read the Manual of the Devices

Thoroughly go through the manuals of the electronic devices. If you do not have the manual, then download it from the internet. These manuals are of great help as they have instructions and give you a good understanding of how these items are supposed to be packed.  

3. Quality Packing Materials

Buy good quality packing materials. The cardboard boxes must be sturdy and easy to hold. Different sizes of boxes will be helpful. The wrapping materials like bubble wraps, pads, cloths must be of excellent quality. The tapes used must be better to keep the boxes closed. If you have saved the original packing box of these electronic items, then that would make the task easy.

4. Disassembling

Before packing or storing all the electronic equipment, detach all the wires from them. Remove the batteries from all the remotes and other devices. Prolonged on-use of these devices and continuous metal connections of wires and batteries can cause decay.  Batteries must be stored in dry boxes. Wires must be rolled in for easy storage.

5. Wrapping The Devices

Electronic devices are expensive and delicate. Utmost care must be taken when they are being packed and moved. Any impetuous act would lead to damaging these products. Wrap TV, Computer monitor and laptops with bubble wraps, cushion pads and foam rolls. The edges must be padded well with corner protection foams from any damage. Sturdy cardboard boxes can also safeguard these devices. The use of silica gel will absorb all the moisture

6. Proper Labelling

Cardboard boxes containing electronic devices must be properly labelled. Boxes must be labelled with Fragile tapes and printed stickers like “FRAGILE” and “THIS SIDE UP”. These tapes help them identify these fragile boxes and can be moved with maximum care. This will minimize the damages.

7. Safely Loading

Boxes containing electronic devices must be carefully loaded. Any incautious act can harm these devices.

8. Contact Best Packers and Movers

Hiring the best packers and movers to shift or store these devices. They are professional in packing these fragile devices. Best quality packing materials are also supplied by these professional teams. They have experience in loading and unloading these boxes on the trucks. 


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