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15 Sept 2021

All About Moving Boxes

Moving Boxes are the most essential material required for packing your items while storing and moving. They come in different sizes, large, medium and small. 

Good quality boxes are stronger and aid in carrying and protecting heavy and fragile items during storing, loading and transport. Piling boxes on one another is easier while loading or storing. It also eats up less space and protects items from dust and damage.

➢ Where To Find The Boxes?

Many packing and storage companies and removalists have a good stock of moving boxes. They provide a variety of moving boxes of different sizes from large to small.

➢ Types of Moving Boxes:

1. Book Boxes or Small Boxes.

The dimensions of Small Box are 1.5 cubic feet long( 45cm (l) x 45cm (w) x 45cm (h)) giving ample space to store small items. As these boxes have thick walls, they are good at storing books, CD’s, DVDs, kitchen gadgets and pantry items. 

2. Medium Boxes.

Dimensions of these boxes are around three cubic feet (45cm (l) x 45cm (w) x 70cm (h)) and can be used for storing toys, pillows, utensils, pans, shoes, decorative items, lamps, etc. 

3. Large Boxes.

Large Boxes are 4.5 cubic feet (60cm (l) x 60cm (w) x 60cm (h)). They are used to store items like soft toys, clothes, shoes, bedsheets, curtains and other laundry stuff. Make sure these boxes are not filled with bulky items so that it will be difficult to move them.

4. Document Boxes.

These boxes are ideal for storing important personal and business documents, certificates and other documents. The dimensions are 39cm (l) x 33cm (w) x 37cm (h).

5. Wardrobe Boxes or Port-A-Robes.

These boxes are large in height and come with a rod on which clothes, curtains and bedsheets can be hanged. The size of these boxes are 53cm (l) x 61cm (w) x 121cm (h). These hanging rods are sometimes sold separately.

6. Plastic Boxes

They are heavy duty boxes that help store all household items like electrical appliances, books, and other heavy items. They are 50cm (l) x 33cm (w) x 44cm (h) in size.

7. Flat Panel Boxes

They can be used to store pictures, paintings or TV. They come in different sizes. 

➢ Quality of Moving Boxes:

Companies should have a good stock of boxes that are sturdy and of better quality. They even provide bubble wraps and cushions that can be wrapped around the items to safeguard them from any harm. 

As some companies use second-hand ones and after unpacking the items, the cost of these boxes is minimum. But, one should make they are in better shape and does not have any cracks that are smartly covered with cello tapes. 

Also, make sure that these boxes are labelled properly so that they can be handled with absolute care. Be it fragile items, heavy furniture, electrical appliances, paintings or vehicles. Sticker labels can be used or the details of the items can be written with markers.


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