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9 Sept 2021

A Guide For Do’s And Dont’s For Self Storage

Self Storage is all about storing unnecessary or extra household items in a storage unit when you are going for a long vacation or planning to shift or renovate your home. 

Before choosing a storage company, you should know the different aspects of self-storage. Here is a guide of the Do’s and Dont’s steps you need to follow.


1. Choose The Right Storage Company

When you decide to use a storage unit, make sure you choose the one closest to your house and do detailed background research on them. Select the storage facility that provides a wide range of storage sizes, excellent security facilities such as 24/7 CCTV, a reliable locking system, well ventilated and fireproof units, and easy payment options. Their insurance coverage must include all the damages done on the part of the company. Companies with the best customer service should be another plus point.

2. Choose The Right Storage Unit Size

There are different sizes of storage units available with the storage companies such as Locker (16 sq.ft), Extra Small (25 sq.ft), Small (50 sq.ft), Medium (100 sq.ft), Large (200 sq.ft ), and Extra Large (500 sq.ft). As per your requirements and number of items, pick the right size of unit for storing them. 

3. Read The Contract Carefully

Thoroughly go through the details of the lease contract with the storage company. Check the access of storage units given, the different duration of the lease offered, and the damages covered by the insurance. 

4. Pack The Items Securely

Pack all the items securely. Fragile items and electrical appliances must be wrapped with bubble wraps and cushioned with clothes to avoid any damage. Heavy furniture can be dismantled so that it can be moved effortlessly.

5. Label The Items Well

Label the boxes giving the information about the items kept inside the box. Labelling helps in identifying the items so that accordingly, they can be handled correctly. Fragile, heavy and electronic items should be handled with care. 

6. Keep A Record of Items Stored

Make a list of all the items you have decided to store in the storage units. You will know if any of the items are missing or if you have forgotten to store them.


1. Do Not Choose Cheap Storage Unit

Don’t just choose the self-storage facility just based on the price. The quality of facilities and services given by the company should also be considered. 

2. Avoid Storing Perishable Goods

Perishable goods such as food, plants, etc should not be stored in a storage unit. As these goods will start to rot, they will attract insects and rodents that will, in turn, damage your other items. 

3. Do Not Store Flammable Goods

Avoid storing flammable goods like fuel, kerosene, gas cylinders, oils, fireworks, harmful chemicals, etc. 

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