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2 Mar 2016

3 Moving Blunders And How To Face Them?

Moving to a new place is definitely one of the biggest movements in one’s life accompanied by many happy and stressful events. However, you don’t need to get befuddled by blunders during moving. Here is how you can easily manage 5 moving blunders.

Managing organization blunder:
The key to evade this blunder is to stay organized. Don’t forget to label the boxes. Otherwise, you will end up occupying your kitchen with bathroom items and bathroom with kitchen appliances! Also writing living room on the outside of the box is not enough; detailed instructions will only make your task easy.

Tip- write on top and side of the box for organization efficiency

Managing the blunder of breakdown:
Valuable items are often brittle but they are special for you. You should hire professional movers for such onerous tasks.

Tip- Pick and stock your valuables in the moving truck first before everything else. This prevents accidental breakdown of valuable items in the haste of moving everything else. Bubble wrap is a must!

Managing the blunder of unpacking:
Packing is not that tedious as it is in the case of unpacking. The idea of having to unpack all items all by yourself once you enter the new place is in itself tiring. If you following the first point, you will have solved the unpacking blunder.

However, if you miss it, here’s another idea. Open a box, one at a time. Remove all items from the box, store them in appropriate places before moving to other box. If the box contains random and you keep on moving to other boxes leaving the previous one half-emptied, it will make things more difficult.

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