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22 Aug 2022

Steps On Storing Photographs In A Self-Storage Unit


Photographs are not just mere fragments of paper. They are those special memories captured in a frame you treasure the most in your life. They have an immense value that makes them unique and irreplaceable.

Even though we live in a digitized world, photographs give us the joy that digital ones can never give. They make us nostalgic and work like a time machine, taking us back in time to those lovely moments. 

These pieces of memories need to be stored in a protected place as they get easily damaged. Severe temperature changes, moisture, and sunlight decay them. Sometimes, due to lack of home space, we stack them up on one another without proper care. Ultimately, it creates cracks and destroys them. Hence, they must be stored in a storage unit to safeguard against all the above elements. 

Steps To Store Photographs In A Self-Storage Unit

1. Handle With Care 

Photographs are sensitive items, and hence they must handle with utmost care. Before touching them, you should make sure your hands are not wet. When moisture comes in contact with the photographs, it creates cracks on them and can even make them peel. It allows the growth of moss, and mildew on their surfaces, thus completely ruining them.  

2. Don't Forget To Keep Digital Copies 

It is essential to store digital copies of your photographs. In this way, even if the original ones are ruined or lost, the digital ones work as a backup that will help in keeping the memories safe. HD quality copies will preserve the originality of the photos. You can store them on a USB or in a file.  

3. Organize But Don't Stack Them Over 

When photographs are organized systematically, it will make the search in the future easy. They must be assorted, as per the groups - colour, size, or year-wise. They shouldn't be kept in direct contact with each other. 

Keep tape, glue & rubber bands away from the photos as they may stick the photos together and spoil their prints. Don't forget to separate the bad photos from the good ones.  

4. Get Good Quality Of Albums & Storage Boxes 

Purchase albums that are made of acid-free materials. These albums must have sheet protectors that will keep the photographs safe as they will shield them against dust, light, moisture, or pests. A single photo must be placed on one sheet. Avoid overfilling photographs as it may break the cover and even tear them. 

5. Hiring A Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Unit 

As photos are susceptible items, temperature fluctuations, dust, pets, and moisture have severe impacts on them. These factors can decay and destroy the evidence of your beautiful memories. To preserve them, they must be stored in a storage unit that is equipped with a climate-control system. This unit will seal the room, barring entry of any dust or pests. A standard temperature is maintained in the room, keeping moisture away from all the items. 

What Does The BOX  Beirut Offer?

The BOX has climate-controlled personal storage units furnished with modern security features for their clients. Many packaging materials are also sold at their online shop. 

To hire our services, kindly contact us at these numbers - +961 71281168/ +961 71175252

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16 Aug 2022

Essential Tips On Storing Items For A Long Period


Self-Storage facilities offer stress-busting solutions for storing your essential items. They offer contracts to their clients either for the short or the long term. In the short-term contract, the duration for which the items are stored is less than 12 months, whereas, in the long-term, it is more than one year.  

To store the items for long-term storage in a self-storage facility, the clients may have numerous reasons. Maybe they are going for a long vacation or moving to another city or country or the items they want to store are unwanted or hardly used.  

Before storing the items for a long period, there are certain crucial steps that one has to follow. From choosing the right storage to packing and labelling the things, one has to adhere to them carefully.  

1. What To Store? 

The foremost step you have to take is to decide what items will go into the storage unit. Then, according to your needs or usage, make a list of these items. The listing process will minimize the chances of missing any object. It is preferable not to hold on to things having no use or value for you. It would be better to sell or donate them, or else they might eat up the space of your storage unit.  

2. Choose The Best Storage Facility 

After making a list of the items, find out how many self-storage facilities are present that can be accessed easily. Then, as per the items, estimate the size of the storage unit you will require to fit all your things and which facilities have this unit size. Compare their prices, services offered, and contract conditions. As per your need and the budget, select the best facility. 

3. Hire A Climate-Controlled Unit 

For long-term storage, hire a climate-controlled unit to keep your items safe and damage-free. They are completely sealed and air-conditioned. It helps in maintaining the air quality clean and fresh by preventing the entry of moisture and maintaining a standard temperature inside the unit. Thus the items remain unaffected by the frequent changes in the outside climate.   

4. Cleaning Before Storing 

All the items should be well-cleaned before storing them. Electronics must be scrubbed and cleaned with the solution of vinegar and baking soda. Wash the furniture to remove all dirt and then polish them to keep any mould or pests away from them.  

5. Packing And Label! 

Buy the right sizes of boxes or containers to put in all the items. Cloth blankets, bubble wraps, cushions, and thermocol absorb any shock from the fall and protect all the items like electronics, books,  furniture, etc. Label these boxes to know what items are kept in which boxes.  

6. Insurance Cover, A Must! 

Getting insurance for the items will cover any damages that may occur during transit or storage period. Check if the storage facility is offering insurance cover. 

7. Autopay The Rent  

Make sure to keep the payment of rent on autopay. Every month the amount will automatically get deducted.  

*The Box* 

The Box storage facility offers both short-term and long-term storage contracts at reasonable rent. They even sell packaging materials, boxes, and insurance covers to their clients.    

Contact us to book your self-storage unit. 

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14 Aug 2022

Why Should You Choose To Rent A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit?


We hire the best self-storage facility with all the latest security features as all the stuff we choose to store in this rented unit is valuable to us. These items include:  

a.Electronic Applications,  







h.Collection Set, 



k.Documents, etc.  

The above items demand a dry and safe storage area. Standard storage units fail to save these items from frequent shifts in the climate. Hence, most rentees prefer hiring a Climate-Control Self-Storage unit rather than a regular one.  

Unlike standard storage units, a Climate-Control Self-Storage unit helps keeps the items unaffected by regular climatic changes in the environment. It is due to its air-conditioning and heat-control system. 

The reasons listed below explain why a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit must be chosen for storing your valuable & memorable items

1. Safeguards Against Severe Temperature Changes 

During summer at some locations, the temperature can go up to extreme levels, while during winter, it can fall drastically. Due to these severe changes, certain items like wood, electronic appliances, and equipment can get damaged as they are delicate. A climate-controlled storage unit keeps the temperature of the room at a standard level where the items remain safe from any harm. 

2. Blocks Away Humidity 

During monsoon, extreme humidity is present in the air. It has a harsh reaction on wooden, electronic, and metal items. Due to moisture, wooden items swell and crack, allowing the growth of moss and mildew on them. On the other hand, metal items become rusty, and electronics fail to run. When the temperature is under control, all the humidity is absorbed, keeping the air dry and cool. 

3. Shields From Dust And Debris 

Rain, snow, and dust hamper the quality of the items when the storage room is not closed.  But the Climate-Controlled Units are fully packed, unlike the open storage area. The windows, roof, and door are securely sealed. Therefore, this debris cannot enter these units and deteriorate your stuff. 

4. Prohibits Entry of Pest And Rodents 

Pests and rodents are the main reasons that can destroy your valuable items. They chew and spoil the items of wood, cloth, and wires, making them irreparable. As these units are securely shut and the vents are covered with nets, there is no space or hole through which these pests can enter. 

5. Better Air Quality 

These self-storage units have well-ventilated systems. These vents keep circulating fresh air into the storage unit that does not allow foul odour to stay in the room. The climate-controlled self-storage facility has a centralized air-conditioned system that keeps its environment moisture free and chilled. 

6. Gives The Rentee Peace Of Mind 

A climate-controlled self-storage facility maintains the temperature, moisture, and air quality in check and helps keep the items protected. After hiring a climate-controlled self-storage facility, the rentees get stress-free and calm. They have to worry less about their storage items as they know these items are stored where they will not be damaged and remain safe.  

*The BOX* 

The Box has enhanced its self-storage units with a climate-controlled system. It can offer its clients excellent features to keep their items safe and secure by keeping them in better condition.  

To book one such unit, call us at +961 71281168/+961 71175252.

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12 Aug 2022

What Are The Items Forbidden From Storing In A Self Storage Unit?

Hiring a self-storage unit always comes in handy when you have to shift, renovate, or make more space in your house. You can stockpile all your essential or unwanted items in this unit at a reasonable rate for different timeframes. Their various attributes, like climate controlling options, security facilities, and other features, aid in keeping your items safe and secured.  

These units come in different sizes that can store all kinds of products. But, certain items are not allowed for storage in these units. Self-Storage Companies have a list of rules and regulations that specify the objects forbidden from storing

The list of items and the reason for their prohibition are mentioned below: 

1. Perishable Items 

Perishable items like food attract various pests and rodents. Their shelf-life is less, and they cannot be stored for a longer period. Keeping them in a storage unit will spoil them and spread foul odour around the unit. 

Some storage facilities do allow the storage of canned food, as they contain preservatives. Make sure you check up with the facility whose services you are planning to hire. 

2. Hazardous Articles  

Hazardous articles like chemicals, paints, oil, firecrackers, acid, bleach, fertilizers and radioactive materials are toxic and flammable. Storing them in a unit for a long period can be dangerous as there can be some chemical reactions. These chemical reactions may turn lethal for the storage facility. 

3. Illegal Objects 

Illegal objects like stolen items, drugs, arms, and ammunition are barred from storing in a self-storage unit. Hoarding stolen items can bring the storage companies into legal trouble as they can be sued, and punished for this crime.  

Arms and ammunitions can turn fatal as items like bombs or hand grenades can suddenly go off, thus blowing up the whole storage facility. 

4. Dangerous Equipment  

Some construction items and pharmaceutical and radioactive types of equipment are prohibited from storing in the self-storage units. Though these units are well ventilated, there are chances they may get ruined or may start oozing toxic chemicals. 

5. Plants and Animals 

Plants, animals, or humans are strictly banned in a storage unit by the self-storage company. These units are not safe for living objects, and the situation can turn fatal for them.  

6. Unregistered Vehicles 

Vehicles that are unregistered or uninsured, are not allowed as the companies need proof of registration from the owner. Without proper documents, companies don't agree to give consent to store vehicles.  

7. Fur Clothes 

Fur clothes are susceptible to high temperatures and light. They need a proper environment to be stored. Most storage companies refrain from allowing fur clothes for storage. 

8. Money  

The right place to keep money is a bank. The self-storage facility is not the right place to hoard them. Only a bank can offer better security than any self-storage unit.  

*The Box* 

The Box is a storage facility that has all types of sophisticated features in its units. Various items can be stored in their units at affordable lease rent. We have our own rules and regulations regarding the storage of items. Before renting a unit, do not forget to read them to make yourself aware. 

To hire one such unit, contact us at +961 71281168/+961 71175252.

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