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22 Oct 2021

How To Store Your Memorable Items?

Memories are those special moments of your life that gave you immense happiness. They are timeless treasures. With time, they become more valuable. And, those objects that remind you of your sweet memories become your assets.  There comes a time when you wonder where to keep these priceless assets. 

If these items are fragile and expensive pieces of jewellery, you should store them safely to avoid any theft. If they are old photographs, then they need to be kept on a good quality album cover. It could help avoid any damage. Antique items like showpieces, paintings and furniture, good care of them are vital.

To store these precious items, you need to store them in the best storage unit.

Here is a guide that will help you store your memorable assets.

1. Find The Right Storage

The first step is to find the right storage unit where you can put your precious items safely. Jot down all the storage units close to your house. Then, compare them on the basis of the facilities they offer. The right storage unit must have different sizes of units with well-ventilation and a temperature-controlled feature, 24/7 CCTV and security, personal access, short and long term contracts, and insurance cover. Accordingly, select the unit that has all or maximum features to offer.

2. Sort

The second important step is to sort the memorable items and decide what you want to store in a safe unit and what you want to donate. Give away those items that are not important. Rather than stocking unnecessary or unused items, donate them to those who require these items. The antique items like furniture and showpieces can be donated to a museum where they will be protected and looked after.

3. Reuse

Innovative and creative ways can be found for recycling memorable items. Things like clothes and jewellery can be reused in many ways.  You can  Torn family vintage blankets can be transformed into pillow covers and curtains. Old pieces of jewellery can be made into beautiful brooches. 

4. Digital Storing

Photos are like tickets that take us back in time to our memories. They capture the memories making them last forever. But at times, photos get ruined. They become fade and turn colourless. To save these photos, they must be digitally stored. Scan these pictures and store them on a hard drive. Digital Albums are easy for storing at various locations. 

5. Organize.

Arrange all memorable items as per their types. Wrap the pieces of jewellery with a foam pad or cotton cloth and store them in a wooden box. Books can be wrapped with thick paper and stored in good quality boxes. Fragile glass items like vases, crockeries and framed paintings can be wrapped in bubble wraps. These wraps help in avoiding any damage to the items. Mark these fragile item boxes so that during transit, they can be handled with care.


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