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5 Dec 2012

Hiring a Moving Company Made Easy

Are you in the process of moving out? Now that you have made up your mind to transfer your company, you will in all probability need to appoint a commercial moving company. This company needs to be quick, qualified, experienced, and most importantly organized to make sure the move from one place to the other is smooth. Let us understand what the steps to hire a commercial moving company are.

To begin with, you need to find a relocation company that will be of service to you at the current location as well as the new one. This can be done by taking reference from yellow pages, surfing online, or you can even take the help of colleagues and friends. This will help you understand which company has experience and are capable to take care of all your tools and equipment, along with your files and documents.

Once you have figured out which moving services suit your needs and requirements contact them. Arrange an appointment before the final move so as to make estimation on relocation. This will give you an idea whether you want to take them up or still want to hunt out for some more options. However, avoid taking up those companies that give you an estimate over the phone or via mails. In all likelihood, the estimates may go wrong, or prove to be inaccurate, and you maybe cheated. Make a choice that is based upon a mix of the prices, the expertise and skills they have to offer, and the association’s reputation at large.

When you have finalised the movers call for a meeting in order to discuss the complete purpose of the move. For example, whether to take all the items, use their storage facilities, etc. Make sure they pay attention to every detail when moving. The best ones are those who specifically have managers who supervise the shift, as opposed to simply sending out a moving team. This in itself shows that the company has made an accurate inventory list and is doing what is needed, moreover, doing things following strict guidelines as well as staying on schedule.
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6 Nov 2012

How Do I Maximize My Storage Space?

The real estate prices have been on the rise and the space available at home is becoming smaller. People, with time have started to invest in storage units, which were once solely used for commercial purposes. Household storages provide you with storage boxes, shelves, packing materials etc. You can avail their facilities for a number of reasons depending upon your needs and requirements. You could be moving out from the city and would want to store your belongings for a temporary period, or your belongings are sensitive to humidity and you’d want to keep them safe and secure in a climate- controlled unit, etc. Below is a list that will help you understand how to make the best use of storage space:-

You could start with placing the largest or heaviest box at the bottom and then accordingly go up by placing the lightest box on the top. However, make sure the boxes that will be needed more often are kept separately for easy access. It is also ideal to allow a few inches of space between the walls of the unit and your storage boxes. This in return helps in good ventilation, thus protecting the items from moisture and clamminess.

If you are renovating and want to store, you would obviously want your precious items like furniture, equipment and tools to be in perfect condition. So, before you transfer your furniture dismantle it. This will help to optimize the space available. You may even want to store the nuts, screws and bolts in a bag to keep them aside to fix them up later.

When storing your vehicle or tools ensure it has been oiled properly; it will prevent it from rusting. On the contrary, do not leave any gasoline in the automobiles.

In any case, store only those things that are functional and handy for you. You don’t want to end up accumulating stuff that is as good as junk and pay for it too, do you? Hence, it is advisable to accommodate stuff that is valuable; or maybe huge and bulky and is occupying a lot of space. The additional stuff can always be sold or donated!
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8 Oct 2012

When Does One Need Warehouse Storage in Beirut ?

Warehouse storage are commercial storage services, where businesses as well as individuals book space to protect their personal and precious belongings, office equipment and various other business-related merchandise. A number of things have made it an absolute must for you to rent a storage facility.

Self storage companies can largely be categorized into indoor and outdoor storage. These differ according to the types of services and facilities they offer. The major difference between indoor and outdoor units are that indoor units can be personalized and have provisions for temperature and humidity control, whereas outdoor units cannot.

Some of the major and crucial reasons to hire warehouse storage are as follows:-

Lack of Space: Most of us tend to collect things that may or may not be useful - a collection that only grows over the years. As time moves on, a lot of these items lose value, and then we are left with useless objects taking up unnecessary space.

Safety and Security: You do not have to be worried about the safety and security of your household goods or office furniture, while you are moving out from your home or office.

Temporary storage: This type is best when you need to store seasonal goods. It could even be handy during home renovation or remodeling.

Safe-keeping for a period of time: This is ideal when you are moving out of the city for a short-term or long-term vacation, and want to make sure your larger valuables like vehicles, boats, and RVs are well looked after.

Climate Control: Weather-sensitive items like LCD’s and computers, wooden furniture, leather furnishings, food items etc. need a climate-controlled facility, as they may be damaged or spoiled if not preserved and maintained properly over a longer period of time. This way, goods are also kept from being exposed to the sun and or moisture. In addition, storage units include a variety of advanced security elements that consist of alarms and surveillance cameras.

So, you see there are numerous services that are provided by warehouses. A lot of these storage facilities can be tailored and personalized as per your needs and requirements. You can rent the exact amount of space that you would require to store all your belongings and you are good to go.
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13 Sept 2012

5 Simple Tips on choosing the right Storage and Moving Services inBeirut

Those in Beirut looking to move into a new home or office must surely be considering a moving company to assist them with things. If not, then they should be. Truth be told, storage and moving services are easily counted as being among the best gifts a prospective house/office mover can give themselves.  Yes, there will be some highly motivated voices that are fuelled by a strong DIY spirit. But, taking into consideration the multiple complexities involved in a move, they would be better served to sit back and let trained experts take over..

But then again, not all moving companies are the same. They all differ in abilities, equipment, trained personnel, experience in the industry and other factors. Factors that can make the difference between a stellar move and one that they would be cursing for a long time to come. Thus, choosing the right movers becomes critical to the success of the entire moving experience.

Since merely shifting goods from one location to another do not complete a move, it becomes highly imperative that the best choice is made from the many moving companies around. Things to look for when evaluating the right moving company:

    1. Moving Distance: Each moving company has their own pricing conditions that vary according to the moving distance. When calling for quotes, do ensure that the moving distance has been factored into the negotiation

    2. Moving Assistance: Does the moving company offer personnel to assist during a move? Depending upon the response and requirements, one may make their decision. Also ensure that the charges for the same are pre-quoted and do not get tacked on, post the signing of the contract

    3. Facilities: Storage facilities vary from operator to operator. Duration of storage, space available and the provision for climate controlled units (if needed) would be the key influencing factors when making a decision

    4. Protection: Most prospective moving and storage customers tend to focus on the security and protection measures once the goods have gone into storage. However, the safety of the belongings while in transit is equally important as well. Most responsible movers do remind their customers to ensure adequate moving insurance, but it is a good practice to check for the same

    5. Reputation:All the aspects discussed above would come to a nought, if the operator being chosen is of dubious reputation. Thankfully, it has become easier to avoid being swayed by that swanky website or a glib talking sales representative. Get online, inquire on user forums, look for referrals from prior users, etc. These usually help in gauging the reputation of the mover.
At the end of the day, a safe and quality moving experience is what matters. So, when there’s hard earned money at stake together with a lifetime worth of belongings, it becomes imperative that you make the best choice possible.
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8 Aug 2012

5 Moving Blunders and the Role of Packing Companies

With credit drying up and the realty costs spiralling out of control, people are switching to rental solutions in increased numbers. A great majority of them are regulars and a few of them even turn out to be veterans of the rental scene. It is therefore baffling to see a lot many people being guilty of a few avoidable blunders that they commit during moving. Some of the common moving blunders are:

Informing the authorities: When one moves from a location to another, they must also get the mailing address updated to the new one. From utilities providers to banks and other solutions providers, the change in address has to be conveyed to all. Failure to do so can result in untold hardship that is both, unnecessary and avoidable.

Packing Materials: There are lots of sources through whom one can get their hands on major packing materials like boxes and stuff. Recyclers, community forums, neighbourhood retailers, etc. are some of them more common sources. Some of the better known moving companies also offer their own packing kits. These can be single use or they can be returned post move.

Inefficient Packing: When packing stuff into boxes, it is always handy to remember the inverse relation between weight of articles and the size of the boxes being used. Thus, the heavier the items, smaller are the boxes in which they must be packed. On the other hand, the lighter items can be packed into larger boxes.

Improper Packing: It is pointless to pack your belongings those tall boxes that you got for cheap, only to realize later that the door openings in the new home do not accommodate them. Similarly, many people pack as they choose, without any clear thought as to how they are going to unpack later. They forget to use clear, legible labels that list out the items in the box. Such people can later be seen running around all stressed over something that they could have easily avoided in the first place.

Overconfidence: Gone are the days when one could simply throw their belongings into the back of their truck and move home to the new location. Some still decide to persist with their DIY spirit, only to realize later that the task is well out of their hands. It is then that they grudgingly accept that they should have hired the services of a dedicated packing company that is qualified for the job.

With increasing lifestyle advancements, moving companies that specialize in just this task have mushroomed all over the place. But before you sign over the contract to the friendly neighbourhood service provider, do remember to verify their antecedents rather carefully. Ask for references and only sign on the dotted line when fully satisfied with the terms and conditions in the contract.

In the end, choosing wisely is the key to a happy moving experience.
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11 Jul 2012

Three fantastic ways to lessen the burden on your Packing and Movingcompany

A steady rise in the number of people hiring the services of a packing and moving company for their moving requirements has been observed. Convenience, possession of technical know-how, the right equipment and well trained personnel to tackle the range of tasks at hand, are just some of the reasons cited by people. But, no matter how efficient the packing and moving company may be, they’d still appreciate it if you could reduce the load on them.

Early mover advantage: Simply put, the lesser the number of belongings that need to be shifted, the lesser are the hassles that one associates with the same. This is why; the early packers are the one’s who are most relaxed as moving day comes close. This way, one can sort all their belongings into two broad categories viz. Stuff to move and stuff to leave behind. The former can then be boxed and prepared according to requirements. Cartons, bubble wrap and wrapping paper are the three vital foot-soldiers in packing. Furniture can be dismantled and flat-packed, electric & electronic equipment can be placed in inert packaging as required and so on.

Taking care of the Formalities: Moving home is a daunting task. It manages to shake up even the most seasoned of home skippers and can catch out those that risk taking it for granted. The utilities providers in the old home have to be informed to stop the services. While those that provide services in the new home need to be intimated about the impending arrival. Change of address forms have to be filled up in-order to have all correspondence to be redirected to the new residence.

The Disposal: It often happens in the run-up to a move that one realizes they have stockpiled way too many things than what they could ever need. While some prefer using storage facilities to store their important but infrequently used belongings, the rest of the stuff really does need to go. It can be donated to charity, sent off to the friendly neighbourhood or can even generate some money through a garage sale. The last method is indeed quite popular among those who seek to fund their moving expenses out of their surplus belongings.

Each of the three ways discussed above does have the potential to lessen the burden on the packing and moving company. In the end, it pays to remember that a happy mover improves the chances of a successful and hassle free move.
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7 Jun 2012

The Sensible approach to getting the Best out of Storage Facilities

Storage facilities have long been reporting an upward trend in the renting of units. Demand has been high in the recent past as people begin to warm up to the idea of availing the services of a professionally run storing services operator.  But while demand has been high, many managers of the said storage operations have been observing that the percentage of renters who are getting their space plan right has been abysmal.

Renters need to understand that their pattern of usage needs to be calculated prior to moving their belongings. There have been a few cases where renters have booked a modest sized unit, only to bring in a truck load of stuff. Needless to say, they had to spot rent a bigger unit, which the facility was kind enough to offer. But it is certain that, had they determined their space needs much in advance, it’d have not only saved them the inconvenience but they could have also bargained for a better deal.

While such extreme cases may be thought to be quite infrequent, one would be surprised to see how many of them get it wrong. To help minimize the chances of such a situation from occurring, we’ve put together this handy maxi-storage guide storage for all you fine folks out there:

One of the first steps to maximizing the storage capacity of any area is know what to store and what to leave out. So its time to start segregating the must keeps from the must leaves. It is a given that there are going to be more than just these two bundles but we decided to leave them to individual preferences. Even when deciding upon which particular category a piece must be placed into, one can go visual and group by similarities or it could be by the intended usage. This means that all sports equipment could go into the same pile or the entire cutlery from the kitchen in two boxes, the crockery in the next two and so on.

Some people consider those dull brown storage boxes to be quite an ungainly sight and we agree to an extent. So, while we could offer you a handful of ways to jazz them up, we’d rather have you looking at the options around you. And they aren’t that far away either. Large pieces of furniture are ideal for hiding away stuff, in addition to keeping them well sheltered from exposure. Beds with in-built storage, cup-boards, dressing tables that come incorporated with a bunch of drawers are all perfect examples of furniture being put to alternate uses.

When one rents a storage unit, many often continue thinking in the two obvious dimensions. Such people often need a gentle nudge upwards to be reminded of the third dimension in the storage calculation. Stacking those boxes on top of each other is a great way to liberate greater floor space without hampering anything. The best part is that there’s no extra rent to pay either!

Getting a draft access plan in place goes a long way in accessing goods even during their storage tenure. Else it’d be like that one guy who packed his unit to the gills, leaving no space for access ways and without a clue of which article had been stored where. Last we heard, the poor bloke had given up after making multiple failed attempts at trying to access that specific storage box which was required. Needless to say, it wasn’t a great sight.

It could be a home or office relocation; or it could even be a simple case of an extended storage space for personal use. Whatever be the reason, renting a storage unit is not that much of a rocket science. All it requires is a level mind and some basic application of the grey matter that resides in everyone’s head. That’s it!

Happy storing folks!
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14 May 2012

Expert Tips on Getting the Most out of Moving Companies

Rental housing makes a case for itself in light of the rising housing prices and the recent property sector busts that are becoming familiar around the world. Admitted, the charm of living in one’s own home is a class apart. But many a times, it puts people into a spiraling debt trap that eventually drains out all energy from their life. This is why; people are increasingly choosing the rental option for their home. They seem to love the change in living environment that comes with living out of rental homes. Besides, square yard for square yard, the costs of renting a home are still cheaper than those for a self-purchased home.

However, it’s not always as rosy as it sounds. Seasoned home renters are pretty much dependent on quality moving companies for their annual move ritual. Over time, each rental home user tends to develop their own moving checklist. But no checklist is perfect. This is why, one needs to tap in the minds of people who’ve been doing things for long enough to have turned packing into a science of sorts. Fortunately, some experts were kind enough to share their thoughts on how to pack a few common things around the house together with some tips.

Label like you mean it. One of the most handy practices to follow is to label everything like there’s no tomorrow. Some may view this as a chore, but it is nothing in comparison to the humongous unpacking nightmare that awaits those who ignore this simple piece of advice. Things to include on labels are the Location of the articles contained in the box, a list of articles, special care instructions, etc. One can go in for pre-fabricated color coded labels or come up with their own coding scheme. A word of caution: avoid labeling the top of the box as they are most likely to be stacked up, thereby defeating the purpose.

Tables and Beds must be dismantled if possible. The legs can be kept wrapped up in bubble wrap, to help keep them together. Fasteners and accessories can go into a zip-lock pouch that can then be stuck to the table/bed. This way one can avoid that depilating phenomenon called the curious case of the missing fasteners and accessories.

Linen dryers and washing machines need some special attention to be paid to them. Their moving parts, like the drum and other rotational parts can be secured with hooks and some old bed-sheets stuffed into them. Putting those hoses and connectors into the drum cavity shall prevent them from getting lost during the move.

Electronic and electrical items must be packed with extreme care. Use proper labeling to indicate to the movers, to ensure that the goods are transported in a safe and secure manner. Bubble wrap, foam pellets, etc should be used as necessary to cushion them properly from being bumped about.

Hiring professionally run house removal services is one of the best insurance policies one can pull out when contemplating a home move. And the tips shared above should go a long way in making your moving experience a happy one.
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11 Apr 2012

Handy Tips for those Evaluating Self Storage Solutions in Lebanon

Storage in Lebanon has matured from those early days into a solutions driven industry. Given that there are many options in the market, here are some handy tips to help decide upon the best one for your needs:

How much space do you want?
Deciding how much space is required is one of the first steps one must undertake when choosing a storage provider. Storage units come in multiple sizes and not all storage providers may have the storage you need. While some believe in renting the smallest possible place they need, one must remember that they would need some room to maneuver. Some of the better operators out there do offer handy storage calculators to help guide potential customers in their decisions.

Accessibility to the storage unit:
While most storage operators do offer personal fork-lifts, it does get rather convenient and saves you a lot of trouble if you choose an operator that offers you drive-up access to your unit.

Climate Control:Many people believe that climate control is simply a gimmick that’s designed to fleece more money out of them. They couldn’t be further from the truth. Climate controlled storage units are a life-savior when it comes to storing those precious memories and delicate belongings.

Stop Hoarding:Once they rent a storage unit, many tend to simply throw in all the unnecessary or unwanted stuff that they wanted to discard, but didn’t have the heart to throw them away. A storage unit is not a place to hoard stuff (though, you could do that as well), it is simply an expensive habit of the really lazy people. So do sift through your items before they go into storage. You’ll be amazed at the amount of clutter that you manage to reduce through such an exercise.

Sorting Through:Dumping stuff in a haphazard manner in a storage unit is only bound to create chaos later. Being aware of what’s going into storage comes handy when you have to retrieve it later. Sorting all your belongings out and marking them out on a rough map-of-sorts is a great way to get over such an obstacle.

Hidden Charges:While the general majority of storage operators are an honest lot, there are still some who could be out there to swindle you out of your money. Read the fine print carefully while evaluating operators. It’s your money, so do take your time and don’t forget to ask for your queries to be resolved to your satisfaction. Take extra care and keep an eagle’s eye out for any hidden charges that may be levied.

Checking back:Once you’ve chosen your storage unit, signed the contract and move your stuff in, it is not a sign for you to disappear into the unknown. Quality storage operators do take ample security measures to protect your belongings, but it doesn’t take too much time or efforts to check in on your stuff from time-to-time.

The choice for self storage solutions in Lebanon is tremendous, so use the above tips and choose wisely!
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15 Mar 2012

Document Storage Solutions help improve company bottom-lines in Beirut

A few years ago, document storage was almost unheard of. Businesses used to wonder what the fuss was all about. The technological revolution that led to the proliferation of information technology driven business operations however led to a change is this scenario. As firms expanded in scope and size, most companies found that the volume of records that were kept for both, compliance purposes as well as internal usage, were increasing by the day.

Data management and data protection came to be taken about more seriously. Businesses soon realized that it was no longer cost effective to manage all their documents in-house. They began searching for a solution that would free their valuable office space for core operations, but at the same time, handle their requirements in a responsible manner. This is where document storage services have begun to make their presence felt.

Some of the core questions that one should raise when evaluating a potential document management service are:

  • One should verify the secure practices claims quoted by potential service providers. This is imperative, as data protection has become increasingly vital in an era where corporate espionage can break a company overnight

  • Checking their document archiving standards is the second step. This is true as the volume of records being managed varies from company to company. Thus an operator must be capable of meeting the requirements of their clients

  • Frequency of access and the capability of the service provider in meeting the needs of the client are another important factor to consider during the evaluation process. With multiple business locations, employees must be able to access documents whenever they need them

  • A thorough cost-benefit analysis of the pros and cons of such a move must be carried out diligently to ensure that complications do not occur in this process

With more and more firms choosing to focus on their core business advantages, while sourcing out their ancillary activities, the availability of such services is growing as awareness and popularity increases.  Beirut Moving and Storage, a trusted name in the commercial storage solutions segment is one such operator. To learn about the benefits that your business could derive through a tie-up with them, you can contact them at:
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Packaging Convenience

Unassuming, accommodating and downright humble! They do not run on electricity or require a battery pack for performing. Life in-fact would be unimaginable without them. This would be a great way to describe the humble cardboard box. Most modern homes can’t have enough of them. They are used to store a wide assortment of articles. Personal items such as trinkets, jewelry, small gifts, etc. all seem to find their way into a cardboard box. As do papers, documents, tax receipts, photographs and so much more. People even use cardboard boxes to store items such as shoes, clothing, holiday decorations, etc.

Thus, the usage of cardboard boxes to store a broad range of items is almost universal. But perhaps, it is in the area of personal storage and removal solutions that cardboard boxes tend to find the maximum use. A house move can be quite a stressful affair and there are many who have to go through it on a regular basis. Cardboard boxes, come in a variety of sizes and this can prove to be rather handy when moving homes. But to go looking high and low for storage boxes, can be quite stressful. This is especially true, when one is moving homes and has to approach friends, neighbors or grocers. One would run the risk of inconveniencing them or they may not find packaging boxes that suit their requirements.

This is why a quality provider of household storage solutions and removal services would offer to provide their customers with the packaging material that they would tend to need. Beirut Moving and Storage is a leading player in the storage segment. They offer complete packaging solutions for their customers, to help reduce their stress levels during a house move or other situations. To purchase their packaging materials and to learn about more exciting stuff from them, head over to:
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Carving up the Trackside

The Jounieh Highway has attained certain notoriety in the minds of the common citizens of Lebanon. Numerous incidents have been reported, of rash and negligent driving, as misguided youth, go about exorcizing their speed demons on public streets. This however, has led to severe scarring among the pubic psyche. Concern is writ large on the minds of many, who are wondering about the effects of such incidents on impressionable, young minds.

Enterprising folk have discovered one of the best remedial measures for this. Something, that lets young kids to let off steam in a controlled manner, under the watchful eyes of trained professionals. Kids, young and old alike can now let loose around a snaky piece of tarmac that’s been carved up, somewhere in the mountains. Equipped with proper safety gear that includes a full face helmet, one can choose to simply amble around or go apex hunting on the track. Should one be up for the task, the track is guaranteed to let out that boy racer within you and make you feel like a motorsport idol.

While most tracks are designed more from a leisure usage point of view, there are still some that allow budding racers with building blocks, that’ll help them compete on the professional circuit. They usually operate under the aegis of the Automobile et Touring Club du Liban (ATCL) and cater to those who can bring their own carts.

Beirut Moving and Storage is a leading sports storage facility operator in the region. Their sports storage and sports equipment storage solutions are in great demand from budding racers. They tend to use the dedicated vehicle storage solutions on offer, to store their carts and other racing equipment. The entire carting and racing circuit is in praise of the class leading features that are offered by Beirut Moving and Storage. Now everyone can grab this exciting opportunity of storing your belongings with the preferred storage provider of many a budding racer, today! All you have to do is follow the simple instructions when you visit:
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12 Mar 2012

Hello world!

Welcome. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!
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