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16 Apr 2015

Want To Turn A Spare Room Into A Pleasant Guest Room? Some Quick Tips

Guests may arrive anytime. Are you prepared enough to not give your guests a sheer disappointment ultimately leading to your colloquial unrest?

After all, you wouldn’t want a guest to spread bad opinions about you right? Hence, it is important that you give your guests a pleasant stay. And it all starts with a pleasant guest room.

First, let’s start with helping you find a guest room-

Are your fishing gears or gym equipments which you never use occupying a large room? You can get rid of all these things or shift them to a garage or so; and rather turn it into a guest room. It will save you from immediate hassles leaving you tension free whenever guests arrive.

So now that we have helped you locate a guest room, let’s make it look like one!

Clean it up:

This goes without saying. Guest rooms must be maintained thoroughly clean as other rooms are maintained. Would you like a guest whining about squeaking chairs or creaky bed? Certainly not

And it’s not that it goes in vain for the guest room can anytime be used for ad-hoc gatherings or replace things across rooms and so on. Sounds sensible, isn’t it?

Dump unnecessary clutter:

Would you appreciate a hotel room dumped with stuff toys or photos? Certainly not

Likewise, keep your guest room free from trivia. Ensure there is enough room space.

Ensure the wardrobe is clean and does not contain unwanted materials except couple of drawers and hangers.

Check out Beirut storage for any assistance to help reduce your clutter securely with a few dollars.

Image Courtesy: hotelmanagementtutorial, breenbushdesign
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