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24 Oct 2021

Tips For Storing Heavy Beddings

Be it while sleeping, or watching TV, snuggling in your comforters during chilly winters gives a different level of joy. Thick, cosy and soft blankets give delightful warmth during the freezing winters. Quilts made of pure cotton are the best ones as they help trap the heat of your body and does not let you feel cold. As Summer approaches, the use of these comforters and blankets becomes less.  

When not in use, tuck these quilts in a safe and dry place. Cleaning and storing these large and heavy quilts becomes very difficult. 

One mistake, it could ruin your loving favourite soft quilt forever!

A handful of tips below will surely help you in storing your comforters the right way.

1. How To Wash? 

The first step is to wash your quilts properly. Due to continuous use, they start to give a foul smell. Failing to clean will make them stinky and will attract bugs.  Heavy comforts should be cleaned with cold water. Use a nice fragrant detergent and laundry sanitiser to disinfect them from all germs and cleanse them thoroughly. 

2. Laundry Conditioner.

Using a laundry conditioner will help in smoothening the texture of your comforters. They make them soft and give a nice fragrance to the comforters. Many companies offer different fragrant conditioners. In case of the absence of a laundry conditioner, one can use white vinegar. One cup of vinegar can remove the stench from the comforters. The plus point is that vinegar never leaves its smell on the clothes.

3. How To Dry? 

After the wash, drying these comforters is an important step. If you have a dryer, then you can dry them in it. But, if you don’t have, then to avoid the growth of any mould or mildew on the wet laundry, it is vital to let the comforters dry carefully. Dry them under the sunlight as it kills all the bacterias and cleanses the laundry. Make sure every spot of your quilt must be dry before storing them. 

4. Storing These Comforters.

After the quilts have dried well, they need to be folded nicely. Folding them right will take less space, and you can keep more blankets on one another. As heavy quilts are difficult to fold, one should meticulously fold them. Keep them in breathable bags that will not only protect them from dust but will also allow airflow.

Never keep these comforters on the ground. Later, keep them in a nice cool and dry place that will prevent the growth of mould and mildew. A closet or a wardrobe is the best place to store them. Also, make sure the wardrobe is clean before you place these bags. 

Stocking the comforters for long also gives them a pungent odour, especially during rainy days. Try using odour remover or fresher or Naphthalene Balls to eliminate these odours. 

5. Handy. 

If you have a habit of using comforters regularly, like while watching tv, keep them handy. Use comforter hangers that are strong enough to hold heavy comforters and hang them in the closet. 

But, if you use these comforters only during winters, it is better to store them in the closet, which you hardly use. 

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22 Oct 2021

How To Store Your Memorable Items?

Memories are those special moments of your life that gave you immense happiness. They are timeless treasures. With time, they become more valuable. And, those objects that remind you of your sweet memories become your assets.  There comes a time when you wonder where to keep these priceless assets. 

If these items are fragile and expensive pieces of jewellery, you should store them safely to avoid any theft. If they are old photographs, then they need to be kept on a good quality album cover. It could help avoid any damage. Antique items like showpieces, paintings and furniture, good care of them are vital.

To store these precious items, you need to store them in the best storage unit.

Here is a guide that will help you store your memorable assets.

1. Find The Right Storage

The first step is to find the right storage unit where you can put your precious items safely. Jot down all the storage units close to your house. Then, compare them on the basis of the facilities they offer. The right storage unit must have different sizes of units with well-ventilation and a temperature-controlled feature, 24/7 CCTV and security, personal access, short and long term contracts, and insurance cover. Accordingly, select the unit that has all or maximum features to offer.

2. Sort

The second important step is to sort the memorable items and decide what you want to store in a safe unit and what you want to donate. Give away those items that are not important. Rather than stocking unnecessary or unused items, donate them to those who require these items. The antique items like furniture and showpieces can be donated to a museum where they will be protected and looked after.

3. Reuse

Innovative and creative ways can be found for recycling memorable items. Things like clothes and jewellery can be reused in many ways.  You can  Torn family vintage blankets can be transformed into pillow covers and curtains. Old pieces of jewellery can be made into beautiful brooches. 

4. Digital Storing

Photos are like tickets that take us back in time to our memories. They capture the memories making them last forever. But at times, photos get ruined. They become fade and turn colourless. To save these photos, they must be digitally stored. Scan these pictures and store them on a hard drive. Digital Albums are easy for storing at various locations. 

5. Organize.

Arrange all memorable items as per their types. Wrap the pieces of jewellery with a foam pad or cotton cloth and store them in a wooden box. Books can be wrapped with thick paper and stored in good quality boxes. Fragile glass items like vases, crockeries and framed paintings can be wrapped in bubble wraps. These wraps help in avoiding any damage to the items. Mark these fragile item boxes so that during transit, they can be handled with care.


The Box has various sizes of storage units with the best security features like 24/7 CCTV, ventilated and temperature-controlled units. They offer packing supplies like cardboard boxes, bubbles wraps, foam corner protectors, foam pads and many more. 

For more information call us at tel:800 THE BOX(843269.)

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14 Oct 2021

Bringing Essence of Nature In Your House

There are so many things that divert our mind, for example, electronic gadgets- phones, laptops, TVs and many more. Only when you get close to nature, close to the serene beauty of nature, the sweet chirping sound of birds, the rustling of leaves, you get to clear your mind that will help you focus your mind.

But, what to do when you cannot visit these mesmerizing places? At that time, try to bring in nature’s essence in your abode!

Following are tips to bring in nature in your home.

1. Organic Floors.

Try to change your house floor using organic materials like bamboo, wood, cork, etc. It will add a natural and subtle look to your house. It also gives a warm and welcoming feeling. Do you know they are easy to clean and maintain and are even better for your health and environment? 

2. Transparent Window Glass with Light Coloured Curtains.

Early morning sunlight is good for health. It helps kill the bacteria in the air, making it clean and less harmful. Transparent glass panels allow the light to enter and lighten up your house. Open windows let the fresh air in. It automatically lifts your mood and brings in a pleasant environment. Pale coloured curtains make windows look more beautiful.

3. Floral Upholstery.

Colourful floral patterns and prints on the upholstery add a different flavour to your house. And, to add to it, floral blankets and pillows will make your home more appealing to the guests. 

4. Colourful Furniture.

Furniture like kitchen cabinets, couches, tables and chairs made from teak wood, and bamboo last longer. Upgrade your furniture by dyeing them with bright colours like green, brown and blue. Bright colours give a refreshing look to your house environment. 

5. Floral Wallpapers & Colourful Wall Paints.

Beautiful wallpapers and bright colour wall paints give a natural aura to the walls of your house. Trees and floral printed wallpapers make the walls look more attractive. Floral paintings can add more charm to your wall.

6. House Plants.

Decorating your house with pretty plants turns your home more inviting. Indoor plants like bonsai, aloe vera, and different flower plants give an exotic environment to your house. These colourful flowers add natural savour to your home. 

7. Decorate Dining Table with Tropical Fruits.

Decorating your table with tropical fruits will give a rejuvenating effect. Add tropical fruits like pineapple, mangoes, lemons, mandarins, and berries.

8. Different Fragrant Incenses

Burning different fragrant incenses will give a refreshing feeling. Incenses like lavender, lemongrass, sandalwood, jasmine are the best choices. 

Staying close to nature helps you improve your physical well-being. It heals your body by reducing blood pressure and other heart-related problems. Early morning sunlight is the best source of vitamin D that helps boost your immunity, eyesight and reduce eye-related diseases. Nature provides an ample amount of clean and fresh air. It will, in turn, improve breathing and reduce lung diseases. 

Nature also helps in boosting your emotional well-being. The intake of clean air improves your respiration, and help you relax. It will reduce stress levels and mood swings. 

Stay close to nature. But when you cannot, try to bring nature into your beautiful abode!

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6 Oct 2021

How Fewer Wants Lead To A Happy Life!

Human Wants are never-ending! The hunger for more and more keeps on increasing. Be it shoes, clothes, property or money! Companies selling their products know this well and wove in their strategies accordingly. Catchy headlines, discounts, Buy One Get One Free Offers often tempt humans to buy more.

But, humans forget these wants are unlimited, and they need to have control over their greed. At times, fulfilling these needs is very difficult. With fewer resources at hand, a human can never be satisfied with what he or she has. This vicious cycle of wants is constant. 

To overcome this, they should learn to be content with what they have. This is possible by differentiating the Wants and Needs. One should know when to give away their hunger for more to lead a peaceful, happy life.

Why Fewer Means More can be explained through many examples.

➢ Fewer Items = More Room

The lesser items are there in your house, the more extra space you get. With limited items, your dwelling becomes more spacious, and it gets convenient for you to move around. Chuck out the old and unused items. Avoid buying the stuff that you already have and are in good condition.

➢ Less Purchase More Saving

Refrain from purchasing unwanted items. If you do not need it urgently and are just purchasing it because it is getting sold at a discounted price or someone else is buying it, it is better not to buy it and stock it. Avoiding unnecessary purchases can help you save more money for the future.

➢ Lesser Distractions = More Focus.

Having a sharp focus on your goal is of utmost importance. But, usually, one gets distracted due to various reasons, be it constant ringing of the phone or loud sound around you. To overcome these distractions, try working in a chaos free environment. Use headphones to cut off the loud noise. 

➢ Lesser Resources = Better Productivity

Having fewer resources makes you more productive. How? With fewer means, you understand the value of each one of them. Unnecessary wastage should be avoided. Make sure every resource is put to proper use. Hence, better results can be yielded, in turn, improving productivity. 

➢ Lesser Food = Better Health

For a healthy life, one should eat right. Intaking the proper quantity of food helps you reduce your weight, inflammation, high sugar level and other diseases. Thus, limited and nutritious food helps to boost your sustainability and help you live a long, healthy life. 

➢ Less Stress = Happy Life

Needlessly thinking about negative aspects of life increases your stress level, in turn rising various health problems. Stressing about your work and personal life may bring chaos to your mind. To overcome this, surround yourself with positive thinkers. Spend time on your hobbies, listen to songs, go out for a drive or watch a good movie! All this will help you calm down your mind. 

During this Covid pandemic time, we have faced many adversities, be it lack of resources, less income or health-related stress. But, this has also helped us sustain ourselves in this intense time by teaching us to value and save our resources, lead a happy life and overcome stressful situations.

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