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14 Oct 2021

Bringing Essence of Nature In Your House

There are so many things that divert our mind, for example, electronic gadgets- phones, laptops, TVs and many more. Only when you get close to nature, close to the serene beauty of nature, the sweet chirping sound of birds, the rustling of leaves, you get to clear your mind that will help you focus your mind.

But, what to do when you cannot visit these mesmerizing places? At that time, try to bring in nature’s essence in your abode!

Following are tips to bring in nature in your home.

1. Organic Floors.

Try to change your house floor using organic materials like bamboo, wood, cork, etc. It will add a natural and subtle look to your house. It also gives a warm and welcoming feeling. Do you know they are easy to clean and maintain and are even better for your health and environment? 

2. Transparent Window Glass with Light Coloured Curtains.

Early morning sunlight is good for health. It helps kill the bacteria in the air, making it clean and less harmful. Transparent glass panels allow the light to enter and lighten up your house. Open windows let the fresh air in. It automatically lifts your mood and brings in a pleasant environment. Pale coloured curtains make windows look more beautiful.

3. Floral Upholstery.

Colourful floral patterns and prints on the upholstery add a different flavour to your house. And, to add to it, floral blankets and pillows will make your home more appealing to the guests. 

4. Colourful Furniture.

Furniture like kitchen cabinets, couches, tables and chairs made from teak wood, and bamboo last longer. Upgrade your furniture by dyeing them with bright colours like green, brown and blue. Bright colours give a refreshing look to your house environment. 

5. Floral Wallpapers & Colourful Wall Paints.

Beautiful wallpapers and bright colour wall paints give a natural aura to the walls of your house. Trees and floral printed wallpapers make the walls look more attractive. Floral paintings can add more charm to your wall.

6. House Plants.

Decorating your house with pretty plants turns your home more inviting. Indoor plants like bonsai, aloe vera, and different flower plants give an exotic environment to your house. These colourful flowers add natural savour to your home. 

7. Decorate Dining Table with Tropical Fruits.

Decorating your table with tropical fruits will give a rejuvenating effect. Add tropical fruits like pineapple, mangoes, lemons, mandarins, and berries.

8. Different Fragrant Incenses

Burning different fragrant incenses will give a refreshing feeling. Incenses like lavender, lemongrass, sandalwood, jasmine are the best choices. 

Staying close to nature helps you improve your physical well-being. It heals your body by reducing blood pressure and other heart-related problems. Early morning sunlight is the best source of vitamin D that helps boost your immunity, eyesight and reduce eye-related diseases. Nature provides an ample amount of clean and fresh air. It will, in turn, improve breathing and reduce lung diseases. 

Nature also helps in boosting your emotional well-being. The intake of clean air improves your respiration, and help you relax. It will reduce stress levels and mood swings. 

Stay close to nature. But when you cannot, try to bring nature into your beautiful abode!

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