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29 Sept 2014

Things you should not store in Storage Units

As years pass by, we acquire a lot of personal items without moving into a larger space. In such a scenario, renting out storage units is a good idea, as it is definitely cheaper than buying a bigger living space. Also at The Box, security is our primary concern and we ensure that your items stay safe and secure in our vaults. We offer 24 hours security guards and web cameras to be absolutely sure of the safety of your items.

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We treat the possessions of our customers with utmost respect and security. That is the reason why a lot of our customers store items of sentimental value with us. But we also discourage the storage of the following materials in our storage vaults:

Dangerous Chemicals and Inflammable items:

A storage unit, however small or big should never be used to store items that are explosive, volatile, flammable or present a health risk.

Items like gasoline and prepare are highly inflammable and volatile and put the entire storage facility at risk. Even when you store a car in our vaults, make sure that you have emptied the car of petrol and oil before you put it in storage.

Never store items that contain gas. It is highly unsafe to store gas cylinders in storage units.
Other items like ammunition, bio-medical waste, harmful chemical and fireworks can be dangerous to the health of other storage customers and our staff.

Perishable Items:

Perishable items like plants and food should not be stored in storage units. Perishable foods include vegetables, fruits, meats, cereal and even rice. These items spoil very quickly, attract rats and flies creates a bad odor that can infiltrate the entire facility and damage other items.

Medical Equipment:

Medical equipment such as X-Ray machines and other imaging devices should not be stored in storage units. These devices and other equipments that use radioactive materials can be harmful and unsafe to the staff and other customers. Store them somewhere safe where they can be monitored regularly.

Illegal Items:

While this might seem fairly obvious, it is worth a mention in this list. Do not store illegal items such as drugs or heavy firearms in storage units.

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