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20 Sept 2022

Creative Storage Ideas For Your Small Home

Recently, there has been a steady rise in the human population, especially in cities. As a result of this, the surge in demand for houses has also climbed. Hence, now builders have started constructing multi-storey buildings with many studio apartments and 1BHKs. 

When you move into these apartments, you start wondering how you will place all the household stuff properly without making the room look cramped. As per your needs, sometimes it becomes tough to get ample storage space.  

You have to come up with clever ideas for finding spaces to tackle this difficulty. Below are some creative storage ideas for a small home that will help you use every nook and corner of your house.  

Storage Ideas For Your Small Home

1. Vertical Storage Space 

The best way to use space is by making Vertical Storage. Built shelves and cabinets right up to the roof. As most items get stored off the ground, the below area becomes open and compact-free. These storage ideas are more useful in the kitchen, where utensils and cutlery can be stacked. 

2. Add A Loft 

A loft built into your small house can either become an attic, a workspace or a bedroom. It makes the lower floor less messed up and more spacious. You can shift most of your furniture like a cot, wardrobe, desk or cabinets in the loft. 

3. Hidden Storage 

You can make several hidden storage spaces where you can keep your valuable items safe from theft. 

I.Under The Stairs 

Stairs that lead to the loft can be transformed into cabinets and drawers. You can store many items in it, such as books, decorative items, kitchen cabinets, mop cabinets, laundry cabinets and many more. 

II.Under The Bed 

As the size of the house is small, the bed usually takes up most of the space. Hidden drawers in the bed will allow for storing mattresses, pillows, blankets, curtains and furniture covers. 

III.Under Flooring Storage  

Trap doors are best when you want to keep your valuables. Small foldable teapoys, chairs, books, lights, etc can also be stored.   

4. Outdoor storage 

If you are staying in a small cabin or cottage, the front or back door stairs could be used as storing area. Items like tools, foldable chairs and tables can be placed in these spaces. 

5. Built-In Fittings 

Built-in fittings like dining tables, kitchen cabinets, and rolling pantries can help place electronic appliances, spices and other food ingredients.   

6. Multi-Purpose Furniture 

Multi-purpose furniture often saves space and can make small houses look airy. Sofa-cum beds, storage under the sofa, desk turned dining tables are many such examples. 

7. Buy What Is Necessary 

We often tend to buy those items that we hardly ever use. These items eat up the extra space, making your house look messy. Purchase only those items that are necessary. Extra or unused furniture, appliances, and other items can be stored in a self-storage unit where they can remain safe. It will help in making your house look roomier.  

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