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24 Mar 2022

How To Make Laundry Less Chaotic?

One can't evade their laundry chores as it is an unceasing process. As soon as you wash, dry and fold the clothes, you will again witness more and more soiled clothes piled up in the laundry basket. Imagine coming home from work and finding an unorganized laundry room with a heap of dirty clothes. It will surely give stress attacks anyone.  

Though many people do not like to do their laundry work, a messy laundry room will make your whole house look shambolic. The stinky smell of unwashed clothes will fill the air.    

Then, how to manage a chaotic laundry room? Below are a few tips that will help in managing laundry chores. 

1. Planning 

Make a layout of how to make your laundry chores easy. Quick access to the machines, washer and dryer, laundry accessories, free movement and proper placing of items needs planning. Decide where the machines are to be placed and what type of cupboards and shelves are required. Check if you can add an ironing board.  In the absence of a dryer, a drying stand can be used. 

2. Set A Routine 

Regular washes will help in managing the piles of dirty clothes. If not daily, then at least wash the clothes every alternate day. Avoid keeping the unwashed clothes for a longer time as it will start giving out a foul smell and can even make the surroundings unhygienic. Even cleaning stained clothes will become challenging. 

3. Store Laundry Liquids 

Always keep the stock of laundry washing solutions like detergents, fabric softeners, and fabric whiteners. Store these solutions close to the washer and dryer. Buy the solutions that are of a known brand and have a pleasing fragrance. 

4. Purchase Good Quality Of Laundry Baskets 

Buy strong and big baskets to hold the weight of clothes. Keep separate baskets for washed and dirty clothes. Different sizes of baskets can be purchased to store clothes. 

5. Make Each Member Responsible 

Each member of the house must be given the duty of bringing their dirty clothes to the laundry room. It will lessen your burden of checking the whole house.  

6. Keep Them Together 

Keep all the unwashed clothes together in the laundry. It will quicken the process of finding them. After washing and drying them, fold and keep them in one place. Later it can be kept in the wardrobe. 

7. Segregate The Clothes 

Segregate the dirty clothes based on colour, type of material and delicate features. Do not wash light coloured clothes with dark ones if the latter one oozes colour. Delicate clothes can be washed in different washing categories. Dirty clothes need a longer time to get cleaned, so put them separately. 

 8. Wash In Cold Water, If Possible 

Dirty and spoilt clothes need hot water wash. Other day-to-day wear can be washed in cold water. Washing with cold water can even save up electricity, in turn saving up your money. 

9. Store Aways Unwanted Items  

If your laundry room has items that are hardly used, then you can hire a storage unit to keep them. 

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21 Mar 2022

How To Keep Your Mudroom Clutter Free?

A Mudroom is a space area between the entrance of the house and the main house. It is usually a place to store wet clothes, coats and muddy boots before entering the main house. Removing filthy things outside the main house will help keep the house clean, smell-free and mud-free.  

Be it any season, a mudroom is always be found in a mess. During the monsoon, the mudroom is filled with dirty muddy wet sneakers, boots, and raincoats. During the winters, snowy boots, skis and fur coats fill up most of the area.  

Organizing a mudroom is a tormenting task because of all the wet mud, dirt, and littered items. But walking into such a shambled place is not easy and can even make one stumble. 

Here is a guide on how a mudroom can be kept clutter-free!  

1. Regular Clean Ups 

The best way to keep a mudroom free from any clutter is to do regular cleaning. As soon as you enter the mudroom, remove your dirty shoes and coats in their proper place. Let the wet umbrella dry, and only then fold and keep it in its rack. Vacuum the room every alternate day or every weekend to keep it dust-free. 

2. Chalking A Layout 

For the systematic arrangement of a mudroom, a layout needs to be designed on what all items and furniture are required and how they can be properly placed. Set the items in a way that will leave enough room to walk around. A spacious and ventilated mudroom makes the surroundings free and airy, and locating the required items becomes easy. Boots and shoes must be kept near the entrance. 

3. Right Furniture 

Selecting the right furniture depends on the layout of the mudroom. Add cupboards, cabinets, and a bench.  

4. Easy Access To Frequently Used Items 

The items that are used regularly must be placed in the front for quicker reach. The searching process becomes uncomplicated and less confusing.  

5. Vertical Storage Cupboards 

Vertical storage cupboards help store items like winter coats, mufflers, raincoats, skis and roller boards. Wet clothes can be hung on hooks and skis and boards can be stored vertically to avoid falls and damage.  

6. Buy Required Storage Accessories 

Buying storage baskets or boxes for each family member’s items can help in keeping them in place. Make sure they are strong and long-lasting quality. Label these boxes to know their owner. Hooks on the wall can enable holding keys and bags. 

7. Suitable Flooring 

The floor tiles of the mudroom must be hard. Any slippery caused due to wet shoes or boots can be avoided. A dark coloured mat at the entrance door will be able to soak the moisture and cover the mud stains on it.   

8. Proper Lighting  

The mudroom must have enough lighting that will make movement and access to things easy.   

9. Store Away Unwanted Items 

Seasonal items can be stored in a good storage unit to save space for other items. Find one! 

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17 Mar 2022

Tricks and Tips To Arrange Items For Easy Access In Storage Unit

People decide to store the household items in a storage unit when they are travelling, shifting to a new house or renovating their homes. But, if the storage unit is kept messy and unorganized, you will not find the items in place when you need them. It is bound to create chaos.   

Can you imagine what confusion and irritation a messy storage unit can create when you can't find a particular item? Every item jumbled upon each other. In this heaps of mess, you don't even remember in which box you have kept what. Then you will have to unpack everything to locate a particular item. What a waste of time and energy it would be! 

To avoid this circus, you should store the items in a well-planned systematic manner. The tricks and tips below will surely assist you in the process of organizing your storage unit.  

1. Select Best Storage Unit 

The first step is to search for a storage unit company that will present its client with maximum benefits at reasonable costs. The facilities provided by them must be excellent and safe to use. Compare the different storage companies on the basis of price, quality service, security, insurance and professional team. Accordingly, select the best one. 

 2. Make A List Of Items For storage 

List the items you want to keep for storage. Bifurcate the items that you will need on a regular basis and the ones you will hardly use. Frequently used items can be clothes, electronics appliances and important documents. Check and recheck the items to make sure you do not miss out on any stuff. 

3. Choose The Right Size Box  

Buy boxes of different sizes to carry various household items. They must be sturdy and of good quality to hold all kinds of stuff. The weak ones will not be able to bear the weight of the objects.   

4. Label The Boxes 

Labelling the box is the most vital step. Without the labels, you will not be able to know which box has what contents. Boxes must be marked as FRAGILE if it has crockery items, electronic items and other equipment. Writing the information about the contents inside the box can make the search of the continents easy.  

5. Plan The Layout 

Chalk down a layout for systematically organizing your storage unit. Arrange the boxes in such a manner that access to each box becomes easy. A comfortable space must be present between the boxes and not they should not be carelessly thrown at one another. Cover the unit floor with a plastic sheet to avoid direct contact of the boxes with the floor.  

6. Systematic Placing of Boxes 

Boxes must be kept in an organized manner. Make sure frequently used items are placed in the front while the rarely used ones are kept behind. If stacked on one another, keep the regularly used ones on the top while the seldomly used ones at the bottom. Shelves can be helpful and save space. 

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10 Mar 2022

What Is Home Addition & How To Do It?

Home Addition is building any structural modifications into a home. 

Building a room or a kitchen bump or renovation are various home additions. There can be many reasons for doing addition in a house. 

Family expansion, life changes, maintenance issues, and lack of spaces can be a few reasons to go in for home additions.  

Home additions can add value to your house, not only resale value-wise but also emotions wise. It can even make the house look more spacious. And even spread positive vibes around the house. 

Following are the steps that can be adopted by the owner for doing a home addition. 

1. Is It Necessary? 

The first step you have to do is to introspect whether it is necessary to have an addition in your house. Find the cost of home additions and compare it with your financial position. Check if the addition will add value to your house or ruin it. You will have to think about whether it is worth doing an addition or moving to a new house. Plan the course of action careful.  

2. Budgeting 

Home additions can vary from low-cost changes to expensive ones. It all depends on what time of home addition you want to build. Check whether you have a budget for going forward with a home addition. 

Compare the cost of different home additions builders and calculate the expense you can incur accordingly. If your finance is tight, better wait until you save some money, or you can even opt for a home or personal loan. 

3. Contact A Contractor 

Check the prices different contractor offers. Evaluate their professional work by reading the review of their clients. Assess the quality of the materials they use. Then compare these and select the one who offers the best services to their clients. 

 4. Types of Home Additions 

 There are five types of home additions which are as follows: 


Renovation means upgrading or repairing the existing room of the house. They may include - fixing any furniture, replacing window frames and glasses, transforming the kitchen into modular, upgrading floor tiles, painting the house, repairing bathrooms, etc. Building new furniture and upholsteries are also part of the renovation. 

b.Building Room 

It includes adding a new room or a bump-out within the existing house. It is broadening or narrowing the area of existing rooms. Such home additions take less time and are cheaper. 

c.Extension Build Out 

Extension Build Out means expanding the existing house at ground level by taking in the yard area. It helps in widening the space of a room. An extension can be done in one or more rooms. 

d.Addition Build Up 

Addition Build Up means adding space in the house by building up the floor. The additional floor can have a new loft or room.  

e.New Built 

The New built doesn't include any construction in the existing house. It is altogether building a new home. 

5. Shifting 

To renovate, paint or repair, some furniture and household items have to be shifted. Find a storage unit where one can temporarily store them safely. 

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