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24 Nov 2020

Making renovation a hassle-free process with self-storage -Tips and tricks


Home renovation is a great way to recreate your house in a way that it reflects your style and preferences. But, when you run into stumbling blocks in the form of large furniture or containers or toys, it will burst into your happiness balloon. So, you might want to consider a storage unit for home renovation (to avoid unnecessary renovation stress) for the following reasons. Let’s delve.

Get ample space to move things around

Whether it’s just a flick of paintwork or rearranging your furniture, chances are that you will need to shift things around. Which means you need significant space to go about your renovation process. It’s better than having to move clutter and clunky and bulky items from one room to another. Simply rent a self-storage unit; it will let you use the entire house without interruptions which would otherwise hinder the renovation process.

Gives you a place (and time) to think about what to do with things you’re not sure about

During the renovation, you may come across many things which you would not like to part with. When you’re in that state – I don’t need it now but I may need it later – self storage can save the day for you. If you think you will need a particular thing in the future, but don’t have enough space in your house, simply place it in a storage unit for home renovation. It will give you more time to think and some much-needed space in your apartment.

Insures your possessions against contingencies

Self storage during renovation prevents things from getting spoilt or damaged. Imagine that paint drops splattering over your expensive furniture! The renovation process will suffer if your furniture gets dirty or damaged. This is why storing your valuable things in a storage unit for the home renovation will help preserve their condition against bad climate, dirt, water physical damage, and so on.

To further make renovation a smooth process, here are some useful tips-

You taking the help of a self-storage facility for renovation is temporary and simple. But, you will still need to move and store valuable items during the process. Therefore, it is important you pack the items to avoid damage.

Kitchen accessories like glassware should be covered in bubble wrap and stored in suitable containers.

Add extra padding to ensure movement inside the box or container is minimal.

Make sure appliances are properly defrosted and cleaned and their cords are appropriately coiled as well as tied for safety.

Use climate-controlled self-storage units for expensive items

Cover the mattresses properly for complete protection during storage.

Dismantling of beds followed by padding with cardboard or bubble wrap is necessary to avoid damage.

When working with mirrors and other kinds of wall hangings during renovation make sure they’re covered with cardboard or thermacol and each of the items is stored upright.

Last but not least - bed linens, window curtains, rugs, clothes, and other such materials should be kept in plastic containers to prevent damage, also don’t forget to label them carefully.

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