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13 Nov 2020

Bed storage tips to maximize space in your bedroom

Little space doesn’t always mean you need to look for a bigger apartment. In fact, just changing a few things here and there will open up the much-needed space. Here are a few proven bed storage tips to make room for things you want.

1. Raise the bed

Why you may ask? To use the humongous space beneath for storage! This is especially for those who have king-sized beds that are only used for a few hours of sleeping and the rest of the day it’s just lying there. Might as well use the space beneath it. Just raise the bed and add a desk or some cabinets below and voilà! You have a great bed that doubles up (rather allows for) a great alternative especially if you’re a parent struggling with opening up more storage space for your children.

Pro tip-

Let your children be a key part of bed storage planning. This cancels out the likelihood that kids might not like the space or they may not know how to use it.

2. Sealed vacuum sacks

If it’s the case that your bed or sleeping couch sits low then go for vacuum-sealed sacks. They’re quite handy especially for seasonal things that are not supposed to be frequently unsealed.

3. Shelves may save the day

Adding shelves to your bed helps to enhance storage space in your bedroom. You can easily load these shelves with your favourite books, photographs, and other collections which can make your bedtime fun time. It makes for a great display and aesthetic sense too!

4. A storage bench is your best bet

Ever thought about how to put the space near the foot of your bed to good use? You might want to consider this great bed storage tip we have. Place a storage bench near the foot of your bed. This will keep your bedroom clutter-free as the grin on your face becomes longer wider.

5. Under-Bed storage

Many a time most people forget about it or are not aware of this. Why not make use of the invaluable storage space below? In smaller apartments with less storage space, using the area below the bed is a great option.

Besides, under-bed storage spaces keep items secure and contained. They even keep the clutter out of sight for a good night’s sleep. It’s also a way to keep not-so-frequently used items out of your prime storage area. 

Pro tip – 

If you find the plain, banal storage boxes boring, you can opt for attractive containers that represent your style. However, we always recommend to buy or create or simply repurpose storage items which fit perfectly underneath your bed. It’s better than placing containers or boxes below. For more ease, choose under-the-bed containers with wheels. It's a great option especially if you’re going to need particular items regularly.

6. Box on wheels

The specially designed multipurpose under-bed wheeled boxes are a great option to keep things rolling in and out of your bedroom when not in use. They come in generous sizes that prove to be handy especially for a collection of books, out-of-season clothing, or even bulky mattresses, linens, and toys. Besides, it has a lid which also keeps the things inside away from dust and pests.

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