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22 Sept 2022

Amazing And Easy DIY Kitchen Storage Tricks

When you ask yourself what makes you effortlessly work in your kitchen, the only answer popping into your mind would be a systematically organized kitchen. A messy one is bound to make you perplexed and irritated, thus, discouraging your spirit for cooking.   

That is why it is essential to place all kitchen items properly. Retrieving required items becomes easy when your kitchen items are arranged methodically. But, it is vital that not only should the exterior area of the kitchen be in order, but also the interior.  

Usually, cluttering happens when your kitchen lacks storage. Hence, here are some unique DIY tricks for kitchen storage. Adopting the following hacks will surely make your kitchen look appealing. 

DIY Kitchen Storage Hacks

1. Throw Out Expired Products 

Check the manufacturing and expiry dates of all the food items stocked in your house. Those food ingredients crossed their lapsed date shouldn't be consumed as they can cause several diseases. Throw them away, making more space for new products or other items. 

2. Clear Counter Areas 

Counters are the working station where cooking happens. They have to be spacious and clean for free and easy movements.  

3. Vertical Storage 

If your house has a small kitchen, mount cabinets vertically on the wall to maximize the vertical space. Appliance and utensils rarely used can be placed in these cabinets. 

4. Hidden Rolling Pantry 

You can buy or build a thin rolling small pantry, hidden between the spaces of the cabinet and the fridge or between two cabinets in your kitchen. The items stored in this pantry are spices, dry fruits, oils, and sauces. 

5. Built-In Cabinets With Glass Doors 

Built-in wooden cabinets with glass doors add a style to your kitchen, creating an alluring vibe and using minimum space in the kitchen. Electronic appliances, crockery sets, cookware, dishes, and trays will fit into these cabinets well. Each cabinet can be allotted to a particular type of cookware.   

6. Holding Stands 

Holding stands for cutlery, spoons, forks, and knives makes the kitchen look neat and helps place items in one place for quick retrieval.  

7. Baskets And Rails 

The jute or plastic baskets look pleasant and are the best way to keep items organized. Fruits, vegetables, cleaning solutions, towels, sponges, and cups are the items to store in these baskets. Railings under the sink cabinets become an excellent place to hang cleaning solutions, brushes, and hand towels. 

8. Dividers  & Extra Shelves For Cabinets 

Dividers and extra shelves enable the use of additional spaces for the drawers and cabinets. They can be customized as per the needs and requirements. 

9. Hooks And Magnets 

Install hooks and magnets in the kitchen. Clips hold mugs and utensils, while magnetic strips enable the hanging of knives, stainless steel spatulas, and scissors. 

10. Label The Containers 

Label all the containers with the items it carries. It will make the search simple. 

11. Send Unused Items For Self Storage 

Appliances, cookware, and crockery dishes you hardly use can be sent to a self-storage unit. 

*The BOX* 

The Box has storage units where all types of kitchen items can be stored. Their safety and security facilities help in protecting all of your items. They even sell quality packing materials. Easy access to these units makes retrieving your items quick. 

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