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9 Sept 2022

A Guide On How To Keep Your Storage Unit Clean

To make our house look spacious, you hire storage units to keep extra or rarely used items safely. Various sizes of units with different storage periods are available in the market. As per the needs, a particular unit can be hired.  

The way we keep our homes clean and dust-free, it is necessary we take care of the storage units we rent. Though items stored in them are rarely used, the unit where they are kept must be maintained. Keeping them clean n hygienic, the items remain safe and durable. Also, they can be stored for a long period.  

The steps for keeping the storage units clean are thoroughly explained below.   

1. Hire A Well- Ventilated Unit 

Items need to be kept in a storage unit that has a free flow of air supply. A well-ventilated storage unit doesn't let foul smells accumulate in the room. Climate-controlled storage can help in keeping moisture and humidity out of the room. 

2. Mop & Clean The Storage Unit Floor 

It is necessary to keep the floor of the unit hygienic and spotless. Vacuum the floor of the storage unit to remove all the dust particles before placing your items. Add an anti-bacterial surface cleaner to the water and mop the floor to wipe out all the dirt, making the unit squeaky clean. Later, cover the floor with carpet and place your items. 

3. Clean The Items To Be Stored 

It is better to cleanse all the items you are planning to store before placing them in the storage unit. It will lead to less accumulation of dust. Deep clean the electronic appliances. Wash clothes, blankets, quilts, and covers with fabric detergents and softeners. Fold them only when they are completely dried. Wipe the glass products with anti-bacterial wipes. 

4. Use Air-Tight Boxes

Using air-tight plastic containers is much safer than using cardboard boxes. Unlike cardboard boxes, they do not deteriorate and remain in good condition for a long period. They are sturdier and easy to handle. 

5. Avoid Storing Perishable Goods 

Perishable items are strictly forbidden in a storage unit as they get spoilt and can spread foul smell. Even coffee bags and cereals or canned food must be avoided. They lure ants, rats, rodents and other pests into the storage, and can damage all the items.  They make the unit dirtier, and the cleaning job becomes more difficult. 

6. Avoid Storing Toxic Items 

Toxic items like paints, chemicals and fertilizers stored in a unit can create disastrous reactions. If it gets spilled, cleaning it becomes more challenging. Hence, it is better not to store them. 

7. Cover The Large Items 

It is hard to place furniture in cardboard boxes due to their large structure. They must always be covered to protect them from dust. You can use tarpaulins made of cloth or cloth blankets to shield them. It will make the cleaning process easy and quick. 

8. Pay Regular Visits 

Even after taking all precautionary measures, dust does accumulate in the storage unit. Hence it needs to be visited regularly to confirm that items are undamaged. 

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