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23 Jun 2021

Method Of Cleaning And Storing Leather Boots

Leathers are the most flexible material and can be durable for years. Many products are produced from leather - car seats, boots, clothing products like jackets, pants and belts.  

Leathers are made of different types of an animal skin like Cow, Buffalo, Pig, Camel, Deer, Elephant, Reptile skin, Bird skin, and Fishskin. Cowhide is famous for making leather clothes.  

● Different Grades of Leather 

They are four types of Leather grades that have distinctive manufacturing process. Learning more about these types will help you know the procedure for their maintenance to make them more long-lasting.  


It is an excellent grade of leather which is moisture resistant as it is not sanded and thicker than other leathers. 

2.Top Grain 

This one goes through some sanding, removing layers and flaws, making it smoother reducing its porosity. 

3.Genuine Leather 

Though named as ‘Genuine’, it is made from leftover and artificial layers and goes through too much sanding to look like real natural. 

4.Bonded Leather 

It is the lowest grade of leather and is formed from pieces of leftover layers pressed together using adhesives to make sheets for shoes. 

● Cleaning Method For Leather Boots 

1. Deep Cleaning 

Though regular cleaning with a damp cloth and little leather cleaner removes the dirt from the boots, constant deep cleaning and spot cleaning is essential to improve its durability.   

    a. Cleaning Your Boots 

 First, remove the laces for the boot. With a soft brush, remove the dirt using saddle soap and warm water. Let your boots get warm under the sunlight or a hairdryer for some time until the pores of the leather are open. 

     b. Applying the Conditioner or Waterproofing Treatment 

Give a quick rub to your boots with an old rag. Then, before applying the conditioning balm or oil, do test it at the small area of your boot to check its side- effects, if any. Then rub it with a soft brush to the whole boot. Follow the instructions given with the conditioner pack. Proper conditioning stops leather boots from cracking. 

     c.  Wax Polishing 

After conditioning, apply wax polish in a circular motion on your boots. Wax Polishing makes your boot shiny and water-resistant. 

2. Spot Treatments  

Regular spot cleaning should be done with vinegar, alcohol or lemon juice which will remove dirt and stains from the boots. Vinegar is very effective in removing spots of salt. But do make sure to wipe the boot later, excess of these liquids can damage the leather. 

 ● Proper Storing of Leather Boats  

As Leather is organic in nature, it is bound to get degraded when not stored in the proper environment. 

1.Store The Leather a Climate-controlled Storage Unit 

2.Wrap the boots only in the paper giving them proper ventilation to breathe.  

3.Keeping leather under sunlight for a long time can develop cracks. 

4.Too much use of conditioner can damage.  

5.Cedar Soe Tree, Leather’s Best Friend, absorbs excess moisture, removes the odour and keeps them away from insects.  

6.Keep different leathers away from each other. 

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19 Jun 2021

How To Secure Your Garage Better

Your garage houses your cars, motorbikes, trailers, boats and other plenty of tools. Due to these high priced items, the security of your garage must be strong. If not, it will be easy for robbers to damage or steal them.  

There are many aspects to strengthen the security of your garages like proper lighting, security cameras, study locks and many more. 

Below are some explained ideas that would help to secure your garage. 

➢Filmed Glass Frames For Windows: 

To limit the visibility of the garage from outside use of filmed glass for the window. It will be impossible for the burglar to peep inside the garage to check the contents stored in it.   

➢Automatic Doors Opener:  

Connect your garage door to your smartphone through wifi so that it can send alert notifications to your mobile whenever there is a breach in the garage. Never forget to close your garage doors, or else it will encourage more thefts. 

➢Security Cameras: 

24/7 CCTV installed outside as well as inside your garage can boost its security. You can connect it with your mobile through wifi and can keep an eye on your garage.  

➢Proper Lighting:   

Strong lights installed outside the garage helps to avoid burglaries at night. Motion-censored lights powered by solar energy will sense any movement near the garage and quickly light the area around it. 

 ➢Secure Garage Door Lock: 

If your garage has a manual lock, instal a sturdy one. To secure the emergency lock, tie a zip tie or a shield to it. Ziplock tied to the emergency level cannot be opened from outside.  

➢Check Your Landscaping 

Don’t forget to clear out the shrubs around your garage and let the pathway be free and open so that thieves will not get any cover to hide.   

➢Protect Your Home Door Attached With The Garage 

Keep the service door connected between your garage and the house closed to avoid burglars entering your home.  

➢Avoid Leaving Garage Door Opener Remote In Your Car 

Your garage has a connecting door to your house. If you leave your garage door opener remote in your car, the burglar can easily access it and will enter your garage as well as your home. Hence, avoid keeping the remote in the car. 

By following the above simple precautionary steps, you can secure your garage from burglaries. Even if you have to buy some sophisticated gadgets to secure your garage, it would not be a waste of money rather a long time investment. 

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16 Jun 2021

Protect Your Storage Unit For Hot Weather

Hot weather is more damaging than cold weather. One may be residing in an area with a climate known for year-round warm weather, or perhaps the forecast is predicting unusually high temperatures for the summer. With the growing global warming problem, the heat will be rising as well so you should always consider warm temperatures when it comes to storing your items. 


As the famous saying precautions are always better than looking for a cure. is the best way to keep your belongings in tip-top shape, we’ve created this handy guide about how to protect items in storage units. We give you the scoop on everything, from what to avoid storing to when to consider climate-controlled self-storage options.


Follow our tips so you’re prepared when the mercury starts to rise!


  • Storage Unit Temperatures

For starters, how hot does a storage unit get? It depends. The inside of a non-climate-controlled unit can reach temperatures that are 30 degrees higher than the outside temperature. Those storage temperatures can creep even higher if there are no trees around your storage unit or if space is surrounded by metal or concrete.


  • Consider What Items You Want to Store

Some things fare better than others in a warm environment. For example, items made from stainless steel, glass, and fabric tend to do fine even in extreme temperatures, so you do not have to worry as much about them in a traditional storage unit. However, items that contain plastic, paper, leather, metal, wood, and wicker are at a higher risk when exposed to heat.

Some items like glass, plastic, painting, etc might react completely differently in extreme weather conditions.


The following are some items that can be damaged when exposed to extreme temperatures:

  • Antique furniture
  • Leather furniture
  • Electronics
  • Instruments
  • Artwork
  • Photographs and important documents
  • Cars and mechanical equipment
  • Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Units

Beirut climate is not exactly the climate of choice when it comes to conveniently store photographs, antiques, old furniture, and even delicate clothing. The climate is warm and humid which damages almost all of our precious belongings including electronic equipment if stored for longer periods. Why then do we store such items in places like closets and lofts where we know that they will get brittle or get covered in mould due to the heat and the added humidity in the air?


One of the best places to store such items is a storage unit but you will need to make sure that it is a climate-controlled one. The difference between a climate-controlled storage unit and a normal one is that the air temperature does not vary or change like the weather outside. Such Storage Units for Hot Weather in Beirut are usually sealed well keeping the inside temperature cool and moisture-free, which avoids damage to delicate goods such as old photographs, leather goods, musical instruments, and even old antique furniture. The reduced moisture in the air keeps the stored items free from a fungus that eats into leathers, wood, and important documents. Most personal storage facilities in Beirut do not offer such facilities. This is why they end up damaged or unusable when they open up their units after extended periods.


This is why we at The Box offers climate-controlled self-storage in Beirut to ensure that our customers don’t end up with damaged goods when they return. Along with storage units we also offer concierge services in which we receive and accept goods on our customer’s behalf in case our customers are out of town. We also provide trucks and trolleys in our facilities to help our customers to store their goods conveniently and effortlessly. 


Still on the fence about whether to go this route or not? Ask yourself these questions about your items:


Are my items irreplaceable?


Will sun or heat exposure potentially damage my belongings?

Is there a chance that my items might grow mould?

What sentimental value my goods have?


If you answered yes to any of those questions, you might want to explore climate-controlled units.


Hot Weather Boat Storage


You may also find yourself interested in hot weather boat storage. After all, how do you protect your, boat, and other recreational vehicles when the temperatures start to rise? 

Contact your local facility and inquire about a Storage Unit for Hot Weather for your recreational vehicles.


Tips for Moving When It’s Hot


We say again in our blog, look for a professional and good service provider. I will ease out a lot of your work leaving you less physically exhausted. When you are moving remember it's going to be hot summer, warm and humid climate. So be well hydrated and take breaks.

Remember to take breaks and don’t overexert yourself. It’s a good idea to set up a shady station where everyone can rest and rehydrate.


Learn More About our storage facility


Safe, secure, and comprehensive is how we describe our storage facilities in Beirut, Lebanon. With our focus on the customer, our operations outlook relies heavily on providing a storage facility in the LEBANON that delivers comprehensive removal and storage solutions.

We offer a variety of services and facilities which have been designed keeping the customer in mind. This is why we can cater to them in the best way possible. Our customers like the added benefits provided by our storage facility in Beirut; like safe packaging, secure transportation, and insurance coverage options. Moreover, our polite and friendly team is always available to help our customers when needed.


We at The Box also learn from our customers and always advise them to explain to us how they would like to get the job done before our team takes over. This provides a learning experience and helps us gain more information whilst providing better services. This is how we retain customer loyalty and assure quality in our operations.

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9 Jun 2021

Choosing Indoor Car Storage Checklist

When choosing an indoor storage facility, factor to be considered are completely different from the outdoor ones. Let's see the factor to be considered while choosing indoor auto storage:


Storage units can be of any size you require. Store anything from cars to furniture. Depending on the size you need for your car, you could expect a rent for the same. Paying rent could be cheaper than maintaining the storage in a garage or buying a parking space.


Nowadays, most storage unit facilities offer climate-controlled storage options. This means that you don’t have to worry about the temperature outside. Your car will stay toasty warm all winter long or nice and cool all summer.


The storage units are general with 24x7 security and CCTV camera installed.  You will also have a lock on it that only you can access. 


This facility is ideal for people having multiple cars or people looking for travelling for a brief time.  You don’t need to have a house of your own. You can always sell the house and store the car in a unit.


A storage unit is a clean and well-maintained facility, in order to keep your car away from water, dust or any other factor damaging your car.


Dirt, dust and debris can accumulate in storage units over time if kept in an open space or garage. But closed units reduce these damaging factors to 30%. Especially if they are older vehicles with delicate features.

Secure car storage is crucial!

Protecting your car from damages is a very important factor of Choosing Indoor Car Storage.  Storing a car in the neighbour or friends garage doesn’t provide you with that security as it does in an Indoor Car Storage.  Car theft or car vandalism is extremely easy unless the car facility has the necessary security features like a locked facility and security camera.  So rather than paying a fortune to replace a damaged part pay some extra for storing it properly.

Some companies also offer facilities like insurance, maintenance, covering the car etc with an extra cost.

For any such details on storage facilities visit us at

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