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28 Jun 2022

Why Do People Often Choose Self- Storage Services?


These days, many Self-Storage companies are coming up around every corner of different cities. It is due to people choosing to store their items in self-storage facilities for safekeeping. It has become an easy and quick option for the owners to store their stuff.   

Due to lack of space, security features offered, and easy transit, people have chosen to store their valuable items in these storage facilities. Here is a list of the reasons why people choose a self-storage unit to store their items. 

Choose a Self-Storage Unit 

1. Lack Of Space At Home 

Our houses are mostly overfilled with items that we hardly ever use, making them look messy, and restricting the movement within. These items can be festive decorations, winter wear, equipment, or appliances. To make the house look spacious, a storage unit is hired, where these unwanted items can be stored. 

2. To Store Business Items  

Business owners can easily store the raw materials or finished products in these storage units. From there, they can travel to their destination - a manufacturing department or retail outlet. 

3. Various Facilities Offered 

A Self-Storage Company offers many facilities to its clients to attract them - 24/7 CCTV surveillance, fireproof and well-ventilated units, strict monitoring of guards, anytime access for the owners, and different sizes of units at reasonable rates. 

4. Safe For Storage 

The different security features provided by the storage units keep the valuable items safe and secure them from any damage or theft. It makes the company gain the trust of their clients to hire their service.  

5. Different Sizes of Self-Storage Units 

Self-Storage companies have various sizes of storage units with them. 5’ x 5’, 5’ x 10’, 10’ x 10’, 10’ x 15’, 10’ x 20’, 10’ x 25’, and 10’ x 30’ are the sizes of storage units that can be offered by the Self-storage companies. From moving boxes to SUVs, motorbikes, heavy furniture and equipment can fit into these units. As per the need and quantity of the items, an appropriate storage unit is hired by the client. 

6. Affordable Options 

The various sizes of self-storage units can be hired at different price ranges. There are even different contract periods offered by the storage companies. Insurance covers, as per the items stored, are also provided by the storage companies. Owners have these options to choose the right package that can suit their budget. 

7. Effortless Storage 

Many storage companies even play the role of packers and movers. Some do have an online shop for packing materials from where the item owners can buy. The packers bring these materials and help their clients securely pack the items. They then safely move them to their destination. They even help in loading and loading these packages. 

8. Situated Close-By 

Locations of the storage company play a vital role in selection. Clients often choose a storage facility that is situated close to their homes, especially entrepreneurs. Close-by location will help in quick transit and retrieval of the items. 

*At The Box* 

The Box has different storage unit sizes at affordable rates and provides excellent services to its clients- advanced security features, packing, and moving service. They even have an online shop of different packing materials. 

To hire one, call us at - +961 71281168 / +961 71175252

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18 Jun 2022

Choosing The Right Moving Boxes For Self-Storage


You opt for self-storage either when you are shifting to a new house, renovating it, want to store precious items, or when you have a lack of space at home. To move the items to the storage unit, you must have strong boxes.  

These boxes come in different types and sizes. These boxes can store various items. The main purpose of these boxes is to keep your items safe during the transit and storage period. To fulfil this, the best storage box must be chosen.

To do so, you must follow the below steps. 

1. To Make A List Of Items For Storage 

The first step is to make a list of all the items you want to keep for storage. A list will help in keeping the details of the items in the record. It will also aid in not forgetting crucial items.  

2. Where To Buy These Boxes?  

Moving boxes are available in both online and retail shops. Check to compare the price, quality, size, and availability of the boxes you need. Then accordingly, purchase them where all your criteria are fulfilled. 

3. To Understand What Type Of Box Is Required 

As per the items you want to store, the boxes are chosen.  


Cardboard boxes are the most commonly selected as moving boxes. They are lightweight, easy to carry, less expensive than other moving boxes, and can effortlessly be recycled. But, these boxes can be used only for a short storage period as they start to deteriorate. They can store many items - books, blankets, clothes, shoes, electronic appliances, furniture, etc.  


Plastic Boxes are sturdier than cardboard boxes and do not deteriorate even after storing for a longer period. They can store jewellery, electronic items, durable items, and many more. But, these boxes are more expensive than others. They cannot be recycled, hence, their disposal becomes difficult.  


Customized Boxes are specifically designed to store delicate and expensive items like pieces of jewellery, antique glassware, collection sets, paintings, TV, laptops, monitors, etc. They are the most expensive moving boxes. Wooden boxes are one example of customized boxes. 

4. To Choose The Perfect Size Of The Box 

storage boxes

As per the weight and size of the items, you can choose any of the below types of boxes: 

a. SMALL SIZE BOXES are used to store books, clothes, glassware, and ceramic items. 

b. MEDIUM-SIZE BOXES can be used to store kitchen pans, small statues, clothes, and many more items. 

c. LARGE SIZE BOXES stores electronic items, gadgets, paintings, table, blankets, lamps, etc. 

d. EXTRA LARGE BOXES can store heavy furniture, equipment, chandelier, piano, dining table, chairs, dresser, etc.  

5. To Check The Quality Of The Box 

It is the most vital step. The boxes you buy must be of good quality and have a good grip to carry them around. They must be strong enough to stack on one another and store the items for a longer period.  

* The Box * 

The storage company, The Box, has an online shop where its clients can buy various types and sizes of quality moving boxes. They even take back their boxes if they are in better shape and refund the amount.

To lease a unit, call us at - +961 71281168 /+961 71175252 

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15 Jun 2022

What Can You Store In Storage Units Of Different Sizes?

Storage Units are those rooms where one can store those objects that they hardly used by the owners or they are being shifted to a new home. These units come in different sizes. 

The different storage sizes that are available with the storage companies- 5’ x 5’, 5’ x 10’, 10’ x 10’, 10’ x 15’, 10’ x 20’, 10’ x 25’, and 10’ x 30’. It is quite vital to select the right storage unit size because if the owners don't, then they would end up paying extra for the unused area. As per the number and weight of the items, appropriate storage units can be hired on a lease for different contract periods. 

Except for perishable items, various household items, vehicles, documents, and precious pieces of jewellery can be fitted inside these units.  

Below these storage unit sizes and items they store are explained in detail. 

1.5’ x 5’ 

5’ x 5’ is 25 sq. ft in size and quite similar to a walk-in closet. The items that can be stored in this type of unit are small furniture, chairs, desks, twin beds with mattresses, small equipment, and even 8 to 10 cardboard boxes. 

2.5’ x 10’ 

About 50 sq. ft in area, the 5’ x 10’ units can hold items of a studio apartment. These items include a small couch, king or queen-size mattresses, a dresser, a small car, a fridge, or a motorcycle.  

3.10’ x 10’ 

The 10’ x 10’ units are 100 sq. ft area-wise and can hold items of a small apartment like kitchen furniture, couch, dining table, and chairs and appliances. 

4.10’ x 15’ 

Around 150 sq. ft, the 10’ x 15’ units can store the contents of a small 2BHK house or store the business products and some small electronic appliances. 

5.10’ x 20’ 

The 10’ x 20’ units are 200 sq. ft large and stores household items of a large 2bhk apartment. These items are electronic appliances, books, heavy furniture, or a compact car.  

6.10’ x 30’ 

300 sq. ft area is large enough to store around 20 plus cardboard boxes, a car, household items of 3BHK, mattress sets, many electronic appliances, and even a small boat. 

7.15’ x 20’ 

The 15’ x 20’ units are also a 300 sq. ft area long, the same as the 10’ x 30’ units.  Boats, bikes, cars, 3BHK household items, heavy types of equipment, and dozens of cardboard boxes can be stored. 

8.17’ x 20’ 

The 17’ x 20’ units are 340 sq. ft wide. These units are huge and can store SUVs, Jeeps, Boats, Heavy furniture, Machines, and product stocks of business. 

9.20’ x 20’ 

The 20’ x 20’ units are 400 sq. ft in area. These units are huge and store many vehicles or household items like large and heavy furniture or stockpiles of business products. 

* At The Box * 

The Box Beirut is a storage unit company that offers quality storage services in Beirut, Lebanon to its clients. We have different storage unit sizes such as 10,15 and 20 SQM to store various household items, business products, electronic appliances, and vehicles. They even have an online shop where packing materials can be purchased. 

To book a storage unit, call us at - +961 71281168 /+961 71175252 

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8 Jun 2022

A Guide On How To Handle The Packing Material Clutter After Unpacking

To shift to a new house, your household items need to be packed with various packing materials. They aid in keeping the articles stay safe and secure while they are being loaded, transported, and unloaded. Once, they reach their destination, the new house, they are unwrapped and kept in the appropriate places. 

These Packing materials usually include moving boxes, wrapping papers, bubble wraps, packing peanuts, cushions, and foams.  

 a. Moving Boxes 

Moving Boxes are strong cardboard boxes that can hold heavy items like ceramic items, paintings, books, utensils, electronic appliances, and many more. 

b. Wrapping Papers 

Wrapping papers are covered around the items to protect them from scratches, dust, or any other harm when they are in transit.  

c. Packing Peanuts 

Packing Peanuts are small Styrofoam pieces that are used in filling up the spaces in the boxes. They help in absorbing any shock the boxes may get during the move. 

d. Bubble Wraps  

Bubble Wraps are often used to wrap delicate items like glass, ceramics, electronics, and other gadgets to avoid their breakage. 

 e. Cushion  

Like Packing Peanuts, Cushions are also used to fill the spaces in the boxes, and to protect the items from any shock, or damage during transit.  

f. Foam Edges 

Foam Edges are used to cover the edges of the furniture or other electronic items like TV, Fridge, or Monitor, to shield them from any harm or fall. 

But, most of the time is spent on unloading and unpacking the items. When you finally unpack your last box, you realize that now you are surrounded by all the packing material mess. It becomes a tricky task how to clear this clutter. 

Several options can be adopted for the appropriate handling of the packing materials. They are: 

1. Reuse 

The packing materials can be stored in the attic or in a cupboard for future use. If one plans to shift again, these materials can be again used for packing household items. Cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, and styrofoam do stay intact for a long period. 

2. Donate or Sell 

If there is no further use for these materials, they can be donated to needy people. These can even be sold in the markets at a particular price. 

3. Give Back To Packers & Movers 

These packing materials can be given back to the packers and movers companies if they are in good condition. These companies even refund the amount if paid for these materials. 

4. Get Creative 

For creative artworks, these materials can be brought into use. The cardboard boxes can be used to store unused items in the attic. They can even be used for making craft projects for children, a soft bed for pets, and can also be used for painting work. 

5. Recycle  

If one has no space in the house to keep these materials or is of no help, then they can be given to the recycling centres where they will be put to good use. 

 *At The BOX* 

 The Box is a storage company that also offers the Packers and Movers services to its clients. Our shop sells good quality packing materials and we even accept them back if they are in good condition. 

 To hire our services, call us at - +961 71281168 /+961 71175252 

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25 May 2022

Security Features A Self-Storage Must Have!

A Self-Storage Facility is a place where one can store items in different units that hold an emotional or monetary value for the person. These units are either used for Personal or Commercial Storage. These items that are stored include - jewellery pieces, antiques, collection sets, furniture, electronic appliances, vehicles, business products, glass items and many others. They can be stored for different periods such as one month, three months, six months or one year.  

Securing these items is the ultimate goal of any storage facility. Storage companies are upgrading their security system to offer top-class security features and protection to their customers' items. The more these services are of better quality, the more customers will be lured. 

List Of Security Features A Storage Unit Must Have

1. Proper Electric Supply 

A Storage Facility must have a proper electricity supply to operate its functions smoothly. They are furnished with automated systems like Entry Gates, CCTVs, Padlocks, etc. These are powered by an electric supply. Without it, the facility cannot run.  

2. Enough Lighting 

The Storage Facility must have enough lighting as its operations are running non-stop. Every corner of the facility must be visible. A well-lit facility will help the staff to move around without stumbling and falling and, keep an eye on the units, in turn, avoiding thefts or any dubious activity. 

3. Electric Fencing 

As the facility stores valuable items, there are chances of theft. A thief can enter the premises by jumping over the wall. To prevent this, the facility must be surrounded by strong electric fencing. 

4. Motion Detectors 

Motion Detectors can sense the unwanted movement around the facility and send an alert if it finds one though.   

5. Security At The Gates 

Security guards at the gates will 24/7 keep an eye on whose entering and leaving the facility. Accordingly, they record these timings in the book. They even make sure no unknown person is allowed to enter the premises. 

6. 24/7 CCTV 

24/7 CCTV is one of the important security features a storage unit must have. It captures and records every movement done around the storage units. Any suspicious activity can be detected and appropriate action can be taken. 

7. Quick Access For Unit Owners 

A fingerprint scanner helps in accessing the storage unit for the owners, prohibiting the entry of an intruder. 

8. Temperature Controlled Units 

These storage units are equipped with a temperature-controlled system. The temperature can be changed as per the items stored inside these units. This enables the continuous airflow inside these units and stops the creation of any foul odour. These units also have water sprinklers and fire extinguishers in case of fire. 

9. Insurance Provider 

The Storage units provide insurance cover to the goods’ owners. It covers any damage that may occur during transit or storage of the goods. The damages that occur during this period are paid by the storage companies. 

*At The BOX*  

Based in Beirut, the BOX is a storage company that gives its units on lease for different periods. These units are equipped with the latest security features to keep clients’ items safe and secure. CCTV, Motion Detectors, Insurance, and Ventilation are some of our security features. 

To book one, call us at - +961 71281168 /+961 71175252 

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22 May 2022

Things One Should Know Regarding Warehousing

In any business, Supply Chain plays a major role in running it. Supply Chain Management is to supervise the string-like processes in which expertise, materials and information are used to supply the goods to the customers. Warehousing is a part of Supply Chain Management. 

Warehousing means securely storing the goods of the company in a cool and dry place. It is about maintaining an inventory where raw materials are stored after purchasing from the supplier and finished goods are stored before being distributed to the retail markets.   

● Difference Between A Warehouse and A Distribution Centre 

People always use Warehouse and Distribution Centre words as synonyms which is outrightly wrong. A Warehouse is a storage structure where raw materials and finished goods are only stored whereas, a Distribution Centre is a facility where these goods are systematically picked, packed and shipped. 
● Components Of A Warehouse 
Numerous components have to be planned for better and more effective management of inventory and movement of goods within and outside the warehouse. 
1. Planning The Size Of The Warehouse 
As warehouses store heavy items like machines or bulky goods, they must be spacious enough to allow free movement of goods. Proper planning has to be done to make maximum use of the space. 
2. Temperature Regulated 
The warehouse must have suitable facilities as per the goods stored. The warehouse must be airy and dry to avoid any foul smell.  If the warehouse is storing food items, then it must be furnished with a temperature-controlled system.  
3. Accepting Shipments 
Once, the shipment of goods arrives, the working staff accept these shipments and makes necessary entries.  
4. Careful Storage  
The warehouse storage is divided into different sections for raw materials, semi-finished goods and finished goods. The arrived goods are carefully stored as per their categories. 
5. Efficient Organization 
The inventory of the warehouse must be organized and assorted systematically. As and when new shipments arrive, the staff has to make sure enough space is available to store them. 
6. Keep a Record Of The Inventory 
The inventory of the shipments that arrived and departed must be tracked and recorded. A proper Inventory System must be managed well which will help in knowing if any changes are required.  
7. The Departure of The Shipments 
This is the last function. Items that are leaving the warehouse must be packed shipped and recorded. 

● Importance Of A Warehouse 

1. Bulky Storage 

Be it eCommerce or physical retail business, have to store the goods in bulk quantity. It helps in meeting the everchanging demands of the customers as and when required. 
2. Can Be Outsourced 
A business can either have its Warehouse or can outsource this service from a third party. As a result, a team of professionals handle this process effectively and the cost of warehousing gets reduced. 

3. Stored At Tactical Locations  
The warehouse must be located at those points in different nations that will make the delivery of goods to the customers quick and easy. It also reduces transportation costs. 

*At The Box* 

The Box offers a storage facility where the warehouse is equipped with all modern security facilities and professional staff for corporate storage. We even provide packing and transport facilities at a reasonable rate. 

To book our service, call us at  +961 71281168/+961 71175252

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19 May 2022

How Do Startups Benefit By Renting A Storage Facility?

Every startup is born in a small area - in the house or a garage. To conduct a business, many items are required. As the working space has no extra room to keep the goods. it may turn the place upside-down. To avoid this, a suitable storage unit can be hired that is well-equipped where all items can be stored for a longer period without harm.  

To hire a self-storage,  several things have to be taken into consideration. Make a list of all the storage companies in the vicinity, to compare them and choose the right one. The aspects that can be compared are the size of the unit, price, security features, insurance, different contract periods and accessibility.  

The business owners who can store their goods in these units are - 

1. Online Business 

2. Contractors 

3. Publishing Companies 

4. Catering Services 

Benefits Of Sef- Storage For Commercial Use

1. For Storing Any Types Of Goods 

Storage units can store any type of item. These items include raw materials, stationeries, vital legal documents, heavy machinery, and many more. Sometimes, managing these items becomes a mammoth task. If they are stored a large amount of stress the entrepreneur faces can be reduced. These units also come in different sizes and contract periods. These units can be modified as per the needs of the rentee. The most appropriate unit can be hired by them as per the goods and for the duration they need. Even the unit can be accessed anytime. 

2. Safe and Secure 

Self Storage units are used to store valuable goods and important official documents of the businesses. Proper security is necessary to keep these items safe and secure. These units are furnished with security facilities of the latest technology. They have 24/ 7 CCTV surveillance, secure padlocks and fingerprint scanner and an air-conditioned, fireproof and hygiene room that can help in keeping the goods safe. Storage companies also offer insurance to cover any damages that may occur during the transit or storage period.  

3. Reduced Expenses 

Storage units are more affordable and flexible than a warehouse. The unit owners have any time access which makes it easy to load and unload the goods at any hour. Some storage companies also offer transport facilities at reasonable rates. As most of the items like machines, goods and other items can be sent in one go, the travelling and other miscellaneous costs reduce drastically. 

4. Less Messy 

Most of the time, startup owners work from home. This often makes the house messy as all the business papers and goods lay around. When one hires a storage unit, these items can be shifted, making the working area becomes more spacious for the movement. A hustle free environment brings in positive vibes and this makes both, household work and business work easy. 

5. For Expansion 

To expand a business, a business needs extra space to facilitate smooth movement. For this, a storage unit can come to the rescue. All the unwanted things can be stored in these units, making more room for expansion. 


The Beirut Box’s storage units have all the latest modern features that an entrepreneur requires at affordable rates.  

To book a storage unit, call us at -  +961 71281168 / +961 71175252 

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17 May 2022

Why People Are Hiring A Storage Unit

A Storage Unit is a room that is hired for storing several items. From furniture and electronics appliances to vehicles, everything can be stored in this unit. These units come in various sizes- 10 X 10, 10 X15, 10 X 20 and 10 X 30. They can be leased by the storage company for different periods - 3 months, 6 months, one year and so on.  

These days people are opting for storage spaces to put away their goods for various reasons. They are illustrated below: 

1. Outstanding Security Features 

One of the vital reasons to invest in a storage unit is the excellent security facilities offered by the storage companies. Storage companies are becoming tech-savvy to upgrade these features. They include 24/7 CCTV, fire extinguishers, fingerprint scanner entry, well ventilated AC and non-ac units, Insurance Services and Any Time access to these units.   

2. Shifting To A New House 

While moving into a new house, all the unwanted and unused can be stored in storage space for a short period ranging from one to six months. This will keep things in order and avoid any misplacement of them.  

3. Setting House For Rent 

When a house is being prepared for the rent, some of the items like furniture, painting or electronic applications need to be moved. They can either be old or of no use for the tenants. To make space for the tenant’s belongings, they are transferred into the storage unit. 

4. Renovation Of The House  

When the house is going through a makeover like renovation or painting, the household objects can be kept in a storage unit for a temporary period. It will save them from getting damaged during the house renovation process

5. To Store Antique Items 

Antique articles like heirlooms, precious pieces of jewellery, and collection items not only have monetary value but also emotional value. More of the latter one. These items can be kept in a facility that has top-class security features.  

6. To Have Clutter-Free Surrounding 

A messy house often makes it difficult for one to move around and find the right object. Cleaning this chaos creates loads of stress. To overcome this and keep the house organized, extra and unnecessary things can be shoved into a storage unit. 

7. Storing Decoration Items 

Decorations like lights, lamps, and wreaths, are used once a year during festive periods. For the rest of the months, they are of no use and can be kept in a storage facility

8. For Storing Vehicles 

Storage spaces for vehicles come in different sizes and types - Outdoor, Indoor, Shared and Personal Car Storage. To defend against the harsh climate, dust and pests, most people choose an Indoor storage unit to pack their vehicles.  

9. For Business Owner 

Business owners can make use of these storage spaces for storing the vital documents of their firms. The up-to-date security features work as a shield in safeguarding these papers. Even old items like furniture and appliances can be kept in these units. 


Due to the reasons mentioned above, hiring a storage unit is indeed advantageous. But, choosing the right one is important too. The Beirut Box offers storage facility service with world-class technology. 

To book a storage unit, call us at - +961 71281168 / +961 71175252 

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26 Apr 2022

A Guide On Nursery Storage Ideas


Life becomes exciting when you realize a new member will be joining your family soon. When you are expecting a bundle of joy to arrive, there are heaps of preparations you have to complete. You have to buy new clothes, toys, blankets, cradles, milk bottles and many other items.  

But the main question remains how to prepare an adorable nursery for the baby. Many things have to be taken into consideration for setting up a nursery. You have to build a nursery in a way that the kid will be able to use it for some years. As per the size of the room, various storage ideas have to be implemented.  

Here is a guide for Nursery Storage Ideas every new parent would want to check out! 

1. Store The Unwanted Items  

If the room has some furniture or stuff that is used rarely, they can be kept in a storage unit. Check for storage companies that offer the storage units with the finest facilities. Compare them and choose the most appropriate one. 

2. Clean The Room 

The room where the nursery will be built must be clean. It must be free from dust and pests to avoid any infection that can catch hold of the baby.  Pest treatment must be done to safeguard the room against any kind of pests. The room must be well ventilated with grilled windows. Light curtains will allow enough sunlight to penetrate the room. 

3. Baskets For Clothes? 

These days adorable baskets are being manufactured for storing baby stuff. Different sizes of woven baskets are present in the market. They are of better quality and sturdy, and strong. Hence, they can be used for a longer period. The tiny clothes, socks, sweaters, jackets, and blankets can be bundled up and stored in these beautiful baskets. Everyday items can be stored in these baskets. They can also be kept inside the wardrobe. 

4. Cabinets? 

Drawers and Cabinets are other options for nursery storage. They help in keeping stuff safe from dust and pests. Clothes, medicines, blankets and towels can be bundled and stored in the drawers and cabinets. Custom made cabinets can be made to match the room background. 

5. Hampers For Toys? 

Hampers can be brought to store different toys. Various sizes of hampers are available in the market such as for small toys and large toys. A hamper can also be used for storing the socks, hats and pants of the baby. 

 6. Customized Shelves 

Shelves can be custom made as per need. The modular colourful shelves look pretty adorable in a nursery. Soft toys like teddy bears can be kept on these shelves. Ledges can be built to keep storybooks. It wouldn't look less than a library.    

7. Nursery Wardrobes  

Wardrobes of different colours, sizes and types can add more cuteness to the nursery. The wardrobe should match the other furniture in the room.  


The Box Beirut is a storage company based in Beirut, Lebanon that offers high-quality storage units. These units a well ventilated and equipped with security features like 24/7 CCTV, fire extinguishers and biometrics facilities. Our online store rents and sells packing materials too. 

To know more about these units and book one, call the Box’s number - Call Us +961 71281168/+961 71175252

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20 Apr 2022

A Guide On How A Car Can Be Stored Safely


If you are going on a vacation to a different state or country or your car is an antique piece or an expensive one, you will have to store your car to keep it safe. A car is an asset, and it should be protected and maintained when they are not in use.  

Storing household items and electronics is quite different from storing a vehicle. Different approaches have to be taken into consideration. 

Below is a complete guide that will help in easing the process of storing a car

1. What Are Types Of Car Storage Available? 

Before deciding how to store a car, one should know the different types of car storage available in the market. Make a list of them and decide which one to book for: 

a. Outdoor Car Storage is a huge open parking space where cars can be parked for a fixed period without security against theft and dust. 

b. Covered Outdoor Car Storage is are parking garages or carports where the car is parked that is partially closed with walls and a roof and has minimum security against theft and dust. 

c. Shared Indoor Car Storage is a big warehouse-type parking lot shared with other car parkers, gives proper security to the cars and is the best storage option. 

d. Personal Indoor Car Storage is rented by the individual car owner to park their expensive cars. 

2. Which Car Storage Size Will Be Right? 

If you have opted for Indoor Car Storage, there are different sizes present such as :  

a. 10 x 10 Car Storage is good for small and mini cars. 

b. 10 x 15 Car Storage is apt for storing small SUVs, hatchbacks, etc. 

c. 10 x 20 Car Storage can store SUVs, Sedans, Minivans, etc 

d. 10 x 30 Car Storage is the most spacious unit, and one can store more items along with the car. 

3. Cost Charged For Storing A Car? 

The cheapest car storage is the Outdoor Car Storage, while the costliest one is Personal Indoor Car Storage. The other two are affordable options. Choose the one that will be perfect for your car and your budget.  

4. Full Car Maintenance 

Before giving the car for storage, Check the battery, oils and pressure levels of the car. One should hire a maintenance checker to perform full maintenance of the car. This will help in keeping the car in a working state and won't rust the engines.  

5. Don’t Forget The Interior Cleaning! 

Clean the interior of the car and throw all the litter present inside. Take out all the important car documents and only then send them for storage. A quick car wash will also give a good look. 

6. Cover The Car 

Even if you have opted for closed car storage, don't forget to cover your car with the sheet. It will work as a double protector. 

7. Frequently Take Out Your Baby For A Drive! 

Often take the car out for a short drive to make sure its engine and battery are in working conditions. 

*At The Box* 

The Box Beirut offers the best car storage units equipped with modern security features like CCTV, fingerprint scanning, and ventilated and fireproof units with an insurance guarantee. 

To book one, call us at +961 71281168 /+961 71175252

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14 Apr 2022

Tips To Store Festive Decoration


Once the festive season gets over, packing these decorations is a gigantic task. These decorative items are used only once a year, during the festive season. These items include fairy lights, bulbs, lamps, lanterns, artificial flowers, wreaths, ornaments, and Christmas trees. Most of the year, they are stored away. The wrapping and packing them inside a box is time-consuming and will often make one discouraged.  

So how to make this process of storing these items quicker and easier? 

Some tips have been shared below that will surely help in answering the above question. 

1. Throw Away Old Decoration Items  

Chuck all the old and broken decoration items. They often bring in negative vibes. All the festive seasons are about enjoying the culture and experiencing the positive feeling it brings to the house. Hence, avoid keeping such broken items inside the house.   

2. Buy Essential Storage Materials 

First and foremost, assort all the decorative items into their groups. The groups can be made based on the festivals or types of decoration like electronics, fragile and heavy stuff. Sorting and storing will make the finding process easy in the future.  

3. Sturdy Storage Boxes 

These items would need to be stored in strong and sturdy boxes of either cardboard or plastic containers. Different types and sizes of boxes are available in the market. As per the requirements, purchase the right size of containers and boxes.  

While carrying these boxes, sometimes they slip from our hands and fall. Strongboxes will not break even after the fall and even help in safeguarding the decorative items stored inside them. These boxes can also help in storing the items for a long period or until when they are needed. 

4. Wrap! Wrap! Wrap! 

Most of the decorative items like lights, bulbs, lanterns and ornaments are fragile and breakable. Precautionary measures have to be taken while packing and storing these items. Wrap these stuff with clothes, bubble wraps, and cushions before placing them inside the containers. Plastic balloons and thermocol siders and foam pipes can prevent any damage from the fall. These protectors soak in the shock of the fall and shield the fragile items. 

5. Label Is A Must! 

Labelling the containers and boxes is another important task. Name each box as per the contents it carries. This will help the search for the required decoration item easy and quick. It also helps in identifying fragile items and can be moved with utmost care. Fragile Tapes and stickers are available on the market. 

6. Store Away In A Storage Items 

Often these decoration items take up maximum space in the pantry or storage room. As they are used once a year, it is better to hire a storage unit and store them there. Collect information on different storage facilities present near your house and compare them. Select the best one that offers better units with excellent security features. 


‘The Box Beirut’ is a well-known storage unit present in Beirut, Lebanon that offers different sizes of storage units equipped with excellent security features. They even have an online store that sells various types of packaging materials - from different sizes of cardboard boxes, fragile tapes and stickers to wrapping materials.  

To get more information, visit our storage section.

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12 Apr 2022

All About Organizing Home Office

Many research studies show that employees work more productively when they work from him. Even maintenance costs of the companies have got drastically reduced. Hence, the Work From Home culture is being adopted by more companies, especially after the Covid pandemic.  

For Work From Home, one should have a place where they can make a ‘Home Office’ and can comfortably sit and perform the work. It can be a room or any corner of their house.  

Keeping Home Office organized and clean is an essential task. A systematic Home Office emits positive vibes, increases productivity and helps achieve the targets. 

Below are some tips that will help anyone to arrange their Home Office.  

1. Planning  

Before organizing your Home Office, first, decide what accessories are needed, and how they will be arranged. Make a list of items you want, or are planning to buy. Throw away old and broken items like pencil tumblers, unwanted papers and much more.  

2. Right Stationery Items 

Buy those stationery items that are simple and easy to handle. These items include pencil tumblers, labels stickers, file binders, tapes, note pads, storage containers, etc. The container will store stuff and keep them in one place. Labels will help in categorizing the items for easy retrieval. 

3. Clean Work Table 

Keep the work table clutter-free. Disorganized cables of mice, chargers and computers can make the table look like a ‘storm hit area’. Buy some cable tying wraps that will keep these cables together. It helps in preventing anyone from tripping. A customized table desk with an in-built keyboard pull tray and drawers look sophisticated and tech-savvy. 

4. Paper Racks 

Different papers, newspapers and magazines kept on one another shabbily can create confusion. Finding a particular paper or a book among these hoards of mess can turn chaotic. To overcome this, buy 

labelled racks for newspapers and magazines where they can be arranged methodically and can be reached with ease as and when required. 

5. Drawers and Shelves 

Inbuilt drawers and open or floating shelves help in saving space and can be used to store many items. Things that are used regularly can be placed on the shelves, while things that are rarely used can be stored in drawers to protect them from dust. 

6. Proper Lighting 

One cannot work in a dim, and shady area. Proper lights will help one in writing and even assist them in finding the objects. Table lamps or ceiling lights can shower ample brightness in the room for better working. 

7. Enough Ventilation 

A cool breeze can be enjoyed if a window is close to the work table. A well-ventilated room will keep the continuous circulation of fresh air removing any odour and rejuvenating one to work efficaciously. 

8. Plants To Cherish 

Keeping a plant close by can bring in more positive vibes in the room and make the surroundings look more ravishing. 

9. Store Away Unnecessary Items 

The items that are unwanted or used rarely can be stored in a storage unit, eventually reducing the mess. 

 *At The Box* 

The Box Beirut is known for providing the best storage facilities. They even have an online show where they sell different boxes, label tapes and other packing materials. 

To get more details for storage units, visit our website or WhatsApp at +961 71281168.

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24 Mar 2022

How To Make Laundry Less Chaotic?

One can't evade their laundry chores as it is an unceasing process. As soon as you wash, dry and fold the clothes, you will again witness more and more soiled clothes piled up in the laundry basket. Imagine coming home from work and finding an unorganized laundry room with a heap of dirty clothes. It will surely give stress attacks anyone.  

Though many people do not like to do their laundry work, a messy laundry room will make your whole house look shambolic. The stinky smell of unwashed clothes will fill the air.    

Then, how to manage a chaotic laundry room? Below are a few tips that will help in managing laundry chores. 

1. Planning 

Make a layout of how to make your laundry chores easy. Quick access to the machines, washer and dryer, laundry accessories, free movement and proper placing of items needs planning. Decide where the machines are to be placed and what type of cupboards and shelves are required. Check if you can add an ironing board.  In the absence of a dryer, a drying stand can be used. 

2. Set A Routine 

Regular washes will help in managing the piles of dirty clothes. If not daily, then at least wash the clothes every alternate day. Avoid keeping the unwashed clothes for a longer time as it will start giving out a foul smell and can even make the surroundings unhygienic. Even cleaning stained clothes will become challenging. 

3. Store Laundry Liquids 

Always keep the stock of laundry washing solutions like detergents, fabric softeners, and fabric whiteners. Store these solutions close to the washer and dryer. Buy the solutions that are of a known brand and have a pleasing fragrance. 

4. Purchase Good Quality Of Laundry Baskets 

Buy strong and big baskets to hold the weight of clothes. Keep separate baskets for washed and dirty clothes. Different sizes of baskets can be purchased to store clothes. 

5. Make Each Member Responsible 

Each member of the house must be given the duty of bringing their dirty clothes to the laundry room. It will lessen your burden of checking the whole house.  

6. Keep Them Together 

Keep all the unwashed clothes together in the laundry. It will quicken the process of finding them. After washing and drying them, fold and keep them in one place. Later it can be kept in the wardrobe. 

7. Segregate The Clothes 

Segregate the dirty clothes based on colour, type of material and delicate features. Do not wash light coloured clothes with dark ones if the latter one oozes colour. Delicate clothes can be washed in different washing categories. Dirty clothes need a longer time to get cleaned, so put them separately. 

 8. Wash In Cold Water, If Possible 

Dirty and spoilt clothes need hot water wash. Other day-to-day wear can be washed in cold water. Washing with cold water can even save up electricity, in turn saving up your money. 

9. Store Aways Unwanted Items  

If your laundry room has items that are hardly used, then you can hire a storage unit to keep them. 

*The Box* 

The Box Beirut is a famous storage company that provides professional services and security to the items of its clients.  

For more information, you can call here - +961 71281168/+961 71175252

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21 Mar 2022

How To Keep Your Mudroom Clutter Free?

A Mudroom is a space area between the entrance of the house and the main house. It is usually a place to store wet clothes, coats and muddy boots before entering the main house. Removing filthy things outside the main house will help keep the house clean, smell-free and mud-free.  

Be it any season, a mudroom is always be found in a mess. During the monsoon, the mudroom is filled with dirty muddy wet sneakers, boots, and raincoats. During the winters, snowy boots, skis and fur coats fill up most of the area.  

Organizing a mudroom is a tormenting task because of all the wet mud, dirt, and littered items. But walking into such a shambled place is not easy and can even make one stumble. 

Here is a guide on how a mudroom can be kept clutter-free!  

1. Regular Clean Ups 

The best way to keep a mudroom free from any clutter is to do regular cleaning. As soon as you enter the mudroom, remove your dirty shoes and coats in their proper place. Let the wet umbrella dry, and only then fold and keep it in its rack. Vacuum the room every alternate day or every weekend to keep it dust-free. 

2. Chalking A Layout 

For the systematic arrangement of a mudroom, a layout needs to be designed on what all items and furniture are required and how they can be properly placed. Set the items in a way that will leave enough room to walk around. A spacious and ventilated mudroom makes the surroundings free and airy, and locating the required items becomes easy. Boots and shoes must be kept near the entrance. 

3. Right Furniture 

Selecting the right furniture depends on the layout of the mudroom. Add cupboards, cabinets, and a bench.  

4. Easy Access To Frequently Used Items 

The items that are used regularly must be placed in the front for quicker reach. The searching process becomes uncomplicated and less confusing.  

5. Vertical Storage Cupboards 

Vertical storage cupboards help store items like winter coats, mufflers, raincoats, skis and roller boards. Wet clothes can be hung on hooks and skis and boards can be stored vertically to avoid falls and damage.  

6. Buy Required Storage Accessories 

Buying storage baskets or boxes for each family member’s items can help in keeping them in place. Make sure they are strong and long-lasting quality. Label these boxes to know their owner. Hooks on the wall can enable holding keys and bags. 

7. Suitable Flooring 

The floor tiles of the mudroom must be hard. Any slippery caused due to wet shoes or boots can be avoided. A dark coloured mat at the entrance door will be able to soak the moisture and cover the mud stains on it.   

8. Proper Lighting  

The mudroom must have enough lighting that will make movement and access to things easy.   

9. Store Away Unwanted Items 

Seasonal items can be stored in a good storage unit to save space for other items. Find one! 

*The BOX* 

The Box Beirut has the best storage units equipped with reliable security features. Durable packing boxes of different sizes and packing materials are sold on their official website. 

 To know more, you can call us at tel:+961 71281168/+961 71175252


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17 Mar 2022

Tricks and Tips To Arrange Items For Easy Access In Storage Unit

People decide to store the household items in a storage unit when they are travelling, shifting to a new house or renovating their homes. But, if the storage unit is kept messy and unorganized, you will not find the items in place when you need them. It is bound to create chaos.   

Can you imagine what confusion and irritation a messy storage unit can create when you can't find a particular item? Every item jumbled upon each other. In this heaps of mess, you don't even remember in which box you have kept what. Then you will have to unpack everything to locate a particular item. What a waste of time and energy it would be! 

To avoid this circus, you should store the items in a well-planned systematic manner. The tricks and tips below will surely assist you in the process of organizing your storage unit.  

1. Select Best Storage Unit 

The first step is to search for a storage unit company that will present its client with maximum benefits at reasonable costs. The facilities provided by them must be excellent and safe to use. Compare the different storage companies on the basis of price, quality service, security, insurance and professional team. Accordingly, select the best one. 

 2. Make A List Of Items For storage 

List the items you want to keep for storage. Bifurcate the items that you will need on a regular basis and the ones you will hardly use. Frequently used items can be clothes, electronics appliances and important documents. Check and recheck the items to make sure you do not miss out on any stuff. 

3. Choose The Right Size Box  

Buy boxes of different sizes to carry various household items. They must be sturdy and of good quality to hold all kinds of stuff. The weak ones will not be able to bear the weight of the objects.   

4. Label The Boxes 

Labelling the box is the most vital step. Without the labels, you will not be able to know which box has what contents. Boxes must be marked as FRAGILE if it has crockery items, electronic items and other equipment. Writing the information about the contents inside the box can make the search of the continents easy.  

5. Plan The Layout 

Chalk down a layout for systematically organizing your storage unit. Arrange the boxes in such a manner that access to each box becomes easy. A comfortable space must be present between the boxes and not they should not be carelessly thrown at one another. Cover the unit floor with a plastic sheet to avoid direct contact of the boxes with the floor.  

6. Systematic Placing of Boxes 

Boxes must be kept in an organized manner. Make sure frequently used items are placed in the front while the rarely used ones are kept behind. If stacked on one another, keep the regularly used ones on the top while the seldomly used ones at the bottom. Shelves can be helpful and save space. 

The BOX 

Beirut, Lebanon based storage company, The Box, has excellent storage units equipped with sophisticated features and also sells good quality packing materials.  

For more information, call us at tel:+961 71281168/+961 71175252

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10 Mar 2022

What Is Home Addition & How To Do It?

Home Addition is building any structural modifications into a home. 

Building a room or a kitchen bump or renovation are various home additions. There can be many reasons for doing addition in a house. 

Family expansion, life changes, maintenance issues, and lack of spaces can be a few reasons to go in for home additions.  

Home additions can add value to your house, not only resale value-wise but also emotions wise. It can even make the house look more spacious. And even spread positive vibes around the house. 

Following are the steps that can be adopted by the owner for doing a home addition. 

1. Is It Necessary? 

The first step you have to do is to introspect whether it is necessary to have an addition in your house. Find the cost of home additions and compare it with your financial position. Check if the addition will add value to your house or ruin it. You will have to think about whether it is worth doing an addition or moving to a new house. Plan the course of action careful.  

2. Budgeting 

Home additions can vary from low-cost changes to expensive ones. It all depends on what time of home addition you want to build. Check whether you have a budget for going forward with a home addition. 

Compare the cost of different home additions builders and calculate the expense you can incur accordingly. If your finance is tight, better wait until you save some money, or you can even opt for a home or personal loan. 

3. Contact A Contractor 

Check the prices different contractor offers. Evaluate their professional work by reading the review of their clients. Assess the quality of the materials they use. Then compare these and select the one who offers the best services to their clients. 

 4. Types of Home Additions 

 There are five types of home additions which are as follows: 


Renovation means upgrading or repairing the existing room of the house. They may include - fixing any furniture, replacing window frames and glasses, transforming the kitchen into modular, upgrading floor tiles, painting the house, repairing bathrooms, etc. Building new furniture and upholsteries are also part of the renovation. 

b.Building Room 

It includes adding a new room or a bump-out within the existing house. It is broadening or narrowing the area of existing rooms. Such home additions take less time and are cheaper. 

c.Extension Build Out 

Extension Build Out means expanding the existing house at ground level by taking in the yard area. It helps in widening the space of a room. An extension can be done in one or more rooms. 

d.Addition Build Up 

Addition Build Up means adding space in the house by building up the floor. The additional floor can have a new loft or room.  

e.New Built 

The New built doesn't include any construction in the existing house. It is altogether building a new home. 

5. Shifting 

To renovate, paint or repair, some furniture and household items have to be shifted. Find a storage unit where one can temporarily store them safely. 

 *The BOX* 

The Box Beirut offer services for storing different items ranging from car to furniture to electronic applications. 

For more information, call us at +961 71281168/+961 71175252

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22 Feb 2022

Tips & Tricks To Arrange Your Makeup Products

Which girl doesn’t like makeup? They are love! The collection of different brands of makeup is every girl’s hobby. But organizing them is not that easy. A shabby makeup kit creates a lot of confusion. This can make it tricky for you to access the items as and when required.  

Some makeup items’ casings or bottles are fragile. Keeping them messy can lead to breakage or spillage. When they are arranged systematically, these issues can be avoided. Hence, the shelf life of these products increases and they can be easily accessed. 

But how to keep them organized? Here’s the solution! 

Following are the tips that will give you an idea of how makeup products can be arranged systematically. 

1. Throw Away Expired Products  

The first thing you should do is check the product's manufactured year and the shelf life. If any of these products are expired, chuck out all of them. Avoid using expired or spoilt makeup products as they can cause allergies and harm your skin tone, causing skin diseases. 

2. Drawers, Boxes Or Pouches For Storage 

Makeup must be kept in a dark and cold place, away from sunlight and dust. Drawers have ample space to store all the makeup products. Make various sections in the drawer where different makeup items can be kept. 

Drawers protect these products from specks of dust and sunlight and keep them cool. Thus, spoilage of these products can be prevented. 

In case, you do not have a drawer, store makeup products in wooden or plastic boxes as they shield them from dust. If such boxes are not available, then use pouches or pencil cases to store these products. Pill Boxes can be used to store eyelashes. 

3. Labelling Benefits 

Makeup products stored in boxes or pouches without labelling can create confusion. For example, if we are in a hurry and want a particular coloured lipstick, we will have to check every box or pouch to find it. This time-consuming process can cause irritation.   

Labelled boxes and pouches as per the products can be time saving and easily accessible.  

4. Brushes In A Holder 

Different makeup brushes are available for eyes, lip and face makeup. These brushes can be stowed in a holder that has different sections to keep them separate. Make sure to regularly wash your makeup brushes and sponges to avoid any bacterial infection or allergies. 

5. Group Items As Per Their Brand, Use and Colour 

Makeup products should be grouped into any of these three sections: 

1. Brand 

2. Colour 

3. Use 

Lipsticks and Nail Paints should be stored as per their colour making it easy for you to reach them. Makeup products like pallets, blushes, and foundations can be stored together as per their brand. 

6. Safety While Travelling 

While travelling, wrap your fragile makeup products like compact, with bubble wraps and cushion them well to avoid breakage or spillage. Pack them systematically, so they take up less space in your bag. 


The Box Beirut, an ISO certified company in Beirut, Lebanon, offers storage units facilities. One can store unwanted items in these units. They provide the best quality packing materials like bubble wraps, cushions and sturdy boxes

For more information, call us at tel:800 THE BOX(843269.) 

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20 Feb 2022

A Guide To Keep Your Apartment Clean

In this hustle-bustle lifestyle, we often neglect cleaning the house. An uncleaned and dirty house becomes an abode for insets and pests. Such infiltrated house becomes a centre of contagious health issues, and people living in such a house can become prone to diseases.  

Hence, cleaning your house is essential. But, at times, it is difficult to decide where to start the cleaning process. The work appears stressful and sometimes even impossible.   

So, here is a detailed guide that will surely assist you in keeping your house squeaky clean.  

1. Buy Only Essential Items 

First and foremost, buy only essential items you need at present or the items that will go out of stock. Sometimes, we end up buying unnecessary stuff because either they are sold for free or at a discounted price. Buying extra items often leads to eating up more space. It makes the cleaning process harder. The lesser the things are present, the lesser the space is taken, making the cleaning process easier. 

2. Scheduling The Cleaning Process 

Make a detailed schedule for a week, dedicating on what day you will clean which room first. It makes the process easy and lessens the confusion about where to begin. For example, you can plan to clean the dirtiest room on the day when you have the maximum free time.   

3. Items That Are Unused or Unwanted 

Bifurcate unused or ruined and broken items from the essential ones. Chuck out the broken ones. Store unused items and those that may be required in the future. Donate or sell all the unwanted or extra items. Collect them in a bag and keep them aside.  

4. Focus on Hygiene 

Dust and rotten goods contaminate your house. Try maintaining as much hygiene as possible at home. Make sure to clean your bed every day. Frequently change the covers. Scrub out any dirt on the kitchen platforms. Throw out stale or rotten food and clean your fridge. Wash the dishes with the best disinfectant dishwashing liquid.   

Put all the unwashed clothes in a washing machine and wash them with warm water and laundry detergent or sanitiser. Clear all the water that must have cumulated near plants. Dust off the cobwebs and sweep the house floor with the disinfectant floor cleaning liquids. 

A hygiene home keeps the pests away and protects you and your family from diseases. Spray air fresheners to make the house smell better. A clean house emits positive vibes at all times and even reduces stress levels.  

5. Well Organized 

Once you start cleaning and arranging the items, keep them where they belong. It makes it easy for you to access them. Do not fold wet clothes to avoid the growth of mould or mildew between the folds.   

6. Regular Cleaning Plan 

Frequently cleaning the house makes the cleaning procedure easy. Regularly dusting and sweeping will give no chance for cobwebs to develop and keep the pests away. 


The Box Beirut, an ISO certified company in Beirut, Lebanon, offers storage units facilities with packing and moving. One can store unwanted items in these units. Even they give the best quality packing materials. 

For more information, call us at +961 71281168/+961 71175252.

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18 Feb 2022

Setting Up Your Studio Apartment

In today’s expensive lifestyle and booming population, the prices of houses have been skyrocketing. Buying a house is costing a hand and a leg. So students and freshly graduates choose a studio apartment, either renting or buying one.

A Studio Apartment is an arrangement of living space, bedroom space, kitchen and bathroom in a single room. Setting all your household stuff in a studio flat is difficult but not impossible. 

Here is a guide that will teach you how one can set up a studio apartment.

1. Planning

Proper planning can help in placing the right stuff in the right place. Fetching the required items and moving around becomes easy. Plan where bed, wardrobe and where the sitting area will be placed. As the apartment is small, it should be set up with minimum and essential furniture to make it more spacious. Chalk out a list of furniture, utensils and electronics you need. According, purchase and set them.

2. Colourful Walls

Colourful Walls can blow life in a dull apartment. If granted permission by the landlord, try colouring the walls of an apartment. Light colours make the room feel light and bright, while Dark Colours will create a feeling of depth and intensity. Choose the colour wisely.

3. Customized Furniture

Customized furniture is a set of fitting and fixtures that are designed as per one’s requirements. They last for a long period and are a good investment. Sofa-cum-Bed can be turned into a sofa or a bed as and when required. Foldable tables and chairs can be a good add-on. As and when needed, they can be opened, used, folded and stored in the corner. It will save space and enough room for free movement. Mounted furniture like wardrobes and shelves can save space.

Make sure furniture colours are compatible with the walls of the apartment.

4. Room Divider

Room Divider acts like a screen that helps in segregating a single room into two different spaces. They are the best solution for a snappy privacy issue. They are light in weight and are portable and foldable. 

Do you know, even bookshelves and shelve units can also play as a room divider? 

Curtains can also work as room dividers. Curtains on the windows also help maintain privacy and prevent the entry of dust. Light coloured curtains allow sunlight to penetrate the room, keeping the room bright.

5. Smart Storage

Smart Storage furniture is a modern-day storage facility that performs multiple functions. This innovative furniture unit can become a storage unit and even a coffee table. 

6. Attractive Decor

Attractive Decor adds warmth to an apartment. Intricate Rugs enhance the texture of the floor. Vibrant Paintings make the room look lively. Showpieces on the walls can make them look alluring. Lamps and fairy lights bring pleasant transformation to the room.

7. Loft

Lofts can add more space to a small room. They can be transformed into a bedroom for more privacy. They can also be turned into a storage area.


The Box Beirut are professionals in packing, loading and unloading household all types of household items. They even provide the best quality packing materials and transport facility.

For more information, call us at +961 71281168/+961 71175252

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