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12 Aug 2022

What Are The Items Forbidden From Storing In A Self Storage Unit?

Hiring a self-storage unit always comes in handy when you have to shift, renovate, or make more space in your house. You can stockpile all your essential or unwanted items in this unit at a reasonable rate for different timeframes. Their various attributes, like climate controlling options, security facilities, and other features, aid in keeping your items safe and secured.  

These units come in different sizes that can store all kinds of products. But, certain items are not allowed for storage in these units. Self-Storage Companies have a list of rules and regulations that specify the objects forbidden from storing

The list of items and the reason for their prohibition are mentioned below: 

1. Perishable Items 

Perishable items like food attract various pests and rodents. Their shelf-life is less, and they cannot be stored for a longer period. Keeping them in a storage unit will spoil them and spread foul odour around the unit. 

Some storage facilities do allow the storage of canned food, as they contain preservatives. Make sure you check up with the facility whose services you are planning to hire. 

2. Hazardous Articles  

Hazardous articles like chemicals, paints, oil, firecrackers, acid, bleach, fertilizers and radioactive materials are toxic and flammable. Storing them in a unit for a long period can be dangerous as there can be some chemical reactions. These chemical reactions may turn lethal for the storage facility. 

3. Illegal Objects 

Illegal objects like stolen items, drugs, arms, and ammunition are barred from storing in a self-storage unit. Hoarding stolen items can bring the storage companies into legal trouble as they can be sued, and punished for this crime.  

Arms and ammunitions can turn fatal as items like bombs or hand grenades can suddenly go off, thus blowing up the whole storage facility. 

4. Dangerous Equipment  

Some construction items and pharmaceutical and radioactive types of equipment are prohibited from storing in the self-storage units. Though these units are well ventilated, there are chances they may get ruined or may start oozing toxic chemicals. 

5. Plants and Animals 

Plants, animals, or humans are strictly banned in a storage unit by the self-storage company. These units are not safe for living objects, and the situation can turn fatal for them.  

6. Unregistered Vehicles 

Vehicles that are unregistered or uninsured, are not allowed as the companies need proof of registration from the owner. Without proper documents, companies don't agree to give consent to store vehicles.  

7. Fur Clothes 

Fur clothes are susceptible to high temperatures and light. They need a proper environment to be stored. Most storage companies refrain from allowing fur clothes for storage. 

8. Money  

The right place to keep money is a bank. The self-storage facility is not the right place to hoard them. Only a bank can offer better security than any self-storage unit.  

*The Box* 

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