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26 Apr 2022

A Guide On Nursery Storage Ideas


Life becomes exciting when you realize a new member will be joining your family soon. When you are expecting a bundle of joy to arrive, there are heaps of preparations you have to complete. You have to buy new clothes, toys, blankets, cradles, milk bottles and many other items.  

But the main question remains how to prepare an adorable nursery for the baby. Many things have to be taken into consideration for setting up a nursery. You have to build a nursery in a way that the kid will be able to use it for some years. As per the size of the room, various storage ideas have to be implemented.  

Here is a guide for Nursery Storage Ideas every new parent would want to check out! 

1. Store The Unwanted Items  

If the room has some furniture or stuff that is used rarely, they can be kept in a storage unit. Check for storage companies that offer the storage units with the finest facilities. Compare them and choose the most appropriate one. 

2. Clean The Room 

The room where the nursery will be built must be clean. It must be free from dust and pests to avoid any infection that can catch hold of the baby.  Pest treatment must be done to safeguard the room against any kind of pests. The room must be well ventilated with grilled windows. Light curtains will allow enough sunlight to penetrate the room. 

3. Baskets For Clothes? 

These days adorable baskets are being manufactured for storing baby stuff. Different sizes of woven baskets are present in the market. They are of better quality and sturdy, and strong. Hence, they can be used for a longer period. The tiny clothes, socks, sweaters, jackets, and blankets can be bundled up and stored in these beautiful baskets. Everyday items can be stored in these baskets. They can also be kept inside the wardrobe. 

4. Cabinets? 

Drawers and Cabinets are other options for nursery storage. They help in keeping stuff safe from dust and pests. Clothes, medicines, blankets and towels can be bundled and stored in the drawers and cabinets. Custom made cabinets can be made to match the room background. 

5. Hampers For Toys? 

Hampers can be brought to store different toys. Various sizes of hampers are available in the market such as for small toys and large toys. A hamper can also be used for storing the socks, hats and pants of the baby. 

 6. Customized Shelves 

Shelves can be custom made as per need. The modular colourful shelves look pretty adorable in a nursery. Soft toys like teddy bears can be kept on these shelves. Ledges can be built to keep storybooks. It wouldn't look less than a library.    

7. Nursery Wardrobes  

Wardrobes of different colours, sizes and types can add more cuteness to the nursery. The wardrobe should match the other furniture in the room.  


The Box Beirut is a storage company based in Beirut, Lebanon that offers high-quality storage units. These units a well ventilated and equipped with security features like 24/7 CCTV, fire extinguishers and biometrics facilities. Our online store rents and sells packing materials too. 

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20 Apr 2022

A Guide On How A Car Can Be Stored Safely


If you are going on a vacation to a different state or country or your car is an antique piece or an expensive one, you will have to store your car to keep it safe. A car is an asset, and it should be protected and maintained when they are not in use.  

Storing household items and electronics is quite different from storing a vehicle. Different approaches have to be taken into consideration. 

Below is a complete guide that will help in easing the process of storing a car

1. What Are Types Of Car Storage Available? 

Before deciding how to store a car, one should know the different types of car storage available in the market. Make a list of them and decide which one to book for: 

a. Outdoor Car Storage is a huge open parking space where cars can be parked for a fixed period without security against theft and dust. 

b. Covered Outdoor Car Storage is are parking garages or carports where the car is parked that is partially closed with walls and a roof and has minimum security against theft and dust. 

c. Shared Indoor Car Storage is a big warehouse-type parking lot shared with other car parkers, gives proper security to the cars and is the best storage option. 

d. Personal Indoor Car Storage is rented by the individual car owner to park their expensive cars. 

2. Which Car Storage Size Will Be Right? 

If you have opted for Indoor Car Storage, there are different sizes present such as :  

a. 10 x 10 Car Storage is good for small and mini cars. 

b. 10 x 15 Car Storage is apt for storing small SUVs, hatchbacks, etc. 

c. 10 x 20 Car Storage can store SUVs, Sedans, Minivans, etc 

d. 10 x 30 Car Storage is the most spacious unit, and one can store more items along with the car. 

3. Cost Charged For Storing A Car? 

The cheapest car storage is the Outdoor Car Storage, while the costliest one is Personal Indoor Car Storage. The other two are affordable options. Choose the one that will be perfect for your car and your budget.  

4. Full Car Maintenance 

Before giving the car for storage, Check the battery, oils and pressure levels of the car. One should hire a maintenance checker to perform full maintenance of the car. This will help in keeping the car in a working state and won't rust the engines.  

5. Don’t Forget The Interior Cleaning! 

Clean the interior of the car and throw all the litter present inside. Take out all the important car documents and only then send them for storage. A quick car wash will also give a good look. 

6. Cover The Car 

Even if you have opted for closed car storage, don't forget to cover your car with the sheet. It will work as a double protector. 

7. Frequently Take Out Your Baby For A Drive! 

Often take the car out for a short drive to make sure its engine and battery are in working conditions. 

*At The Box* 

The Box Beirut offers the best car storage units equipped with modern security features like CCTV, fingerprint scanning, and ventilated and fireproof units with an insurance guarantee. 

To book one, call us at +961 71281168 /+961 71175252

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14 Apr 2022

Tips To Store Festive Decoration


Once the festive season gets over, packing these decorations is a gigantic task. These decorative items are used only once a year, during the festive season. These items include fairy lights, bulbs, lamps, lanterns, artificial flowers, wreaths, ornaments, and Christmas trees. Most of the year, they are stored away. The wrapping and packing them inside a box is time-consuming and will often make one discouraged.  

So how to make this process of storing these items quicker and easier? 

Some tips have been shared below that will surely help in answering the above question. 

1. Throw Away Old Decoration Items  

Chuck all the old and broken decoration items. They often bring in negative vibes. All the festive seasons are about enjoying the culture and experiencing the positive feeling it brings to the house. Hence, avoid keeping such broken items inside the house.   

2. Buy Essential Storage Materials 

First and foremost, assort all the decorative items into their groups. The groups can be made based on the festivals or types of decoration like electronics, fragile and heavy stuff. Sorting and storing will make the finding process easy in the future.  

3. Sturdy Storage Boxes 

These items would need to be stored in strong and sturdy boxes of either cardboard or plastic containers. Different types and sizes of boxes are available in the market. As per the requirements, purchase the right size of containers and boxes.  

While carrying these boxes, sometimes they slip from our hands and fall. Strongboxes will not break even after the fall and even help in safeguarding the decorative items stored inside them. These boxes can also help in storing the items for a long period or until when they are needed. 

4. Wrap! Wrap! Wrap! 

Most of the decorative items like lights, bulbs, lanterns and ornaments are fragile and breakable. Precautionary measures have to be taken while packing and storing these items. Wrap these stuff with clothes, bubble wraps, and cushions before placing them inside the containers. Plastic balloons and thermocol siders and foam pipes can prevent any damage from the fall. These protectors soak in the shock of the fall and shield the fragile items. 

5. Label Is A Must! 

Labelling the containers and boxes is another important task. Name each box as per the contents it carries. This will help the search for the required decoration item easy and quick. It also helps in identifying fragile items and can be moved with utmost care. Fragile Tapes and stickers are available on the market. 

6. Store Away In A Storage Items 

Often these decoration items take up maximum space in the pantry or storage room. As they are used once a year, it is better to hire a storage unit and store them there. Collect information on different storage facilities present near your house and compare them. Select the best one that offers better units with excellent security features. 


‘The Box Beirut’ is a well-known storage unit present in Beirut, Lebanon that offers different sizes of storage units equipped with excellent security features. They even have an online store that sells various types of packaging materials - from different sizes of cardboard boxes, fragile tapes and stickers to wrapping materials.  

To get more information, visit our storage section.

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12 Apr 2022

All About Organizing Home Office

Many research studies show that employees work more productively when they work from him. Even maintenance costs of the companies have got drastically reduced. Hence, the Work From Home culture is being adopted by more companies, especially after the Covid pandemic.  

For Work From Home, one should have a place where they can make a ‘Home Office’ and can comfortably sit and perform the work. It can be a room or any corner of their house.  

Keeping Home Office organized and clean is an essential task. A systematic Home Office emits positive vibes, increases productivity and helps achieve the targets. 

Below are some tips that will help anyone to arrange their Home Office.  

1. Planning  

Before organizing your Home Office, first, decide what accessories are needed, and how they will be arranged. Make a list of items you want, or are planning to buy. Throw away old and broken items like pencil tumblers, unwanted papers and much more.  

2. Right Stationery Items 

Buy those stationery items that are simple and easy to handle. These items include pencil tumblers, labels stickers, file binders, tapes, note pads, storage containers, etc. The container will store stuff and keep them in one place. Labels will help in categorizing the items for easy retrieval. 

3. Clean Work Table 

Keep the work table clutter-free. Disorganized cables of mice, chargers and computers can make the table look like a ‘storm hit area’. Buy some cable tying wraps that will keep these cables together. It helps in preventing anyone from tripping. A customized table desk with an in-built keyboard pull tray and drawers look sophisticated and tech-savvy. 

4. Paper Racks 

Different papers, newspapers and magazines kept on one another shabbily can create confusion. Finding a particular paper or a book among these hoards of mess can turn chaotic. To overcome this, buy 

labelled racks for newspapers and magazines where they can be arranged methodically and can be reached with ease as and when required. 

5. Drawers and Shelves 

Inbuilt drawers and open or floating shelves help in saving space and can be used to store many items. Things that are used regularly can be placed on the shelves, while things that are rarely used can be stored in drawers to protect them from dust. 

6. Proper Lighting 

One cannot work in a dim, and shady area. Proper lights will help one in writing and even assist them in finding the objects. Table lamps or ceiling lights can shower ample brightness in the room for better working. 

7. Enough Ventilation 

A cool breeze can be enjoyed if a window is close to the work table. A well-ventilated room will keep the continuous circulation of fresh air removing any odour and rejuvenating one to work efficaciously. 

8. Plants To Cherish 

Keeping a plant close by can bring in more positive vibes in the room and make the surroundings look more ravishing. 

9. Store Away Unnecessary Items 

The items that are unwanted or used rarely can be stored in a storage unit, eventually reducing the mess. 

 *At The Box* 

The Box Beirut is known for providing the best storage facilities. They even have an online show where they sell different boxes, label tapes and other packing materials. 

To get more details for storage units, visit our website or WhatsApp at +961 71281168.

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