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14 Apr 2022

Tips To Store Festive Decoration


Once the festive season gets over, packing these decorations is a gigantic task. These decorative items are used only once a year, during the festive season. These items include fairy lights, bulbs, lamps, lanterns, artificial flowers, wreaths, ornaments, and Christmas trees. Most of the year, they are stored away. The wrapping and packing them inside a box is time-consuming and will often make one discouraged.  

So how to make this process of storing these items quicker and easier? 

Some tips have been shared below that will surely help in answering the above question. 

1. Throw Away Old Decoration Items  

Chuck all the old and broken decoration items. They often bring in negative vibes. All the festive seasons are about enjoying the culture and experiencing the positive feeling it brings to the house. Hence, avoid keeping such broken items inside the house.   

2. Buy Essential Storage Materials 

First and foremost, assort all the decorative items into their groups. The groups can be made based on the festivals or types of decoration like electronics, fragile and heavy stuff. Sorting and storing will make the finding process easy in the future.  

3. Sturdy Storage Boxes 

These items would need to be stored in strong and sturdy boxes of either cardboard or plastic containers. Different types and sizes of boxes are available in the market. As per the requirements, purchase the right size of containers and boxes.  

While carrying these boxes, sometimes they slip from our hands and fall. Strongboxes will not break even after the fall and even help in safeguarding the decorative items stored inside them. These boxes can also help in storing the items for a long period or until when they are needed. 

4. Wrap! Wrap! Wrap! 

Most of the decorative items like lights, bulbs, lanterns and ornaments are fragile and breakable. Precautionary measures have to be taken while packing and storing these items. Wrap these stuff with clothes, bubble wraps, and cushions before placing them inside the containers. Plastic balloons and thermocol siders and foam pipes can prevent any damage from the fall. These protectors soak in the shock of the fall and shield the fragile items. 

5. Label Is A Must! 

Labelling the containers and boxes is another important task. Name each box as per the contents it carries. This will help the search for the required decoration item easy and quick. It also helps in identifying fragile items and can be moved with utmost care. Fragile Tapes and stickers are available on the market. 

6. Store Away In A Storage Items 

Often these decoration items take up maximum space in the pantry or storage room. As they are used once a year, it is better to hire a storage unit and store them there. Collect information on different storage facilities present near your house and compare them. Select the best one that offers better units with excellent security features. 


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