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20 Apr 2022

A Guide On How A Car Can Be Stored Safely


If you are going on a vacation to a different state or country or your car is an antique piece or an expensive one, you will have to store your car to keep it safe. A car is an asset, and it should be protected and maintained when they are not in use.  

Storing household items and electronics is quite different from storing a vehicle. Different approaches have to be taken into consideration. 

Below is a complete guide that will help in easing the process of storing a car

1. What Are Types Of Car Storage Available? 

Before deciding how to store a car, one should know the different types of car storage available in the market. Make a list of them and decide which one to book for: 

a. Outdoor Car Storage is a huge open parking space where cars can be parked for a fixed period without security against theft and dust. 

b. Covered Outdoor Car Storage is are parking garages or carports where the car is parked that is partially closed with walls and a roof and has minimum security against theft and dust. 

c. Shared Indoor Car Storage is a big warehouse-type parking lot shared with other car parkers, gives proper security to the cars and is the best storage option. 

d. Personal Indoor Car Storage is rented by the individual car owner to park their expensive cars. 

2. Which Car Storage Size Will Be Right? 

If you have opted for Indoor Car Storage, there are different sizes present such as :  

a. 10 x 10 Car Storage is good for small and mini cars. 

b. 10 x 15 Car Storage is apt for storing small SUVs, hatchbacks, etc. 

c. 10 x 20 Car Storage can store SUVs, Sedans, Minivans, etc 

d. 10 x 30 Car Storage is the most spacious unit, and one can store more items along with the car. 

3. Cost Charged For Storing A Car? 

The cheapest car storage is the Outdoor Car Storage, while the costliest one is Personal Indoor Car Storage. The other two are affordable options. Choose the one that will be perfect for your car and your budget.  

4. Full Car Maintenance 

Before giving the car for storage, Check the battery, oils and pressure levels of the car. One should hire a maintenance checker to perform full maintenance of the car. This will help in keeping the car in a working state and won't rust the engines.  

5. Don’t Forget The Interior Cleaning! 

Clean the interior of the car and throw all the litter present inside. Take out all the important car documents and only then send them for storage. A quick car wash will also give a good look. 

6. Cover The Car 

Even if you have opted for closed car storage, don't forget to cover your car with the sheet. It will work as a double protector. 

7. Frequently Take Out Your Baby For A Drive! 

Often take the car out for a short drive to make sure its engine and battery are in working conditions. 

*At The Box* 

The Box Beirut offers the best car storage units equipped with modern security features like CCTV, fingerprint scanning, and ventilated and fireproof units with an insurance guarantee. 

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