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22 May 2013

I’m Lazy and I Know It: Moving Tips for the Lazy

So, you have decided to move out. It could be a different city, or a new country. Whatever it is, moving indeed is painful, especially for the lazy person. You have to plan, organise, and put in all the hard work that is needed to have a peaceful move. Overwhelming, isn’t it? Well, I have some tips that could help you get everything done with the least of efforts. Frankly, a successful relocation is all about doing things right without putting in a lot of time and energy and I’ll teach you how!

Plan in advance: You know you are too lazy to do things, so, why not do little things every day? This way, you won’t have a million things to do at the last minute. For instance, you can prepare a handy checklist and start a month in advance. Trust me, your packing will be much more convenient and controllable.  

Pack and don’t dump: No one likes to pack. It is time-consuming and it is boring, but the truth remains if you are to move you’ve got to pack. And when I say pack, I mean literally pack and not just dump things for the sake of. It may be easier and quicker, but it could lead to damage of goods. So, take out the time and use appropriate boxes and bubble wrap to keep your goods safe and secure.

Call for a moving company:  You may think you are wasting money if you call for movers and packers, but if you can get affordable moving services, what is the harm? They would do all the loading and unloading in one trip that would probably take you ten or maybe more. And all this, without you having to raise a finger; or maybe you’ll have to raise a finger to say where to place the stuff. Besides, you won’t have to pay for the extra supplies you may need and save up on time and energy by visiting the stores and hunting for stuff.

Make use of the things you have: You don’t have to necessarily have a new sofa, bed, or cutlery just because you have moved to a new place. You can make use of the old items. Now unless they have become outdated and old I don’t really see a need to spend on new things.
Additionally, ensure that you have a list of all emergency numbers, have all connections started like phone, internet, etc. Set up domestic supplies as well as electronic appliances.
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4 May 2013

Retirement and Relocation

Retired and wish to relocate? But, wait a minute; have you given it a thought to a few things before you make the final move? Whether retirement has been your own personal choice or you have been compelled to do so, moving is not an easy task and you need to be extra careful when assessing retirement locations. You better take advantage of the chance you have got to spend your golden years the way you want without having to be distracted or following the rules set by others.
·        Proximity to family and friends
·        Type of weather
·        Community
·        Medical facilities
·        Crime rates
·        Transportation-is it close to the bus stop, station, airport, etc.
·        Lesser cost of living along with lower energy costs
·        Does it meet your values and interests?

Besides, you will also have to take note of whether you have neighbours you can put up with, and whether you can maintain the property and live by yourself? Last, but not the least choose a place to make your retirement years the best they can be.

No matter when you do it or how much help you have at hand, a transfer is always difficult. And when you are in the prime of your life, things become even more hard and overwhelming. After all, you are uprooting yourself from a place you have possibly spent a lot of time in and grown comfortable. Fortunately, in times like these, a reliable mover is always around the corner. In fact, if you are looking out for special senior moving services, you can do that too. They will make sure your move is a swift and reliable one. They will lend a hand with all your packing, storing, and transporting needs. They will plan, organize, and take charge of all aspects of a move with a completely hands-on service.

Moving or relocation can be a choice that takes pressure off of your retirement finances or can add to your anxiety. Given above are a few things you will have to take care of. Therefore, look be ingenious and look for clever solutions by thinking outside of the box and you will be good to go.
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