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13 Jul 2022

What Is The Right Way To Store Vital Business Documents?


In any type of business, you must maintain all the important documents related to the business procedures in both physical and digital forms. In the world of digitalization, people tend to think that only digital records of their businesses are enough, but that is not true. In unforeseen situations like cyber attacks or system failure, all the essential records can be lost. 

Hence, it is mandatory to preserve their hard copies. They work as backups in times of urgent need. Also, these physical documents must be saved away from the office, in a safe place, to protect them from fire or theft. Like a Self-Storage unit! 

To store them, properly drafted steps should be prepared and meticulously followed: 

1. Find The Right Storage Unit 

Business files and documents need to be stored in a cool, dry, and safe place like a self-storage unit, as they hold great value to the company. Select the unit upgraded with the latest security features such as CCTV cameras, proper ventilation, fireproofing, and an insurance cover. These features will work as a shield to protect the files from theft, fire, or any other damage.  

2. Decide What To Store 

After selecting a storage facility, decide which documents you want to keep and which ones you want to chuck out. Make an inventory list of the essential files that will be sent to the storage facility. This list will also help to make sure non of the crucial documents are forgotten. 

The unwanted papers and files must be separated and thrown away to make more space. Do not fail to shred these papers so that the information is disposed of in the right way. 

3. Selecting The  Storage Boxes 

The documents must be placed in boxes that will keep them safe and dry. Plastic and cardboard boxes are the best options. Cardboard boxes are light in weight and easy to carry. Plastic boxes with airtight covers can keep away pests and dust from entering. Plastic ones are much better when you want to store them for a longer period. Select the one that fits your budget. 

4. Grouping  and Labelling The Documents 

After listing all the business documents. sort them as per their groups. The groups can be Financial Documents, Tax Documents, Leases Papers, Employee Lists, and many more. Place these documents in different boxes. Label the boxes that will make finding the right documents easy and quick. 

5. Placing The Boxes In Right Order 

The right organization of these boxes is an important step. They can be arranged in alphabetical order, year-wise order, or on the basis of their need. Place them in a vertical style because this way of arrangement will help you in fetching the right document without any trouble or wasting any of your time. 

*The Box* 

The Box is a self-storage facility that allows storing different items that are important for their clients. They have various sizes of storage units that are guarded by new and advanced storage security features.  

Units are well maintained, fireproofed, and airconditioned with 24/7 CCTV cameras and insurance cover. They also have an online store to buy packing materials like moving boxes. 

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