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17 May 2022

Why People Are Hiring A Storage Unit

A Storage Unit is a room that is hired for storing several items. From furniture and electronics appliances to vehicles, everything can be stored in this unit. These units come in various sizes- 10 X 10, 10 X15, 10 X 20 and 10 X 30. They can be leased by the storage company for different periods - 3 months, 6 months, one year and so on.  

These days people are opting for storage spaces to put away their goods for various reasons. They are illustrated below: 

1. Outstanding Security Features 

One of the vital reasons to invest in a storage unit is the excellent security facilities offered by the storage companies. Storage companies are becoming tech-savvy to upgrade these features. They include 24/7 CCTV, fire extinguishers, fingerprint scanner entry, well ventilated AC and non-ac units, Insurance Services and Any Time access to these units.   

2. Shifting To A New House 

While moving into a new house, all the unwanted and unused can be stored in storage space for a short period ranging from one to six months. This will keep things in order and avoid any misplacement of them.  

3. Setting House For Rent 

When a house is being prepared for the rent, some of the items like furniture, painting or electronic applications need to be moved. They can either be old or of no use for the tenants. To make space for the tenant’s belongings, they are transferred into the storage unit. 

4. Renovation Of The House  

When the house is going through a makeover like renovation or painting, the household objects can be kept in a storage unit for a temporary period. It will save them from getting damaged during the house renovation process

5. To Store Antique Items 

Antique articles like heirlooms, precious pieces of jewellery, and collection items not only have monetary value but also emotional value. More of the latter one. These items can be kept in a facility that has top-class security features.  

6. To Have Clutter-Free Surrounding 

A messy house often makes it difficult for one to move around and find the right object. Cleaning this chaos creates loads of stress. To overcome this and keep the house organized, extra and unnecessary things can be shoved into a storage unit. 

7. Storing Decoration Items 

Decorations like lights, lamps, and wreaths, are used once a year during festive periods. For the rest of the months, they are of no use and can be kept in a storage facility

8. For Storing Vehicles 

Storage spaces for vehicles come in different sizes and types - Outdoor, Indoor, Shared and Personal Car Storage. To defend against the harsh climate, dust and pests, most people choose an Indoor storage unit to pack their vehicles.  

9. For Business Owner 

Business owners can make use of these storage spaces for storing the vital documents of their firms. The up-to-date security features work as a shield in safeguarding these papers. Even old items like furniture and appliances can be kept in these units. 


Due to the reasons mentioned above, hiring a storage unit is indeed advantageous. But, choosing the right one is important too. The Beirut Box offers storage facility service with world-class technology. 

To book a storage unit, call us at - +961 71281168 / +961 71175252 

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