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11 May 2021

How to unpack in your new home

Welcome, Home! Let’s unpack and settle. Half the battle is over. 

Once the movers have unloaded your things and the boxes have been opened, it’s time to figure out how exactly to unpack and organize all of that stuff! The first thought that comes to our mind is what should I do next? Where should I start? Which room should I choose first?

Let us plan it for you. To help you prioritize and organize after the move, we’ve included a few tips for getting started during the first week in your new home. Best of luck!!

Start with basic necessities 

Two basic things you require in a new house are toiletries and kitchenware. Toiletries take the least time to arrange. Kitchenware and electronics are the basic requirements of a house. So first clean the kitchen and then set the items which are a basic necessity. Rest can be sorted later on.

Unpack nursery and children's bedrooms first

If you have small children or a baby, make sure you prioritize their comfort. When you have kids at home, their discomfort could create confusion and disturb the normalcy of the house between work. On moving day, the movers should reassemble all beds and cribs for you. Once these have been set up:

  • Make the beds with clean sheets and pillows.
  • Find a designated drawer or basket for diapers, baby toys, and baby supplies.
  • Utilize closet hangers

Once the kids' bedroom is done you are halfway through. Besides beds, dressers, and miscellaneous toys, there won’t be that much else to organize immediately.

Control cords and organize electrics

Make sure that you keep your wire ties, extension, and equipment handy or your home could soon become one big tangled mess. If you have kids or pets at your place, avoid keeping plugs at a low level.

Space for the linens

Keeps a cupboard for your sheets, towels napkins, extra curtains, etc. if You don’t have space or a cupboard for it, just buy hanging arrangers for the regularly used sheets and towels. The extra curtains or sheets can be stored in suitcases or plastics and stored in the storeroom.

  • Wash all towels and sheets for a start in the new home. Fresh, ironed and fragrant sheets sleep comforts are the best.
  • Watch videos for the best ways to arrange and fold the sheets and towels for occupying lesser space.


Rest of the Kitchen

Without a doubt, the kitchen should be one of the first rooms you unpack when moving to a new house, but some things can be arranged later. A few recommendations for unpacking and organizing your kitchen space:

  • Use common sense when organizing your kitchenwares. For instance, essential items (like those listed above) should be placed in easily accessible drawers. Cookware that you use often, such as pots and pans, should be placed in cabinets beside the oven. When unpacking dinnerware, make sure to place the items you’ll use more often, such as coffee mugs, plates, or cereal bowls, on lower shelves so that you can reach them more easily.
  • To save space, place flat pans (such as baking sheets) in the drawer underneath the stove, if you have one.

Living Room

Make sure that you only bring in the things which fit or suit your home. Unnecessary furniture will occupy unnecessary place making you house in a museum than a house.

The entryway is the first and last thing people see when they visit your home. If you don’t work to organize this space during the first week, your entryway could turn into a chaotic pile of shoes, hats, and jackets. A few tips:

  • Look for trendy options available for keeping keys, hats, dog leashes, and jackets all organized and off the floor. 
  • Keep those shoes off your entryway floor by placing either a medium-size basket or a low-rise cubby by the door. These options provide a super-easy way for household members to drop their shoes in one place, instead of all around the house. 

Add an umbrella stand in the corner, and you’re good to go!

We have listed out all tips we could to make your unpacking journey worth enjoying. Remember Simple is the new beautiful.

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