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24 Mar 2022

How To Make Laundry Less Chaotic?

One can't evade their laundry chores as it is an unceasing process. As soon as you wash, dry and fold the clothes, you will again witness more and more soiled clothes piled up in the laundry basket. Imagine coming home from work and finding an unorganized laundry room with a heap of dirty clothes. It will surely give stress attacks anyone.  

Though many people do not like to do their laundry work, a messy laundry room will make your whole house look shambolic. The stinky smell of unwashed clothes will fill the air.    

Then, how to manage a chaotic laundry room? Below are a few tips that will help in managing laundry chores. 

1. Planning 

Make a layout of how to make your laundry chores easy. Quick access to the machines, washer and dryer, laundry accessories, free movement and proper placing of items needs planning. Decide where the machines are to be placed and what type of cupboards and shelves are required. Check if you can add an ironing board.  In the absence of a dryer, a drying stand can be used. 

2. Set A Routine 

Regular washes will help in managing the piles of dirty clothes. If not daily, then at least wash the clothes every alternate day. Avoid keeping the unwashed clothes for a longer time as it will start giving out a foul smell and can even make the surroundings unhygienic. Even cleaning stained clothes will become challenging. 

3. Store Laundry Liquids 

Always keep the stock of laundry washing solutions like detergents, fabric softeners, and fabric whiteners. Store these solutions close to the washer and dryer. Buy the solutions that are of a known brand and have a pleasing fragrance. 

4. Purchase Good Quality Of Laundry Baskets 

Buy strong and big baskets to hold the weight of clothes. Keep separate baskets for washed and dirty clothes. Different sizes of baskets can be purchased to store clothes. 

5. Make Each Member Responsible 

Each member of the house must be given the duty of bringing their dirty clothes to the laundry room. It will lessen your burden of checking the whole house.  

6. Keep Them Together 

Keep all the unwashed clothes together in the laundry. It will quicken the process of finding them. After washing and drying them, fold and keep them in one place. Later it can be kept in the wardrobe. 

7. Segregate The Clothes 

Segregate the dirty clothes based on colour, type of material and delicate features. Do not wash light coloured clothes with dark ones if the latter one oozes colour. Delicate clothes can be washed in different washing categories. Dirty clothes need a longer time to get cleaned, so put them separately. 

 8. Wash In Cold Water, If Possible 

Dirty and spoilt clothes need hot water wash. Other day-to-day wear can be washed in cold water. Washing with cold water can even save up electricity, in turn saving up your money. 

9. Store Aways Unwanted Items  

If your laundry room has items that are hardly used, then you can hire a storage unit to keep them. 

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